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Well to start let me say i am 42 yrs old married...

Well to start let me say i am 42 yrs old married with 2 kids. I am 5'8" about 150lbs.
So 2 yrs ago I went to several ps consults for a lift and they all said an implant would make my lift results much better and I would be soooooo happy with them......
Fast forward to now when my breasts are huge,heavy, and so super saggy! WTH? I wanted them lifted damn it and now I'm out $5000 and still have droopy boobies? How is that even right?
I have now consulted yet more ps and found what I hope is a great doctor to remove my implants( not a easy dr to find btw) and do a full anchor lift for $10,000! It better be worth it and they better be amazing or I'm gonna move in with my ps so he can listen to me whine and complain all day LOL!
I have my surgery scheduled for June 6th, the day after my youngest graduates from high school, so all your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated!
The stories on here have helped me so much I will add pics as soon as I figure out how lol
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Hope your surgery went well! Happy healing!
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Congratulations on both your youngest graduating and getting the implants out!!! Both are life changing events. I just got mine out last Monday and I am thrilled!! Blessings to you and keep us updated!
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Thank you for starting your story. Congrats on your youngest graduating high school. It's time for you now! :)

I do hope this goes well for you and that you love your results. I'll be following your journey with interest.

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Best of luck to you!! Implant free is the only way to be! :) My implanted Breast sagged so badly the last few years. All of us Natural Ladies now can have little boobies without sagging!! Time heals too, I am sure 6 months after an explant it will be amazing at all the changes!! Time will fly! Take care of you NOW too! :) aka lil Hoots!!
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I'm amazed that so many plastic surgeons push implants when women ask for lifts. Sounds like you're on the right path now with a doctor who listens to you, and it looks like you have enough natural tissue for a really good result. June 6th is right around the corner! Best of luck with your upcoming surgery!
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