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Tummy Tuck Has Given Me my Confidence Back, Not Just my Body - La Jolla, CA

I had a tummy tuck approximately four months ago...

I had a tummy tuck approximately four months ago as I write this review (March 2012), and it was fantastic. It has given me back confidence, more than I even thought I had lost. I gave birth to twins seven years ago, and my abdomen was not going to recover. My skin was stretched in the front and on the sides, I had rectus diastasis (my abdominal muscles were separated), and I had weird tethering and overhanging pouchy skin from my C-section scar. These were not things one can fix by simply "losing the baby weight". I had resigned myself to it, but was very unhappy and self-conscious about my appearance all the time. I mean it - All. The. Time. Out in public, or alone in my bathroom, no matter what I wore, no matter how I tried to suck in my stomach and camouflage it. I spent about 4 years thinking seriously about having a tummy tuck. I did lots of reading and research and met several doctors over that time. I stressed about what would happen to my husband and children if I died on the operating table way more than I thought about what would happen if the surgery succeeded. But here's the important thing - yes it was expensive, and yes it hurt a lot the first few days (many reviews will give you more details about the pain and the recovery), but I no longer feel like a freak. I look normal. NORMAL. I don't look like a supermodel, because the rest of me doesn't look like a supermodel. But I don't look like an oddly misshapen six-month pregnant woman anymore. My abdomen is flat and looks normal. I have worn pants, shorts, and dresses, and I no longer feel like my abdomen walks into the room and attracts all the attention. After all the fear and stress about making the decision, the moment that affirmed for me that it was the right decision was when I went back to my doctor for my 24-hour follow-up, in pain and hobbling bent over like an old woman, and they sat me in the exam chair and took off my binder and bandages ... I could see down the front of my body all the way to my crotch. There was no big saggy belly in my way for the first time since I was pregnant. I cried, I was so happy. I realized at that moment just how deeply I had felt like a freak, and how much of my own confidence and self-worth I had lost. I wish I had really understood beforehand just how much of a difference it would make to me mentally to not have to feel that way anymore. I'm not saying it was a right or a wrong way to feel - my misshapen abdomen did carry and give birth to some miraculous babies, after all, and I am so, so grateful - but the fact is that I felt awful about my abdomen, and consequently myself. And now I don't.

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I met with several doctors in the San Diego area. All were excellent, frankly. A woman I knew had the procedure with Dr. Bolitho about 4 years before I did and was very pleased with her experience and her results. I chose Dr. Bolitho because I felt the most comfortable and reassured with him. I was extremely nervous and hesitant about making the decision to have surgery, and I met with him and his staff many times over a 3-year period. He was unfailingly kind, patient, accommodating, and very understanding of my fears and concerns about surgery. He was not the first doctor I met with, nor the least expensive - but he was the one I trusted the most to get me through the procedure and to do it beautifully. And his staff are all excellent as well - warm, friendly, supportive of my endless questions, and they made the whole experience very positive as well.

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I can absolutely relate to your story! I have felt the same way for so long and 5 weeks(tomorrow), after having surgery I am still getting used to my new body and getting used to seeing myself completely differently than I have in nearly 20 years. It is wonderful to see me the way I always thought I should be and could be if the kangaroo pouch I had been carrying around for 19 years was gone. I still sometimes pass a mirror and have to do a double take when I realize it's me I am looking at. It's really weird but I am still learning to connect the person I now see in the mirror to me. Thank you for sharing your story. It really touched me.
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Wow!! Thanks for sharing your story! I got emotional reading it! So happy you are happy! My tt is in two weeks. I too had twins (girls) who will be 11 next month. (7 & 8 lb twins) Which is why I too have a crazy ass 6 months preggo stomach! My son, who is 3, was 9 lbs but he could do flip flops in there, he had so much room! I am happy that I am finally doing this, with the help/support of my hubby, parents, sisters and kids! Not looking forward to the pain, but it will not last, just like our C-Section pain didn't!! Like you said, I don't want to be a supermodel, but I just want to look normal! Thank you again :)
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Thank you for sharing your story. I can so relate to how you felt before your surgery as I "feel" that way all of the time. My children and BF told me that they notice I always walk with my arms folded in front of my belly or holding something in front of my belly. I hate shopping because clothes do not look right with the belly. I cannot wait for my day to come (Aug. 17th). Yes, my belly served the purpose of carrying my twin girls and my son; however, I am ready to have my confidence back! I will be turning 40 this year and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than with a new found confidence and a flat belly! Here's to happy healing and flat bellies!!! :D
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You deserve this! Are you starting to get nervous yet or anxious? I only have a little over a week to go & I cant wait!
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Recovery was all right. Kind of on par with what I had read from other people. First few days are very hard, second week is better than the first, etc. Pain was manageable with the meds I was prescribed, and I didn't need to take as much as I could have. Lack of mobility was a big issue - I needed help getting in and out of bed, on and off the toilet, etc. for a week or so. Frankly, I needed help with everything for a couple of weeks because I was so tired/hurting/swollen/immobile. I had full-time help (my mother) for 1.5 weeks and that was really necessary with the kids. My scar looks great - pretty even and thin, and I expect it will only get better. I won't be wearing any low-cut or string bikini bottoms, but whatever. I would definitely take the scar over the crazy belly any day. Best wishes for your surgery!
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Thanks for sharing with me. I'm glad to be having this done in the summer since the kids will be home. My daughter already told me she's going to sleep on the couch beside me since I'll be sleeping in the living room on the recliner. She's all excited since she always want to have a sleepover with me. Lol Between my hubby & the kids I know I'll have plenty of help so at least that's good. I think my biggest concerns are being able to return to work & the results. I don't even care about the pain.
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Do you have any before and after pics?
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Omg thanks so much for your post! I also have twins(11yrs old) & fell the same way you felt before your surgery. I feel like I have to be constantly thinking about how what I wear will work with my stomach so it doesn't look obviously bulgy. It really limits my choices which is very frustrating! I have my surgery set for July 23rd & am counting down the days. How was your recovery? Do you have any tips or things you wish you would have know before? Also how is your scar? I am a bit worried about the scar being too high or misshapen, although know a scar is a small price to pay to get rid of belly.
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