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Croton Oil Peel - La Jolla, CA

I did not want to have a facelift, just have an...

I did not want to have a facelift, just have an aversion to surgery so I opted for the croton oil peel. First several days you look like you have the worse sunburn of your life; discomfort that required pain killers the first 24-hours; used cooling "baths" of cold white vinegar compresses, followed by a gel ointment of lidocaine which worked great for any discomfort I was having. I had deep vertical wrinkles on my cheeks and next to my aging/sagging jowls all of which have been dramatically taken care of to suit my expectations. I love the tightened and smoother skin. Subsequently I had a little Dysport right at the lip line where your surgeon needs to be extra careful as well as close to the corner of your eyes for obvious reasons - very thin tissue area. Worked like a charm. I was 68 when I had my peel now 69 and can look in the mirror and see the years off my face! Bottom line - if I had to do this over again I'd do it in a nano-second. It helped that I had the benefit of a remarkable plastic surgeon! Bottom line I think you have to decide if a week or two of being red-faced and have some discomfort is worth the eventual results and in my case the answer was yes! PS: I bought a yellow tint primer from the Philosophy brand that I used under my make-up, worked perfect to hide the red! I was out and back to a full social calendar in 10 days! I hope this helps.
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Well, I think Dr Kearney is a gifted plastic surgeon as well as an honest one. He will not do any kind of treatment on anyone who isn't really a good candidate. He takes the time to get to understand you, your life-style and what it is you are looking for in results; he makes no false promises but gives you realistic expectations. He takes pride in his work and it shows; it's not about him trying to sign you up for every procedure under the sun, just what procedures will accomplish your personal goal.

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Could you tell me if the peel tightened your skin or did you have to have a facelift after the peel? thank you.
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So glad you are happy. I have gotten 4 phenol peels under my eyes for wrinkle removal and maintenance since 1999, and am getting the 5th one on 10/4. Love the results, Iook so much younger than I am. The recovery could be uncomfortable but worth it. The main complaint I have is when the doc sobs under my eyes with the phenol it hurts/burns like hell, then immediately after and for about the next hour or two I am in such pain. No anesthesia of any kind I use. It all is well worth it!
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Hi, Could you tell me if it turns the area where you have the peel done ghostly white? Does the peel go into the dermis?
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Kelly, right after the phenol is put on with the q-tip the skin turns pink then in about 30 minutes or so you get swollen all around your eyes, the inner sides of your nose, and your eye lids too, however they will not get swollen shut, and the skin turns a whitish gray. About 24 hours later you are more swollen, it starts to turn pinkish/red, but no pain at all. I really only had pain while it was done and then it got worse for about half an hour to maybe an hour at most. The skin will get black and blue in some areas too and the skin will dry up and all of it will turn into a scab of blood with red, pink, and yellow tints in about 3 days. When that happens, that is when my doctor tells me to put on lots of acquafor, all the time, every day. When you do this it feels so much better as the skin is no longer really dry and tight. You keep putting this on and the scabs will start to come off and you can peel them off if they are really loose. After all the scabs are off it is bright red and raw, but feels so much more comfortable. You continue to use the acquifor religiously, 24 hous a day. Little by little the skin will turn to pink and finally heal completely in about 3 to 4 months. I am fair skinned, have done this 4 times, now will be the 5th time, and my skin does not look lighter then the rest of my face, just a bit brighter, but to me this gives me a younger look. I must admidt that to this day, when I wash my face too hard or remove my make up, the skin turns pinkish/ red and stings at times, but goes away. Oh, and the strength my plastic surgeon uses is a deep phenol so it goes deep into layers of your skin so a lot of the wrinkles and damaged skin comes off, and the skin tightens also. He tells me to wait till day 3 to put the acquifor on so that I get a very deep peel with dramatic results. I love the results and can't wait till 10/4 when I get it done again. Btw, I am 46 and will be 47 in January. People think I am between 32 to 40 at the max!
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Wow, I just realized that you responded to me. Thank you! Glad you are happy with your results. My biggest fear is turning white and waxy after the procedure, but you said that you did not. I was not a sun worshiper or smoker. My lines happened after the idiot doctor did a laser procedure on my face and turned the laser up too high and damaged my skin. I have been left with huge looking pores and lines on my chin and upper lip. I want to do this, just scared to death of more damage. One question for you. I thought you could only do a phenol peel once in your lifetime. Why do you keep getting more? thank you so much.
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Thank you so much for letting us know that you liked the results you saw of the peel. What was the actual peeling process like? Was it like big sheets of skin coming off at once, or did it more flake off little bit by little bit?

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Hi Megan - no big sheets of skin, more small flaking, really subtle. As mentioned in my review once I got past the initial few days it was all downhill to a great outcome. My "anniversary" of my peel is on the 18th and I can tell you I'm a real happy camper with my skin: tight and smooth especially for a 69-yr old! I wouldn't hesitate to do this again if it's necessary! Good luck.
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Awesome, so glad to hear how pleased you were!!

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Did you turn ghostly white?
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