16 days PO!

Hey everyone!! I am so glad I've found this site....

Hey everyone!! I am so glad I've found this site. I've always wanted a mommy makeover after my son was born 10 years ago but never thought I'd ever go through with it. Then 2 years ago, I decided to go to some consultations. I went and obviously never went through with it. Now after a co-worker got her mommy makeover done, I kept thinking when will I do this for myself? I then decided to go and get a more current consultation done. I figured even though it's a lot of money, I am worth it. I am tired of droopy breast and my tummy hanging over my underwear. I figure why not do this in July! My son will be with his dad for half of the summer so he won't have to see me at my worst while recovering. I paid my 500 dollar deposit and set the magical date of July 23rd 2012 to do this! I am getting a breast lift with saline implants, a tummy tuck, lipo of the upper arms, hips, inner and outer thigh and the back of my thighs. I am very excited to finally do this but of course I'm so scared. What worries me is being put to sleep for 6 hours or more! I want to wake up!!!! I also am scared of the pain but I've been through a c-section and a hysterectomy, so I'm thinking it's almost the same type of pain. I am more worried about the lipo pain and the breast pain. I am also worried about my body after. I hope my PS takes good care of me and I hope I get great results. This is an exciting but scary time for me, but I'm ready. I've been ready and I can't wait til this is over. I just want to recover already!!!! Anyways I just want to thank all you brave ladies out there who are recovering from this. I read your stories and you give me the motivation I need to get through this.

Tomorrow will be the two week mark til I get my...

Tomorrow will be the two week mark til I get my mommy makeover. I have so many emotions. Since my son is gone with his dad for 6 weeks, I'm feeling a bit depressed. I am sitting here folding clothes and I'm excited, sad, happy and worried. I hate all these mixed emotions I'm having. By the way I forgot to mention I'm 33 years old and I only have one child. I am slowly cleaning my house and getting things ready for the BIG day. I bought some zip up sweatshirts from the Old Navy websites. I know I need things that zip up because I won't be able to lift my arms up. I also went to Walmart and bought the ugly old lady type zip up gowns for lounging around at home. I need to get some big panties though. I can't wait til I'm recovering and I finally get to see my new body. Soon I'll post some picture so you can see my nasty body. I hope everyone had a great weekend. :)

Hi everyone!!! Today I got some things for my...

Hi everyone!!! Today I got some things for my recovery. I bought a adjustable table to put my stuff on that will be right next to my bed. I bought some stool softener/laxative. I also bought some bigger panties for after the surgery. Last thing I bought today was some protein shakes! I still have to get the low sodium crackers, low sodium soups, bottled water, toilet seat riser, shower seat, prescriptions and gauze. I'm also forgetting about other little things but I'm sure I'll think of it later. I just can't wait for surgery day to get here! It's so hot today too. I'm probably going to regret getting the surgery in July. I can't imagine it being over 100 degrees with an itchy binder on! Lord help me!!! I think I'm just going to have to think of the outcome and why I'm doing this when I'm sitting at home in pain with my itchy binder on. I am a little worried about the scars. What's the best thing to use for scars? Is it the silicon sheets? I guess the count down begins. Tomorrow will be 13 more days until the big day. I can't believe it will be here soon. I hate all these mixed emotions.

Hello ladies! Today while at work I couldn't stop...

Hello ladies! Today while at work I couldn't stop thinking about my future procedure. My lower belly was showing and I felt like crap. I was wearing a nice blouse and pants and the only thing wrong was my extra belly fat. That was all I could see in the bathroom mirror at work. I hate it. I kept thinking to myself that in less then two weeks It will be gone. Can't wait til I recover and the swelling goes down so I can wear whatever I want. I am going to miss my taekwondo class though. My PS told me that I will not be doing any taekwondo until 6 weeks after my procedure! I can't wait that long!! I also don't want to mess anything up seeing that this is expensive and it's my health. I've uploaded some pics so everyone can see how ugly my belly and breast are. Also my fat thunder thighs. The only thing that scares me is that I'm getting a lot done in one day. I hope my pain meds will work fine. I wish everyone a great evening! I'll probably write more if I can't sleep! :)

I forgot to mention I'm getting extended tummy...

I forgot to mention I'm getting extended tummy tuck and lipo of the back rolls. So basically My boobs, tummy, hips, back and my thighs will be worked on. I'm hoping that the doctor doesn't get fatigued during the 6 hour operation.

11 more days!! It seems like these days are...

11 more days!! It seems like these days are dragging. I am trying to keep busy at work, but all I think about is the big day. I even had a dream about being put to sleep. When I woke up in my dream I was thirsty and I got up and fell off the bed! LOL then I woke up and realized it was a dream. I want these days to fly by fast. I know like many of you, the night before my surgery I won't be able to sleep. This weekend I'm either going to clean my house or get some more of the supplies that I need. I just hope that I get great results. I've told only the co-workers that I'm close to about my up coming surgery. Some are excited for me and some tell me don't do it. Truth is, I don't care who knows. It's my choice. I'm sure when I come back to work after 2-3 weeks they will notice things different about me. I just hope my work clothes fit me. I hope I'm not overly swollen that nothing fits. I am not sure how much time I'll need to recover. I am taking 2 weeks leave and If I need more time, I'll take more time. I have a desk job, so it's only mentally straining. One catch is, the doctor doesn't want me to sit or stand up for long periods of time. I have a 90 minute (one way) drive to work. I'll be sitting of course so how am I going to deal with that? I just hope the doctor gets plenty of rest the night before my surgery. I want to wish everyone out there who's recovering a quick and easy recovery. Because of you guys, I have my strength. Reading all these inspirational entries are wonderful. The moment I feel like I'm alone and the only one going through this, I read different entries and I'm relived. Many thanks to all you brave women out there! Being a mom is a difficult job and we as mom deserve to feel good about ourselves. Don't let anyone stand in the way of what you want! Have a wonderful night ladies.

Hi girls!!! Well yesterday and today I purchased...

Hi girls!!! Well yesterday and today I purchased more supplies to help with my recovery. I got the toilet seat riser, shower seat, dry shampoo, my prescribed meds, big cheap t-shirts so I can cut them down the back so they are easy to get into after surgery. I read one review a lady said she used the t-shirts under her binder so it wouldn't make her itchy. I also bought online two post surgical bras my quercetin w/ bromelain and arnica montana for my post surgical swelling and bruising. As far as food wise, I bought low sodium soups, low sodium crackers and some granola bars with fiber. Oh I also bought some gauze and waterproof tape and bottled water. I still have a few more things to purchase but I think I got most of the main things already. The other night before bed, I was reading some of the blogs previous women have wrote on here and I came across some blogs and pics of women with infections. That freaked me out!!! I know things like that can happen, but It really make me freak out!!! I pray to God I have a good recovery. I wonder if I'll be able to go back to work in 2 weeks? My boyfriend will be taken care of me the following day after my procedures. I must stay in the surgery center over night with a nurse. Problem is, my boyfriend will be going back to work on my post op day 4. I'll be home alone with two dogs!! At first I thought I would be fine, but after reading a few blogs I have second thoughts. I think I am going to try to pursuade my boyfriend's sister to come stay with us for a few weeks. I'll pay for her fight and expenses. I hope she calls me back tomorrow and says yes. I'm sure I can if needed be alright by myself on PO day 4, but would just feel safer with someone with me. Plus I don't want to get all depressed all by myself recovering. I am also tempted to buy my silicon sheets for my scars now. I guess I can do it later. It's about a little over 12 am and I think i'll read a few more blogs before I get to sleep. Hope all is well with everyone! :)

Hi girlies! Well today was my last day at work...

Hi girlies! Well today was my last day at work for at least 2 weeks. Man I can't believe I'm down to 3 more days! Part of me wants these next few days to fly by and another part of me feel like I want to throw up cause I'm scared. What a weird emotional roller coaster this has been. All whole week I'm wondering what people will say when I return to work. I think they have this expectation that I am going to be all skinny and hot. I feel as if I have to live up to their expectations or they will take crap about me. Many people know I'm getting cosmetic surgery at work. I'm sure they all talk. I think the first day back to work will be a stressful time for me physically and emotionally. Who knows..right? This weekend all I have to do is clean clean clean. I just hope and pray everything goes well during my surgery and recovery. 6 hours under the knife. I just hope the end result is worth all of this. As I took a shower today, I kept wondering how things will be without my stomach flab and with my breast all nice and sitting high. I know it's going to take months, even years to see the end results. I'll probably be posting frequently throughout the weekend because I'm extra antsie. Well I'm off to watch a little t.v. in hope that I can clear my mind a little. Talk to you ladies later! :)

Ok it's 10:44pm and you would think I would be...

Ok it's 10:44pm and you would think I would be sound asleep given the fact that I woke up for work at 3:30 am this morning! It's hot and I can't help but wonder how the heck will I get comfortable with drains, a binder, bandages and feeling icky with no shower??! May be I should of done this in the fall or winter?

Hi girls! Today I think I'm going to try and...

Hi girls! Today I think I'm going to try and relax. I have to run some light errands and then I will just try to mentally relax. Tomorrow I will stay home and clean a little and get my things in order for my surgery on Monday. I will be home from the surgery center Tuesday the 24th and I have a post op appt that same day at 2pm. My boyfriend will then go to the San Diego Airport to pick up his sister who agreed to stay with us for a while to help me out. I can't wait! She is a lifesaver! It will be nice to have someone around who can watch movies with me and have girl talk with. My boyfriend can only be off until Friday. That will be my PO day 4 mark. At first I thought I don't need anyone here helping me out after PO day 3 but after reading many stories, I will have a better piece of mind knowing that someone is around in case I fall or feel sick to my stomach. Today is very weird. I feel like I should be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning but I am also very lazy. Maybe it's cause I was awake late last night. Yesterday when I left work, everyone gave me hugs. I felt very greatful that I'll be missed while I'm away. I am taking my Bromelain with Quercetin capsules today and I hope they help with the swelling and brusing. I am getting a lot of lipo done, so I figure these pills are worth a shot. I'm wondering what the average time frame for women to really get the full effects of the surgery? Is it a year? After a year, are you finally happy with the outcome? One thing that's going to be hard for me is the fact that I love salt. I like to season my food good. I know salt is a no no because of the swelling. I just have to remain strong. I'll post a little more later. I have to get my butt up and dressed so I can get my errands out of the way for today. TTYL!

Well it's about 12:45am and of course I'm awake. ...

Well it's about 12:45am and of course I'm awake. I'm wondering will I ever get a good nights rest during this whole process? I've always had insomnia, but damn...this sucks. When will I be able to sleeepppp!!!! Well I have one more day left and then it's snip snip snip. I still don't believe this will be happening. I'm more scared of my BL and BA and Lipo over the extended tummy tuck! I had a c-section and hysterectomy, so I remember how it felt. I know it hurts to cough and more and sneeze. I am just tender breasted and didn't even like breast feeding my son! I am super sensitive in my breast area. I'm wondering if my lipo areas will be all leaking nonstop! I can't wait!!!! Come on let me sleep and let Monday come already! I'm wondering how I'm going to feel about this in a year. Will I regret this decision? Will I like the results? Will this be enough? It's funny cause now I am thinking about a brazilian butt lift! I was checking things out on this site and was wondering if I needed one? Anyways, I'm just going to search this site and youtube for some info will I'm awake. I will definitely be on here tomorrow. Have an awesome night ladies. To all who have upcoming surgeries, I can relate to you sisters and to all who are healing, I wish you a speedy recovery. Keep us all informed about the ups and downs and remember, I appreciate all the information. Take care and I'll post tomorrow.

Good afternoon ladies. Today has already been an...

Good afternoon ladies. Today has already been an emotional day for me. My parents are away and when I talked to my mom, she made me mad. She has a gum infection and she didn't finish taking her antibiotics before her trip. I'm worried about her and about tomorrow that I just lost it. I hung up with her and started crying. Why is it that I must treat my parents like they are my kids? As if I didn't have enough to worry about. She has a stent in her arteries and is diabetic. The doctor told her to finish her meds...why the heck is she not doing it? She says she feels fine, but she should know to take all the antibiotics. I just hope she will be fine. She is sitting on the other end of the phone worried about my surgery tomorrow and I'm worried about her. Plus I miss my son. Boyfriend is working overtime again today and I'm here by myself. I have so much to do but I haven't done anything today. I got up and went to taco bell lol..that's it. I need to get things ready. Last day to get everything ready. Tomorrow at this time, I should be still in surgery. It's weird cause I know I MUST get cleaning and get my a** in gear, but I can't. I'm excited and so very nervous. I have a tendency to always stress out more then I should. I didn't go to sleep until 2am last night. I hate being an insomniac. I'm taking my bromelain with quercetin 3 times a day and my arnica montana. I really hope they homeopathic pills help with my recovery. I know I won't sleep a whole lot tonight, so maybe that will be good. I hope I at least get some rest at the surgery center after my surgery. I hope the pain will be bearable. I guess I'm scared cause when I had my hysterectomy my pain couldn't be controlled after. The reason is because I was on all these different pain pill before my hysterectomy. My body was immune to it. I built up a tolarence. Even morphine didn't help. I was in tears! It was awful. They had to call a pain management doctor to help. Then while I was recovering out of the hospital, I had withdrawal symptoms. Went to the ER and thought I was going to die. At least this time I am not on any pain killers prior to my surgery. The last time I was on a narcotic pain pill was for dental work and that was about 2 months ago. I've made sure that this time my pain should be controlled without having a repeat of my hysterectomy nightmare. Well I think i'll go and watch some more tv and try to at least start my laundry. Hope everyone's doing great today. I'll post again later!

Hi ladies. I just finished washing with my...

Hi ladies. I just finished washing with my anti-bacteria soap. I can't lotion up, which is driving me crazy (since I have dry itchy skin). I didn't get a whole lot done today, but the main things are done. I have to stop drinking anything in 2 hours. The anesthesiologist called tonight and confirmed my arrival time and told me a little bit about what to expect tomorrow morning. I just hope everyone on my surgery team is well rested and in good spirits. I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight,but it is a cooler night, so who knows. It would be nice to get an awesome nights rest. I'm a side sleeper so I am going to miss the freedom of rolling on my sides throughout the night. Not sure if I need to bring my laptop or if I'll even feel up to using it tomorrow after my surgery. As I looked in the mirror after my shower, I grabbed my belly and said my goodbyes! I also pushed my boobs higher to see how they will look. I just hope and pray I made the right decision and the doctor takes good care of me. Well let me get my clothes ready for tomorrow and relax a bit. I may post before I leave if I can't sleep, but if not, I want to tell all of you Thank you! Thanks for all the information and thanks for being here for me. I stumbled upon this site by accident, but sure glad I did. Please wish me luck tomorrow. Have a great night girls!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been out of the mix...

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been out of the mix lately. I am now 16 days PO and I can now start to share my experiences with you guys. What i'll do is go back and tell you what I remember from my surgery day til now. I will write it in parts, since it's a lot of write and share. I wanted to upload some recent pics as of last week to share my progress with all of you. Everyday gets better. I just wish I was further along. Well I hope you enjoy my Bride of Frankenstein pics. I'll post more later. Got to take a shower and start the long process of gauzing myself up! Happy healing beautiful ladies!
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Glad you posted! You look great.
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Hope you're feeling well!
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Looking good!!! Congrats! Glad to hear all is well!!
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Wow, your scar is nice and low and super thin. You are a little swollen but I think you look very nice and there is a definite waist line. Love the new boobies. LOL!
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Hey Jade, I hope you are recovering well and you are getting closer each day to where you want to be. I can't wait for you update, been thinking about you.
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You look great!!! Can't wait to hear what your last 16 days were like!
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Thinking of you!
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Hope you are doing okay and everything went smoothly. Sending healing thoughts your way.
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Hope you're doing well, take your time. Sleep! Know that it gets better :)
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Hangin in there girl?
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Hope all is well!
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Huge Congrats to you!! Hope everything went smoothly!!
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Hi soontobflat! Things at first didn't go so smoothly, but everyday is a new day and I am slowly regaining my strength. Hope your having an awesome weekend.
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Hope all is well.
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Hi sexysoulsister. Things are going a whole lot better. Thank God! How are you doing?
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Hope you are doing well!
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HI trimom! I'm doing better thanks. It's 12 days PO so everyday gets a bit better. How are things going for you?
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Good triathlon tomorrow then the official countdown! Lol!
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Hope your surgery went well! Thinking of you?
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Prayers coming at you! My day is Friday so I will be anxious to hear how it goes for u!
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Hi Bella! Thanks for the Prayers. I hope your recovering smoothly. How are you feeling?
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Good luck today! Hope everything goes smoothly for you! I'm right behind you!
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Hi mlb2012. I hope you had a wonderful surgery and I hope and wish you a speedy recovery. How are things?
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Thinking of you!! Hope it goes well. Post when you can!
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I hope it went well and that you aren't in too much pain!!
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