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This is my first review/post. I was referred to...

This is my first review/post. I was referred to this site by a friend when I told her I was finally getting my BA. I had consults w/ 3 PS & all had good reviews from past clients. I went w/ Dr. Sarosy b/c he didn't have the extra "La Jolla location" cost.
His nurse (Sarah) was awesome and answered all my questions. I even emailed her on a weekend and she responded w/in 24hrs. (I hadn't even given my deposit yet) I did 2 consultations w/ them b4 my final decision and the office staff was always nice and kind.
The location is in an easy to get to area close to 2 different freeways, a mall, and a major hospital. ;) At pre-op I was given 2 Rx for after surgery. A pain med and antibiotic. Dr. S, again, went over my medical history & any meds I may already be taking. I was asked many times if I had any more questions and they assured me it was great and even recommended to make sure I ask any and all questions b4 AND after surgery.
We decided to go w/ saline, under muscle, areola incision to correct my a-symmetry. (Left is C, right is b)
If you're looking to do this type of procedure I suggest doing consults with at least 3 Dr's. AND ask if any of them do or offer "Summer", "Mother's Day", "Spring" or any other type of special(s).
Just started my (.) So nervous! Suggestions?

Last day w/ the original sista-tas!

So this is it... I'm nervous & excited. I'm nauseous to boot. I have done about all I can to set my husband & kids up for a week w/ mom laid up. I pick up my Rx's, anti-bacterial soap & a button up shirt yesterday. I've pre made my super sauce my family loves. I have nothing to do but wait... Except there's still soccer practice, scouts & back to school night tonight. Ahhhhhh! I started my period & trying NOT to break down in tears. I'm usually not such a pansy.
I little about me personally... 38 yr old, nursed 2 angels (11,5) 5ft6in, @ 135lbs, 34 C on left side, B on the right. My husband is very insecure about me doing this & afraid we'll be divorced w/in a year. (According to statistics)
I can't wait to just get this all over w/ so I can get on to healing & being me.
I've collected my old bras and shirts I know I won't be able to wear again post surgery. ;) My daughter is dying to raid those shirts. ;)
SO glad I found this website. It's been a great help & resource.
(30 mins later)
Just got off the phone w/ my sister. She's an RN in ER and avidly against these types of surgeries. I told her yesterday what I was doing via text while she was working, so she called me today to see if she could talk me out of doing my BA. If she'd had more time she would've sent me pics of all the horror scenarios. She did rattle off a bunch of implant mishaps she's seen in her RN career. I know it's b/c she loves me.
We are sharing a surgery date! Good luck and happy healing :)
We should be recovery buddies. ;) Surgery time is 7:30am.
Yes we should! My appointment time is 10 but she said surgery time would be 10:45 or so. Good luck with your surgery and a smooth ride home :)

BA complete!

Just got home. So far I feel good. I just feel the pressure across my chest. My husband is making me breakfast so I can take my meds & go to sleep. The nurses said I was an awesome patient and just "slept" through the whole thing. I plan on taking my pain meds every 4 hrs. I'm all bandaged up super snug so this is the best pic I have to share.
Oh, I forgot to ask what your cc is. Mine is 430 and 455 silicone gel under the muscle and the ultra high profile because my ribs are narrow. Hope you are feeling better than me **hugs** :)
Good afternoon. :) I did smooth round high profile saline. Left is a 420 filled to 445/Right is 460 filled to 475. I can't wait to take my bandages off & chk things out. Holy smokes am I soar! I'm having to take 2 Vicodin at a time. :( I sure hope they last long enough to get me thru the pain & discomfort. I feel like my ice packs are not staying cold for very long. My husband tried using ice cubes in a bag, but it was too lumpy & hurt. :( I spent most of yesterday trying not to yak. :( I even resorted to trying my kids pedia-pops... Came right back up. My antibiotics & pain meds wouldn't stay down either. It was ROUGH till my PS's nurse called in a Rx for anti-nausea medication. Thank G-D! How are you doing so far?

Day 2

So the new sista-tas are sportin' Mentor Smooth Round HP saline. Left is 420cc filled to 445/Right is 460cc filled to 475. Once the girls settle in, I should be a well balanced D! ;) I can't wait to see them fill a bra EVENLY! ;)
Yesterday afternoon was awful rough. My husband made me breakfast & it was D-ish... Except it came back up 2 hrs later. :( Nothing stayed down the rest of the day. My pain meds & antibiotic wouldn't keep either. I was in a miserable state. I emailed my PS's RN & she called me w/ 30 mins. She called in an anti-nausea medication. My husband ran to pick it up by 9pm. Pheeeew! That helped a LOT! If been able to keep my meds & food down no problem now. I haven't had any of the dreaded bloating. That might change now I can keep things down. I'm having a hard time figuring out when to take my pain meds. Some times 1 Vicodin is not enough. It says I can take 1-2 every 4 hrs. Sleep is not my friend right now, Bummer!
Good news is today is better than yesterday! Wheee heeeew!
Can't wait to take my bandages off tmrw & get a look! & a shwr too! My PS said not to get too impatient. I've been a good girl. I've seen lots of other women who've taken same day or next day pics. Maybe each Dr is different. Oh well, I've waited 5+ years for these babies... What's one more day, right!?! ;-D
Wishing all recovering ladies a good pain free night of sleep! Xoxox
I can't believe we got almost the same size, but I have silicone! Too funny. O have had a rough day too. No vomiting thank God but horrible pain. Husband called the PS and he called in Tylenol 4 and I took 2 right away and I feel so much better. It seems that it works better than my lortab and muscle relaxer together. I hope you are able to keep food down now that you have anti-nausea meds. And you're right about being sore...like I got kicked by a horse! I think k a lot of it has to do with the profile we got - I have ultra high and u have high right? Keep me posted and I'll check on u through the night! ***hugs***

Clean again! Hooray for shower!

So it's officially been 48 hrs since my BA surgery. I was able to take all my bandages off & get a look at the new & improved sista-tas! They are much larger than I though. Some of that will go away once the swelling goes away & they settle. They are sitting pretty high on my chest & I have a great cavern down the middle. I know so much will change over the next few days, weeks & months. For now, just being able to be clean is a bonus. LOL! I've finally managed to figure my meds schedule out. I also covered the top sides w/ Shea butter balm.
When you massaged the cream in did u have muscle spasms or pain when u took off your bra to shower
I don't remember any muscle spasms. I was holding them in my hands for support thou. They are very heavy. I'm already having back issues on the right side. I'm not sure how my PS will feel if I request some muscle relaxers... My husband was shocked at the crazy knots in my back. That's actaully a bit more painful then my boobs. :(

BA's beware! (Constipation)

Hello ladies! My recovery had been going fairly well until yesterday. I had my BA Thurs morning & by Monday still hadn't had a BM. I'm not here to sugar coat things so this is how it went down. (Learn what you can from this) I was given Vicodin for pain, it's great for pain & helping you sleep, BUT backs you up. Knowing that I got a laxative and took one Sat morning, & one Sunday morning. Nothing happened, so I took 2 Monday morning. Nothing was happening, so I got a fleet enema kit & tried that. I'll spare you the AWFUL details. I had to call my husband home from work at 1. He took care of me till about 7pm when I finally requested Urgent care. By this time my back side was WRECKED! I couldn't even pee b/c of the pressure and blockage from my colon. Good news is, I do not need surgery to repair the damage to my anus. The Dr said it will heal in time.
SO, that being said... Keep on top of your BM's from day one! Drink your Smooth Moves tea, eat lots of avocado & melons, NO cheese or tons of carbs. (I generally eat healthy and this still happened to me)
On a different note, my breast seem to be healing great. The Urgent Care Dr took a look at them for me while I was there. I was in so much other pain, I forgot to ask about the lower, outside bruising on my right breast. I keep getting these sharp pains and it hurts pretty regularly. (Ill post a pic of it) I told my husband it feels like something is trying to poke out from the inside.
All in all, I'm happy w/ my results so far.
Happy healing to everyone!
Just wondering how my surgery buddy is?Hope all is well :)
Hi there! We are officially 1 week post op!! Every day seems to be a little better than the day before, so that is good. The weather here has chilled so that's been a nice change. I'm still having a heck of a time sleeping. I just can't get comfy to very long. My back or boobs start to hurt, if not both. :-/ The BM's are smooth sailing again, so that's nice. I can't take Vicodin anymore, so I'm just taking Tylenol extra strength & soma (muscle relaxer). I start back to "work" today. I do noon duty at my kid's school. Basically I stand for 1.5-2 hrs and watch kids while they eat. ;) I haven't had much of an appetite so I may have lost some weight. However, no one really cooks but me, so that will make a diff when I'm cooking again. Last night I took kids out to El Pollo Loco and OMG! It was SO good!! My husband has been way stressed w/ work, taking care of me, & doing my "mom" duty too. He is very happy to see me up and moving around more. I still get tired quickly, but I must press on... Cause my house is getting REDICULOUS fast! I think I may have a talk w/ my kids. (13,11,5) Some are certainly old enough to get off their @$$ & do more. ;) Anyways, my post op appt is tmrw @ 9. SO excited! I think they take the tape stuff off. I'm not sure what else they have me do after that. I know eventually we have to massage and stuff to make sure they settle proper and softly. Mine seem to be settling down fairly quickly. My Dr has had me wear that white strap of awfulness for the whole week of post op. I also got some really good zip front sports bra that I've been wearing here and there. My surgical bra needed to be washed, so I showered w/ it on. That helped a bit in the shower as well. Enough about me... How about you? ;)
So sorry! How awful! :( that's scarry

Tried to move too fast

Every day seems to be a little better than the day b4. I had my 1 week post op on Fri. The Dr said my boobs looks great for only being 1 week out. Apparently they "look" more like a month out. ;) My right side still needs to settle a bit more to catch up w/ my left. My right one has a slightly bigger implant since it was the smaller of the two. I get strange different sensations in my boobs. The feelings are burning, stinging, aching, and other various unpleasant things. For the most part, it's been bareable.
Today I tried to "run" a few steps... Big mistake! Huge! My right breast was soar for about an hour.
My mom gave me some Bio-Oil for the stretch marks and scaring. I'll be putting it on 2x a day. I'm down to only 1-2 bras that fit right now, so I think I'll have to do some shopping stat! (Too bad My husband has changed from being sweet caregiver to complaining prick!) :(
I'll have to post pics in a day or so.
Lots of love & healing to you all~!
I have my next appointment tomorrow at 10:30. Hope everything is healing well. Oh, and I hope to massage (I think, lol). My husband works a lot out of town so I had a friend to come over and stay with me but she would finally call around 8 or 8:30 at night to see if I needed anything then wouldn't show up until 10 -10:30, wtf right? I almost said she could just leave. I was doing the laundry and dishes and getting my own food by then. I didn't need her to hang out, I needed her to help me! Oh well its a new week and she won't be here anymore although I still need my floors done. I'm like you, having strange feeling in my boobs - almost a tickling sensation - wierd right? I read your post about you bm issue and bless your heart! Glad that's better :) After I read it I started religiously taking my stool softener. I'm suppose to start work Tue but I cut hair and I just don't think I can raise my arms and do all that right now. I'll that to PS tomorrow and see what he says. I have hood clients, I'm sure a few note days won't hurt. Do you have strips you have to change on your incesion? I do so I have to keep these cotton pads between my sim and bra and its so annoying. Oh! I sneezed for the first time since surgery and omg! don't do it if at all possible. It felt like everything dislodged and then went right back in place. Weird and painful. Let me know how your week goes, and maybe your hubby will get his act together again...and they say we're moody! Lol!
Hi there! I'm back to working (noon duty) and volunteering at the school. My PS took my butterfly tape off at the 1 week post op appt. I think there was a stitch or two he took out as well. I haven't had any tape or bandages to change. Although when he took the tape off my right incision, part of the scab came w/ it! :(((( That sucked! So far all BM's have been smooth going since the urgent care trip. I've been very good about only taking 1 vicodin at night to sleep, all other times, I take extra strength Tylenol. I'm sorry to hear about ur "friend". I had a few ppl offer to come help out, but none actually did. I think that's one reason my husband was so pissy. I do get tired real easily still, that's kinda annoying since I'm used to moving a mile a minute. Gotta love life in the slow lane.
Hey! I hope your work went well today :) I had my appointment yesterday and all is well. I still have tape on my incesion and I have to change it oneote time and I think I'm done with that, whew! The first time the nurse changed mine I had blood to my belly button! but couldn't feel it bc I guess i was still numb. It was only 4 days after surgery and she said- yea, sometimes you bleed the first time your tape is changed- I look down and think, wtf? Was not fun! My back still hurts but I'm able to sleep a little lower in bed so it's not as bad as it was, thank God. My first day back to work is tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to that. I'm down to 2 lortab a day and I have a feeling that after my 3 foils tomorrow I'll be eating them like candy! Lol! And I'm glad your husband is better and sorry your friends didn't follow through. If they acted like mine it was for the better they didn't.

Happy 2 weeks to me!

Well it's been a rough two weeks, but this last week has certainly been a lot better than the first. So far my left has settled ad hasn't really given me any trouble. My right is still not settled and keeps having these pains and extreme sensitivity (not in a good way) on the far right side of it. :( very annoying.
I'm back to taking kids to school & soccer practice. I need to go to Costco today. Not looking fwd to that. I'm worried about being able to lift things to get them home or out of my car. My mother-in-love gets here tonight & my step-son's b day is tmrw. (A little apprehensive about what my "other mother" will say about my BA) has anyone else received grief and judgement on their decision?
Happy 2 weeks to you too! I hope everything goes OK with your MIL :) I don't know how you are going to make it at Costco?! Don't over do it, you've come to far to hurt yourself now. You're looking great and yes, I have to keep reminding myself that I need to be patient and let time do it's thing. Good luck with your step son's birthday tomorrow. Sending happy, healthy and healing thoughts your way!

Putting my first bra on!!

Hello peeps! I found the only bra I thought might still fit from b4 my BA. (I SO wish I had a b4 & after pic of this bra!) I can tell you I had to wear it with my cutlets in on both sides. So the now pic just makes me SMILE!
I am totally off pain meds other than bed time, it's mostly to help me sleep. I still wake up w/ the sore boobs in the morning, but compared to the last 2 weeks, it's almost nothin'! My left boob appears to be perfectly settled and gives my no problem. The right one still needs to settle a bit and appears to still be bruised in areas and the incision site has a spot that does not want to heal. I've been putting neosporin on it w/ a gauze pad to keep from making my sports bras all goopy. Aside from that I still get sharp pains on the outside where the nurse said they used a neddle to inject some solution. (They did that to both sides, I already posted pics of the bruising from that) The area still gets VERY tender and out right painful to touch at times, other times.... nothing. :-/
I'm looking forward to bra shopping real soon. For now, I'm perfectly content to stick w/ my sports bras. (Mostly for comfort & the tender side of my right boob.) I'll for sure post pics when I get my new bras. Can't wait to go to Vicky's (Victorias Secret) for that!! In the mean time... Here's one of my old bras that was way too big! ;-D
They look great!
Thank you. I'm liking them more & more! ;)

Weather change... Sensations change

As this healing process progresses, my experiences change. The colder weather makes the sista-tas awfully sensitive. They "tingle" in a strange way. Sometimes I realize at the end of the day that I'm cranky because I have been acutely awear of "them" all day for one sensation or another. They don't ache & are not painful anymore, just very sensitive to touch, temp, or movement. I'm told this is very normal & will change/go away in time.
On a different note, I have a 70's themed party to attend this weekend & I have a gr8 legit 70's dress to wear. I've worn it pre-op many times. (Pre-op: my left was a small C, right was a B) I'll post a pic of what it looks like now! HOLY COW!! I'm not sure I'm ready for ALL that! Is it too much? I almost feel trashy....
thanks long-awaited, thats empowered me a bit more now to rathe wait for final face to face consult. i didnt mention im having my BA in thailand, all the surgeon has seen is pics. i swear all the pics ive taken my breasts look doff in each one.. so he might say diff i suppose.
Thailand? Wow! What area of the world are you that you're going to Thailand? Are you ableto at least do a consult w/ other Dr's where you are? Sometimes they say things that clue you to ask another Dr. I had all kinds of questions and every consult I went to added to my question list for the next Dr. :) I also told each Dr that our consult was a job interview too. That way they knew I was in control of making my own decisions. It helped me be in control and put them on the spot, which helped ME relax and not feel so pressured. ;) Good luck!
Hi longawaited your boobs look awesome, this is he look i am going for. im a bit annoyed atm i have booked in for surgery in thailand my breast are similar to yours but more upper pole, ive had no kids or anything. one boob slightly bigger thn he other not quite symmetrical . well the surgeon advised a lift?? um did your surgeon advise on a lift on one your breasts?

Patience is NOT my strong point

Greetings peeps! Nothing to really update... Just sharing my frustration and my own lack of patience for the sista-tas to settle in and be fabulous!
Hope you're doing good! We made it 1 month, can you believe it?!
             very nice! perfect size for you! 
Thanks. :) I'm still getting used to them.

Massage time...

Had my one month post-op on Oct 18th. I'm supposed to be massaging my breasts 3x a day. I'm haven't been very good about doing it. Can someone give me a few of the massages their PS told them to do? I'd like a variety to do since most of the time I have to do this "on the go". I also don't know what the consequeses are for not doing it enough. Anyone?
My incision on the right breast is finally starting to look like it might heal, only there is a nasty scar forming... ;( I'm using pure vitamin E oil, is there anything else I could/should be using? I've also had to put neosporin ointment on it since it kept looking red & irritated.


The itching is driving me crazy! I've noticed my right boob itches more. It was the smaller boob & got a slightly bigger implant. It also has some red patches... Maybe from the skin stretching...?
Bio-oil, vitamin E oil & lotion are my breast friends right now.
I haven't got to get measured yet. I've been WAY too busy to make it to a mall to visit VS. I did go to Target one day, but nothing fit right or was comfy enough to tell one way or the other. Still loving my sports bras for now. Anything else I've tried makes them ITCH!! ;(
Yes, the itching is awful! I stared using cortizone 10 from the drugstore. Its good for itching but only last for a short while. It really is nice because it is a thick cream and helps to use a barrier so the bra rubbing doesn't irritate you. The PS told me to massage them by pushing them in, out, up, and down. I don't do it as often as I should but I try. Hope you're doing well! :)
Omg I looovveeee them!!!!!! Looking at your beautiful pictures makes me wish I would have went bigger!!!! Welcome to the club beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! You are so sweet! Thanks so much. I'm really happy w/ how they look so far. Any advice for massaging?

VS... Not callin 'em straight out liars... but

So I finally made it into VS to get my measurements... 32DDD!!!
Say WHAT? I think I'm gonna have to go get a second opinion.
I think I'll head to Nordy's to get a second measurement.

Congratulations! You look awesome! So sorry to hear about the constipation. I had a similar battle with my pregnancies. It was worse than giving birth! Check in with your PS if the red spot gets any worse or you start to fever. The post op itching is very common. Does Aloe help with the itching? Love the cute bra photos. Let us know how Norstrom goes!


Itching and massaging...

So I've kinda lost track of exactly where I am w/ post recovery.
I have noticed that the lining on most bras makes my girls itchy! I've had to resort to cotton ONLY! I'm finally over the sports bras... At least for day time use. I love them for night time sleeping. Although I consider sleeping totally topless on occasion but haven't done so yet. Partially cause I don't want my husband to touch me, but that's a WHOLE other topic on nonsense. I'll just stick to the sista-tas! They are feeling gr8! My incisions are finally almost healed! I'm still using bio-oil & vitamin e extract, mostly just at night. I have a hard time remembering to do my breast exercises and massages. I'm trying to do them at least while in the car & in bed at night. They are high profile implants so I'm not sure how much settling to expect. I love how perky and "proud" (as my mom calls them) they are. ;) I wanted them to look like they did when I was 20. Only now they are perky, bigger and the SAME size! :-D
It's great that I can make them discrete too. I'm not a very big person so I don't need to have them so prominent all the time.
So far... I'm VERY glad I did this and would only warn someone to take it super easy for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery and LISTEN to your Dr and your body!! Don't push yourself too much OR too soon!!
Note: I still need to post post-op pics in the bathing suit tops I took pre-op. I am waiting for the girls to settle a bit more... assuming they will.
Just wanted to see how you were doing!? Happy 2 months :) You're looking great!
I'm married as well, I was intereted in an update about MIL and her reation to your B/A. Thank You and Congrads!
Also if you could give a link to Dr. Sarosy, if would be greatly appreciated.

Pre-op pics of bathing suits and MORE

Hey ladies....well, the itching has gone away. Or maybe it's the cotton only bras. (Whatever!)
So I've been putting off posting post-op pics w/ the same swim suits from pre-op ... here they are.
BTW... I used to be a C on the left & B on the right. I'm now a 32DDD (425/475cc HP saline). I had originally asked to only have them even/balanced out. If you had told me I would end up a 32DDD, I would've said, "TOO BIG!". Now I'm thinking... "Just right!" ;) They DO actually look good and don't look too big. (Which is what I would've thought)
I'm gonna see if I can do one of those pre/post op pics in one.
Plz feel free to tell me what you think.
Also, I'm still using vitamin E oil on the scars & Bio-oil on the rest of the breasts for stretch marks. The combo has done an amazing job for both issues. I got the Bio-oil from Costco and the vitamin E oil from Nutri-Mart.
I will say... The first week to 10 days were kinda hellacious! But very worth it!!!!! FOR SURE plan on 10-14 days of LAY LOW! The first 7, do NOTHING but eat, rest, and try to sleep.
DO YOUR MASSAGES! I've seen/read of women who don't and end up back in surgery a year or less later! NO THANKS! Have Mr. help you w/ them. It's a great way for him to get his hands on them and get him involved. He will love it. Plus, he's likely very curious about them as well. It's a great way to involve him. If they are still soar or sensitive, tell him or show him how to be gentle, but effective. It will be good for you both.
You look wonderful!
Thank you! ;)
Hi sweetie! How's it going on your side of the world? ;) I'm starting feel like... Now I have these nice boobs, I need to get off my butt and tune up the rest of my body. I just noticed... My post on Nov 1 & Nov 21 both say "2 months post"... Oh well. Happy 2 months! Xoxo

Pre-op VS. Post-op pics

I found an app for my phone that allows me to put the b4/after pics in one.
Just checking in...hope you are doing well :)
Did your breast settle and stop being the pain in the butt. My right breast is the same with a pulling sensation but I am only 4 day post op. you look fabulous :)
I think I'm mostly all good now thank you. ;) I haven't been on here in a while.

It's been a while... But we're still here!

Y'll remember that spot on my right breast that just didn't want to heal... Well turns out there was a suture/clear stich that was partially poking out. It had gotten slightly infected and I was able to squeeze puss out!! (Eeeewwwww!) That was a Friday.... So I cleaned it well, used warm compresses and waited the weekend to see my PS Monday. I also emailed my PS's nurse, Sarah. She emailed me back right away. (LOVE her!) Went in Monday morning, PS looked at it, cut the remaining part of the stitch out. I asked him to make sure they were soft enough, he chk'd, all good... And I was on my way. My scar still needs some extra healing, but it's doing much better.
As for bra shopping... I've come to realize I'm "stuck" w/ Viatoria's Secret. I'm now a 32DDD. I've tried some of their 34DD(the sister size of 32DDD), but they don't seem to fit as well. I also thought I noticed they seem to be shrinking now. (I can't complain thou) Or maybe that's part of the settling at this stage. Or my bras are already getting stretched out. :(
If anyone can suggest another good place to get my sized bras... Let me know. I live in So Cali~
My sis-tatas look good & I feel good! I'm ready for the NEW YEAR!

Still doing well...

My incision sites are finally all healed. (The right one had some issues) I'm doing the vitamin e oil on the scars still. I also put lotion and bio oil on the breasts themselves. They do tend to feel dry and itchy on occasion. I think that's b/c they are so used to being lubed up for most of the last few months.
I'm starting to get some sensation and feeling back on the right nipple! YIPPY! I was afraid they would be numb forever. :(
The left one is still a bit numb feeling but kinda getting some feeling back. (I noticed it when the water from the shwr head hit them)
I still massage on occasion but prbly not as often as I should. I still sleep in my sports bras, but I think that's outta habit now. Plus I put the vitamin e oil on at night & it will stain my other clothes or sheets. Since I had the right nipple incision that got a bit infected and took so much longer to heal, I'm having to keep up w/ the healing oil. Oh well!
Over all... Doing awesome!
Glad to see your update! Glad all is well and you look wonderful! So thankfulto hear that the nip insesion is doing well!
Hi there BA buddy! I read ur posts.... I'm so sorry that things are not as well all hope for. My prayers for u. I just started back to the guy today... Yikes! Tmrw will be a interesting for sure. I'll probably be moving slow again. Xoxo
Thanks ;) I have to remember they were a little wonky before so they will be after. PS said after 6 mo is when he feels comfortable with revision surgery, so we'll see. I'm liking them more everyday when I look at my before photo and see the same boobs just bigger looking back at me, lol! All will be well in the end :)

ANOTHER incicion infection

So in one of my pervious updates (@4-5weeks ago) i mentioned having an infection in my right breast incicion. There was pus coming out... well my PS removed part of a suture. The other part was still attached inside. So i figured no problem. Till it started to hurt again! Just had an emergency appt w\ PS today. They were able to drain the pus and i think they got the last piece of the suture... i hope! I was given antibiotics and sent on my way with instructions to do warm compresses. I was not expecting all this nonsense but i guess that's just life. I hope to get around to posting updated pics soon. Other than the unexpected infections I'm very happy with me results. I ended up with a much larger cup size than i thought i wanted, but I'm very glad for what my PS decided. (I thought I'd end up a D cup. I'm now a 32DDD! And VERY HAPPY WITH MY SIS-TA-TAS!!)

Looks like we made it...

So here we are ... 6 months post-op! The left incision healed very nice. The right... Well, it's been a long 6 months. The PS ripped the scab off when peeling the surgical tape of 4 days post op. Then the first infection from a suture coming out. Then the second infection from the REST of the aforementioned suture working its way out. I'm not sure if its my PS to fault or if its just a fluke thing. Either way, I like my boobs. I'm still working on bettering the scar on the right. Can't wait for summer. I'm already trying on swim suits. The bigger boobs help my bootie look better proportioned. I'll have to post pics another time. I'm in bed now and ready for sleep. ;)
Hey sweetie! Just checking in to see how you're doing? I hope you're having a great summer and enjoying the sis-tas!
I can't wait to start buying bathing suits! Good to hear you're done with the infections, I know that was painful. Enough with that...enjoy them! Our first spring/summer to show them off...can't wait :)
Charles Sarosy

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