Fraxel Frenzy - Procedure Done for Acne Scars, Brown Spots and Tightening - La Jolla, CA

PRO: Minimal tightening...maybe 10-15% PRO:...

PRO: Minimal tightening...maybe 10-15%
PRO: Think you're going to be happy with results at 10 days out, but then swelling goes away and real results come through.
PRO: Brown spots diminished in appearance
CON: Acne scars which prompted the procedure are still there but my $5,000 is not.
CON: 3 new line shaped scars w/ discoloration
CON: White streaks down one side of my face.
CON: New acne scars from post-Fraxel acne outbreak
CON: Loss of confidence as I have lost my beautiful skin texture and glow...very dry skin now. Husband says I look older than before Fraxel and he's "horrified" he let me do this.
CON: The amount of stress and loss of control this brings to your family is just not worth the minimal "result".
CON: Large pores that were never an issue before.
CON: Lost a full month of work waiting to "recover" enough to go back to life in the public eye and makeup still can't hide it all.
Save your money...more importantly save your soul and peace of mind. Skip Fraxel. You only get one face!


Im 23 I had this laser done a year ago on my cheek to correct two acne scars. My skin everywhere else was fine but she did this larger area more the necessary and im traumatized. To this day i have an irregular skin texture there with large pores. 3 months after the procedure i went in because i wasnt happy with the pores or "track marks" it left behind and said they would go away in time but to speed the process recommended a micro laser peel to help skin cells turnover quicker... It helped a little some pores def did get smaller or go away around the cheek bone area where my skin was flawless before which is nice but below the cheek bone i have these terribly large pores still... Not only did it not help the two scars but made other ones. It looks worse then before, ive tried using the retin a but i felt like it was drying up that area and making it look even older. Because the pores are so big i constantly get blackheads and have to see facialists to get them out which is another expense. Im thinking that light chemical peels might help it and just prey that overtime the good skin i had around the scars will finally have healed go back to its normal state.
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My track marks from the C02 laser 8 years ago are still visible to this day. I had material improvement when I started using Retin-A every night.
Are you still checking this site? Has your skin improved at all?
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Note that the brown spots actually are coming back...

Note that the brown spots actually are coming back now 1.5 years later even though I never go in the sun without hats/umbrellas. The reason for this is that my face was burned during Fraxel (one procedure) such that hypersensitivity does not allow my face to be in sunlight so I cannot be outdoors without sun protection via sunscreen, plus hat/cover of some kind. This procedure will change your life. More high maintenance. Your skin will change, and not for the better. My doctor was a board certified, "expert". Just not worth the risk. I've also since discovered that Fraxel does not do the removal of brown spots, the Alexandrite does (a cheaper laser), and thus its coupled with Fraxel (the higher cost) laser to generate more income....In summary, the Alex laser temporarily removes brown spots, while Fraxel did absolutely nothing except dry, age, and permanently scar my skin and burn fat, changing the contours of my face and hollowing the 1-2 inch circumference around my eyes.


Don't do fraxel!

I had the exact same problems.

I hate that they even allowed it on the market and that all the doctors bought into the marketing hype and then pushed the products onto us.

If they wanted my money so bad, just ask. Tell me the potential side effects and I'll just give you my money to not do the laser! T.T

My life has been ruined. T.T
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please, just feel grateful that you didn't do your entire face like most of us got conned into by the doctors.

try to feel lucky that you only did a portion of your face. can you imagine how my life has been devastated? i'm only 26 T.T and i look like I'm 40 and I feel like i'm 40 inside because of the emotional and mental trauma i've been through. T.T
Hi, I hope you are checking or at least reply please. I had the Sciton Profractional laser and have faint track marks in line of pores. Has the Retin A improve any of it for you? Im freaking out and Im very nervous and scared that its permanent.
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Not singling out my doctor. I wouldn't recommend ANY provider based on my experience. My doctor seemed like a decent guy in many ways, but I don't know how anyone can sleep at night doing this to people all day long knowing what the consequences will be, even for all the money in the world.

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