Mommy makeover-hard but worth it...

A tummy tuck and breast augmentation is not an...

A tummy tuck and breast augmentation is not an easy recovery. I was surprised that it took 3 weeks for me to feel even close to my normal energetic self. I was and still am pretty exhausted by the end of the day. From what my doctor has told me it is very common and I could feel that way for about 3 months .

I didn't feel any pain with my breasts. The tummy tuck was the pain that I felt and the drains were really gross. I had my drains in for 12 days and was thrilled to get them out.
I think the biggest misconception is that it will be an instant "fix" but really it takes a long time to see he full results. I am 5 weeks post op and still have swelling. It already looks pretty good though. Much better than before.

My breasts are awesome! They look natural and feel natural. I love them!


I would love to see pictures! I had all the same procedures done on July 11th besides the lipo of the thighs!! I am in S.D. As well :-)
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Will do... I am so grossed out by my before picture.

The before and after pictures



You look great. Congrats.
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So glad you're pleased with your results! Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. You look amazing.

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Can't wait to be able to work out again...

I have my 6 week appointment this Friday and I am hoping to be able to start working out a little. Although I a little nervous too. I still have swelling in my hips and my overall tummy. I have told many times that swelling will continue for at least 3 months. I try not to obsess about what I look like but the recovery is slow and I want to see the final results. That is what I would tell women going in for "mommy makeover" surgery. Give it time, lots of time.
I find myself wanting to eat really healthy so I can have nicer arms and legs to go with my new tummy and breasts. I will update after I see my doctor


You look great! Happy healing!
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You are so right about the healing process, and time!!! I'm almost 3 weeks and have only 1/2 my energy most days! I had a full TT so my swelling is pretty significant. Good luck!
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The swelling is really annoying and I agree with you on 1/2 the energy too. I usually take it easy on the weekends since I work full time and have 3 kiddos to care for. It is tough but I know it is still worth it.

Getting happier with results everyday

I am so happy with my tummy and new breasts! I am really happy that my scar is so low. I do have the small vertical scar but I know it will barely show once it fades. I heal pretty well. After my 2 c- sections my scar was almost invisable. Also, I had my plastic surgeon cut out an old belly button piecing I had (wish I never did that).
I went to the beach for the first time since my "mommy make over" . It was nice not having to worry about hiding my rolls on my stomach or trying to keep my breasts from falling out of my top. I find myself forgetting that I have a flat stomach sometimes.


You look great!
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Thank you! I am loving my new body! I just can't wait to start working out to get my legs and arms in shape. I would like to lose a few more pounds. You look awesome! Do you recommend a good tummy shaper? I have to wear one for a few more weeks to keep swelling down and they all seem uncomfortable.
First I had the white wrap and now I'm wearing one I purchased from my surgeons office by Marena. Its smooth no clips or zippers and feels great! It's a small I ordered an x small faja type for a few weeks down the road when I'm ready for a little torture lol! I do know that you can't purchase anything with any type of rubber (latex) because it will make you sweat and cause bacteria or something to that effect.

My doctor voted number 1 plastic surgeon in San Diego by the Union Tribune Readers Poll

I have been so happy with my results and my doctor truly knows what he is doing and cares about the outcome. He was voted the number 1 plastic surgeon in San Diego for the 3rd year in a row. I can say that I am not surprised. Congratulations to Dr. Robert Kearney!
On another note, today was the first day I was in a bikini in front of other people I know. Lots of moms were amazed with my results and wanted to know about my doctor. They were really impressed and said I looked amazing. It was the first time in a really long time that I felt good about myself.


I still can't get into the xs faja but soon so they say! Silk my Marena is the most comfortable to me . Which one do you have?
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First off you look great! I like Marena comfort wear

8 week pictures

I Have A SmaL Verticle Scar That Barely Shows Above Bikini Bottoms. The Scar Itself Is Really Low And Is Hidden UndeWear And Bikini Bottoms.


You look great, love the boobs! Did you know beforehand that you would have the vertical scar?
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I Had A Belly Button RingHole That I Wanted Cut Out So That's Why I Have The Vertical Scar. It Was Stretched Out And Ugly. I Don't Mind The Small Scar...Much Better Than The Extra Skin.
My ps said I may need one as well if my skin doesn't stretch far enuf, he also said that small vertical scar is better than a higher tt scar

feeling bloated

I Am 9 Weeks And I Am Feeling So Bloated Especially On My Lower Sides. I Am Not Sure If Is Is Swelling Or Just Extra Fat That I Didn't Notice That Much Before. Anyone Else Have Side Swelling (Love Handle Area)? And I Am Tired Of WearinG ComPression Garment..My Ps Said To Wear IT For 12 Weeks. Excuse Random Capitals..Phone Is Doing It On Its Own.


I have swelling in flanks but it's from lipo so I am not sure that helps any. Lol. I want to wear my cg longer but everyone said it atrophies the muscles and the longer you wear the worst off you are since you are not using them. Does that make sense? It seems like most are trying to wean off it in the July forum. Everyone has a different take on the matter so I get really confused. I was told six weeks at my ps office but I just finally ditched the CG 3 days ago.
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Tired and bloated

These Past Couple Weeks I Have Felt Tired And Really Bloated. I Stopped Wearing Compression Garnent And I Am.wondering If That Is why.Did Or Does AnyoNe Feel Bloated At 10 Weeks Out? I Feel Gross Actually. See My Doctor Next Friday So He Can Tell Me How Long This Swelling Will Last. Ugh! I Cant Wait To Workout Again.


I have a consultation with him on the 15th! He did my hairdressers BA. He did a great job on you! I really like the TT.
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Thank You! He really did a great job and I love the way my belly button turned out. Most of the tummy tucks you see have these super tiny belly buttons. Good luck! What are you seeing him for?
Mommy makeover! I'm not getting it until May though...right after I graduate And my 21 month old will be easier by that time. :)
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

My whole life I always had a flat stomach and nice breasts. Then came child birth. After the birth of my first child my body was different but not bad. Then I got pregnant with twins and well that was the end of "not bad". I didn't recognize my body anymore and my confidence was affected more than ever. I didn't even want my husband to see me. It was not a good feeling so, I started my research and my consult visits. Each one I didn't get very much information until I met Dr. Robert Kearney. He spent over an hour with me going over things I didn't even know I needed to know. I was really impressed with the examples he went over with me regarding the silicone verses saline. He explained that I had enough breast tissue that I could go either way. He also checked my abdominal muscles to see how much space was between them. No other surgeon I spoke to did either. He then explained that I really needed to strengthen those muscles so when they were sewn together they wouldn't tear. I remember leaving that appointment surprised with all the information I received. I was really impressed and made my surgery appointment the next day. Now I am 5 weeks post OP and I could not be happier. I was nervous about the breast implants the most because I didn't know would turn out. I never thought I would ever need implants. I always had nice, large breasts until after having kids. I was worried I may not like them, people would notice, how they would feel and how big or little they would be. Well, I went with saline implants 330 cc each side and I absolutely LOVE them. They look and feel amazing! They look so natural. When I tell people they are really surprised. I love the size too! I couldn't be happier. My tummy and my belly button (which is a clear giveaway of a tummy tuck) look great already even with the the slight swelling. I am amazed at how flat my stomach looks. I know it is just going to get better. Dr. Robert Kearney is amazing and a true artist. I am so grateful for what he has done for me. I also want to mention his nurse Dior is really sweet and takes good care of you before and after surgery. You will be very happy if you choose Dr. Robert Kearney.

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