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HELP!!! Exilis Burned the Fat in my Thighs and Was Supposed to Only Tighten my Skin - La Jolla, CA

The skin above my knees was wrinkled and sun...

The skin above my knees was wrinkled and sun damaged so I checked into Exilis. I was told that they had great success on legs and arms so I went for it. It got very hot where I had to stop during treatment. The practitioner said that it was set to the right temperature and would not burn fat when I asked during treatment. I was concerned because it was extremely hot.

One week after and before my second treatment I took another picture because it looked like I had cellulite or lumps on the front of my thighs. I again brought up my concerns and was again told it would not burn the fat because it was set for tightening only.

Well, 4 treatments later and 4 sets of pictures and you can clearly see that my legs are a mess and that it did indeed burn fat and cause sagging. Now what? I am used to wearing dresses and shorts and can't. This is very embarrassing and I don't know how to fix it. I pray it is no irreparable Any suggestions?

No Doctor responses to question/s

Hi Forum,
Just wanted you women considering Exilis to know that although I posted pictures and questions to the doctors on this forum regarding this procedure not one has responded to how this may have happened, is it permanent, etc. I find that interesting since many tout Exilis' benefits but have no answer to my plea for professional expertise. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!)

Sit down with Doctor and Technician

I met with Dr. David and the technician who performed my Exilis treatments. I told them that it was recommended by a user here to try the Wellbox Endermologie device. It is very expensive. I spend $1100 for a used one on ebay. I was offered a full refund for my Exilis treatments ($1400) by the doctor's office but I asked for reimbursement for the cost of the Wellbox in addition to the cost of the treatments and that was declined. I think that it is the only equitable solution and even at that I may still have permanent damage. At this juncture, I am out of pocket $1400 for treatments that ruined by legs and $1100 for a device that can perhaps reduce the appearance of the damage... a total of $2500!!! Thus far I have not accepted any type of refund. I am looking for comments from others that may have had this experience or have used the Wellbox. Please heed this warning... I was told that BTL, the company that manufactures the Exilis device, had never experienced the device causing damage but that because of me they were documenting this... Interesting. I wonder if they will be sharing this information with potential clients and have them sign a hold harmless.

Exilis Update from Dr. Roy David's Office

After 21 days of waiting for Dr. David's manager to contact me I followed up with an email and she finally called me. Essentially she offered me the $1400 as reimbursement of the cost of my treatments. She stated that I would have to remove the RealSelf and any other reviews and photos. She refused to give me a reimbursement of the Wellbox I purchased to treat this damage and said that they would have offered Z Wave for treating cellulite. This is after 21 days of waiting for her to call me back with resolution of this matter. Clearly, they thought I would just go away. I went to Yelp and saw all the negative reviews regarding this doctor's office. Her name is mentioned in those reviews also. I went to the BBB to check on Dr. David's status. He is not a member. This is telling. Anyone considering using this office please do your homework and check the Yelp reviews. Take my review to heart.
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

SanDiegoFace - Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery. Bedside manner was great but clearly practitioner does not know how to operate this device.

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I would look into getting an attorney who could possibly sue the doctor for the cost it will take to for you to have leg lifts done. This is like a tummy tuck where they take the skin of the thighs and tighten them and cut away the excess. I have no idea how much it costs but your doctor should pay for it and for you to be off work. Good Luck to you!
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I am afraid to have surgery... look what happened with a non-invasive device.
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I'm sorry for your very disappointing results. I really can sympathize and relate to how you feel. If it's permanent damage and can't be rectified, you may have a personal injury lawsuit.
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I also had 1 exilis treatment in my inner thighs and got so bruised that I didn't want to do another session, it's been 2 months and I still have the bruises! I do bruise easily but this is way beyond my normal. They told me it has reached the muscles and that it would take longer for bruises to go away. Anyhow I've done exilis on my upper arms and once the fat is gone is for good, I'm so sorry this happened to you!
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I also did buy the Wellbox for cellulite and firming the legs with amazing results! You may want to invest on this to smooth back your skin, I bought mine on a sale at skinstore.
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I will check the Wellbox out. I have tried Thimulcase... This situation is so horrible. I am so embarrassed and was always proud of my nice legs.
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In the hands of an inexperienced practioner. I have been on the phone with the company. They were going to call Dr. Roy David's office and ask about settings. They never emailed me back.
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Can you show before and after pics
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They are posted. Please look for them. They are also posted under reviews under Exilis.
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I would call the company... BTL. Situations like this need to be documented and not swept under the rug with comments such as... "well we've never heard of this happening before..." such as I was told. Post your review with pictures of your bruises. Other women need to be warned.
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I would call the company... BTL. Situations like this need to be documented and not swept under the rug with comments such as... "well we've never heard of this happening before..." such as I was told. Post your review with pictures of your bruises. Other women need to be warned.
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience, 40nholding. I hope you find support in the community. Did you speak to your provider again at the end of the 4 treatments?
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