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Being a 45 year old mother, nursed two babies,...

Being a 45 year old mother, nursed two babies, gained and lost weight my breast needed help. Had a lift and augmentation. Being a christian women didn't want to draw attention to breast just wanted a proportional look that my husband and I would enjoy.

Went to 3 different Dr's for opionion. Can not say enough about the Dr we chose, not only did he have the best price but he gave me the best care. He had hundreds of testimonials and I felt very comfortable with him. My breast are beautiful again and my husband and I are very happy.


Thank you SO SO much for your post. It was as if it were written just for me... same age, exact same situation. I am planning to do the same thing for the same reason, but have been worried about the attention thing. I have been concerned that everyone would be able to look at me and know immediately what I had done, when all I really want is to look as shapely out of my bra as I do in it. Did you feel like people noticed or was the process inconspicuous enough that it didn't draw attention? This post is just one more assurance that all will be well!
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Proportional is definitely important. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here. I'm glad everything turned out so nicely for you.
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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Once again he had hunderds of testimonials. He and his office made me feel important, I had great care. He was careful to give me what I wanted. Love the results.

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