Chin Implant Results- Not Sure How I Like It - La Jolla, CA

So I am now about 3 months post-op. The pictures...

So I am now about 3 months post-op. The pictures below are 2 months post op. Fist off if you are reading this before you put in your deposit great. I didn't find out about this website until a week before surgery at which I was fully paid. I wanted to call it off because I saw Dr. Mabrie's non-surgical chin augmentation via injectables on this site. If I can do this over, I would have gone the non-surgical route fist with him.

About the procedure:
If your going to take time off and don't want people to know, take at least 2-2.5 weeks off. I did and my lip was still numb and I had trouble eating. Luckily no one at work noticed. I would have taken 3 weeks off if I knew that it took that long to look somewhat normal, but not really. This is a painful procedure. There were times I had to take double the prescription because of the shooting pain. I had general anesthesia for this.

The doctor placed a Implantech Medium "anatomical" implant placed infra-orally. I had decided to have the surgery under the chin and doctor assured it was safe intra-orally and had never had any issues with infection or migration or nerve damage. I felt confident with how he felt that was the best route and I am glad I listened to him. I have no issues with numbness at this point or any nerve damage or infection. Sounds like their is a higher risk infra-orally, and maybe I got lucky I didn't get an infection or just simply took care of my mouth hygiene wise well.

The reason I am not sure how I feel about this procedure is because I feel the type of implant the Dr chose added too much length to my face from the front view and from the side It looks like a witches chin with a very meaty tip. The jaw line didn't change much and would have liked more change. It also gave me pre-jowl sulcus as you can see on the second pic. Their is a weird transition from my jaw to chin, like it goes in. I will try and get injectables to add more definition on my jaw and balance the asymmetry on the fullness of my cheeks. Don't want more implants to fix my jaw definition like mandibular angle implants. I chose a great doctor, just feel like a different implant might have been a better choice. Check out my profile for a question I asked to doctors regarding a follow up on what they think of the type of chin implant I have.

What do you all think? I might be hard on myself because I keep looking at myself vs someone else with the same procedure. No one has notice I had this done, I mean no one. If you think my before looks better let me know. I don't want people being nice about how I look, even if the truth might not be what I want to hear about my results. I miss my old chin, maybe it's just a matter of getting used to this new me.


I think your new chin looks really pretty. I can see what you are talking about with the sides, but I still think that even with that the definition looks good.

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I had a chin implant done two weeks from today. I had a lot of swelling but most of it is gone now. I feel I have the same problem as you do to. I have an indentation in my jaw line from the corner of the implant then dips in to the back and comes back out. I think the implant may be to big for my jaw bone on the sides. I'm going back to the surgeon in 2 days and may have a smaller implant placed in.
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Will you be posting pics of yours? Would ove to see if we are having a similar problem.

I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor to...

I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor to talk about the vertical length and the indents on the side. I have a medium and i'm thinking a small might have been a better choice. With that in mind, also wondering if the small is enough or get the extended wings to give me more definition on my jaw, that's if it will do that for me or just the anatomical in small in enough with no wings. Will keep you posted.


Wow! I think it looks wonderful! I think it really gave your face more definition! Gorgeous darling!
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Since it sounds like you still aren't feeling comfortable with the way your chin looks I think its good you made an appointment to discuss this with your doctor. Obviously it is ultimately about what you are comfortable with. Please keep us posted on what you find out!

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Just saw your latest pics, you look great!!! Looks like big changes happen on month 2 & 3... I'm only 2 weeks out so I hope I make similar progress!
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So I saw my doctor today and he doesn't seem to...

So I saw my doctor today and he doesn't seem to find a problem with my chin implant. I'm debating on getting it removed vs. getting a different model. Not sure I will be going back with him for either. Will be searching for second opinions on what my best options are sometime this month. Really miss my old chin :(


Hello, I just signed up here, but been following posts about chin augmentation regularly. I have few questions for you. How and why made you choose your surgeon u picked? and how long have you thought investigated and bee thinking about chin augmentation procedure? did you ever think, you may not be happy 100% not because of the size of the implant, but perhaps the shape? which exact shape did you pick or the dr, since there are 3 different anatomical implants. Im having my surgery done in 3 weeks and i thought about this for over 7 years, and it took me 3 years to find the right surgeoun. My goal was to find a surgeon who does chin implant regularly meaning 3-5 times a month, and is double board certified. And has nothing but awesome reviews. I am from the east coast and the surgery will in California... I figured, if im having something done to my face, it has to be by the right person who loves what he does and does it regularly. I already have an idea which specific implant I want, and have very specific goal in mind, which the doctor and I discuss to determine the best outcome. All in all, I think your chin looks know, you have a new shape, and you have to get used to it. Your feelings are normal, since you have been looking at the same face since birth and now have a new chin. Its normal I assume to feel weird about it. I hope you can answer all my questions :)
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Hi there! Alright let's see if I get them all answered if not ask away, I got a lot of material to read through.....I picked my surgeon, not because I found HIM, but because I went to see my doctor that did my breast augmentation to only be told she doesn't do chin augmentations. So I chose him, not really looking into him enough, just the consult and felt ok about the whole thing. Didn't even see another doctor for another opinion. Big mistake :( too late. I have been unhappy with my chin for about 6/7 years. Didn't put much thought into it until a year ago, when I lost a lot of weight and made some changed to my chin/jawline, but not enough. I am 5'8 and weigh about 140, so I am very slender and did not want to lose more. I am not happy with both size and shape. I did not pick the implant, but the doctor picked the one that fit best while during surgery using sizers. He chose the Implantech Medium Anatomical model. I don't like it, that particular model change the shape of my face and miss my square face vs my new long and slender face. So my face is a bit asymmetrical and the implant made it more noticeable. That bothers me most as well as the major changes to my face shape. I am leaning more towards removal because after going through this, my face was not that bad to start with. I will be visiting another doctor and get a second opinion, because even if I did get replacement, the doctor needs to take into my consideration not to make my asymmetry more noticeable. I have seen doctors that use custom implants where they shape to compensate, but don't know if I want to go that route. What is wrong with your chin? Have you considered injectables first to augment?
Oh the doctor was one of two I believe in the same surgery center as my doctor that did my BA and really loved how my BA went as far as staff and operating room and how they run it. I just picked one of the two and went from there.

I have decided to either remove or replace...

I have decided to either remove or replace myimplant. I regret getting a chin implant because as I see it now my chin was not "that" bad to start with. I can't live with my chin implant and will start consulting doctors about a revision or removal. I prefer to just have it removed, but I am worried about pitosis and dimpling of the skin. I have yet to see after pic after removal of chin implants on this site or anywhere and that worries me. I have notice it is uncomfortable when I wake up. It takes a few hours for the tenderness to go away. I sleep on my side. Has anyone come across after pics of implant removal?


My honest opinnion. I like your chin afterwards. It is more symmetrical with your face from what I see. I know that if you stare at just your chin, it will most likely look out of shape. Most people's do, even if they are good looking. Its like staring at a nose and taking it out of context. Did your P.S. tell you about your face chancing from the front prior to the surgery? Did you ask that? I have read a few instances like yours where people aren't that pleased with the front look, and I am curious if P.S.'s usually tell people what to really expect. Sometimes it seems like they just tell you what you want to hear but they should have the experience and knowledge of the front of the face changing especially if they perform these surgeries regulary.
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I saw a dermatologist yesterday and told her my...

I saw a dermatologist yesterday and told her my concerns without being specific with the areas of concern. She pointed them out without saying anything. I am beyond happy, she noticed it! I will be going the fillers route and I am schedule in a few weeks to have Restalyn and possibly juverderm. The areas to he worked on are the sides of my chin, especially my left side, right side on pics as it dips more and that side is my less fuller side. Also, will have a bit put into my crease/fold under my chin and it is more pronounced than before my surgery. I will post a new blog to give cedit to the dermatologist as she will also do work on the left side laughlinea nd cheek as it does not mmatch the fullness as my rightside.


I have to say- I think your results are fantastic. Your face looks so proportioned and feminine. Perhaps I can't see the issues you are looking at but you look beautiful. I am having my implant surgery on November 14th and hope I can achieve a similar look
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Thanks! How did your surgery go?
Can anyone recommend a "Chin Implant Removal" Specialist in LA?...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....someone that has had positive results/gotten close to their old chin back. Need this implant out!! Thank you in advance....
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Not ready to give out name

I had a procedure with another doctor before in the same office.

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