Removed my Saline Implants - La Jolla, CA

2006 had smooth saline implants put in. After...

2006 had smooth saline implants put in. After having 2 kids I just wanted to be natural again. They were getting uncomfortable and I felt they were to big.

I choose my doctor and love her! She decided I do not need a lift or capsulectomy.

The day of surgery I arrived at 8am. The doctor, anesthesiologist and nurses all came and talked to me before surgery. I expressed my concerns about being nauseous after surgery and the anesthesiologist said he will give me something in my IV for that. It was time for surgery I was so nervous. The anesthesiologist gave me a "margarita" to relax me. Before I knew it I woke up in recovery. The doctor came to see me and said everything went great. I was only in surgery for 40 minutes. I felt pretty good waking up. No pain and no nausea. That night the doctor called me to see how I was doing. The next day I was a little more sore by the incisions and I developed a rash from the iodine scrub they put on during surgery. Second day post op I am off pain meds and just taking my antibiotics. I go in on Tuesday to remove bandages.
Wow can we talk via personal email? How much does she charge and is she in NY? Thx

4 Days Post Op

I went in for my post op appt. and the doctor checked everything and put on new steri strips over the sutures. Everyday I feel better. I am still a little sore but I only take Tylenol if I have to. My breasts look pretty flat and deflated, but I feel so much better and like my true self. The doctor gave me a new compression bra and it is so comfortable. I still have a little rash left. It's either from the antibiotics or the stuff they put on your skin during surgery to sterilize it. I hope with each day they look better and better. I will go back to my doctor in a week. I will update after my appt. and take a new picture of my breasts. I am so happy I decided to do this!
And I'm happy you're happy! It must be so liberating feel free after the implants. Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.
What is the expected outcome? Will they smooth out, or do they look pretty much like they are going to look from now on?
With time they will smooth out and "fluff", which means get a little more fuller. They were wrapped so tight that the skin looks wrinkly.

2 Weeks Post Op

Feeling great. Took the bandages off the incisions on Friday and everything is healing nicely. Starting to put Vit. E oil on them. Still have a little itching and a rash, I think its from wearing my compression bra 24 hours. Can't wait to be able to wear a regular bra. Looking forward to Summer.
Hi Happy_happy, I just went in for a consultation with dr Sardo thanks to your review! She is a super sweet lady and her staff are sweet too. Did have yours removed through the areola or crease? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Hi! Dr. Sardo is wonderful! I'm glad you had a consultation with her, you won't be disappointed. I had mine done through the crease. The incisions are so small. I am VERY happy with my results. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Wow, u look so amazing post op. So glad I found this, I am feeling down in the dumps over my breast implants and I've been contemplating removing them. I live in San Diego too, I will contact her to set up a consultation. :) Thanks for the review!

1 Month Post Op

Feeling great. The incisions are healing great. I have been using vitamin E oil on them. Can't wait to wear regular bras!
Looking awesome! :-) thank you for sharing your story with us!
Hi! I just had my consultation with her last Friday. She and her staff were super sweet and helpful. I am planning to have mine removed in April. Your review was so helpful, thank you! How long did it take your incisions to heal?
How exciting for you. April will get here fast! I had the tape that was over the incisions removed after a week. They were still a little tender and sore for a while but I put vitamin E oil on them twice a day and it seems to be helping them heal nicely. Also, I was afraid of being nauseous after surgery so I told the anesthesiologist my concerns and he gave me stuff during surgery so when I woke up I didn't get nauseous and I felt pretty good. Anesthesia tends to make me nauseous. The feeling of being implant free is awesome! It is so worth it.

Feeling Better With Each Day

Finally went to the gym and did a light workout, I did the elyptical machine. It feels good to get
my blood pumping again. I posted a picture of me a little over a month post op.
Which compression bra is that that you have on? It does look wicked comfy.... Thanks!
Things are healing up nicely! Keep us posted ;-) and thanks again for your review! I wouldn't have met dr sardo had I not read your post.
No problem glad I could help!

Bra Shopping!

So, I finally went bra shopping! I went to Victoria Secret and measured 32B. I thought I would be a A cup. I bought the Body by Victoria no wire bra and it's so comfortable and fits awesome. I also got the new t-shirt bra. So happy to be able to wear normal bras now, but I still wear a sports bra to bed.
They look great. I am thinking I may schedule a consult with her!
She's an awesome doctor, I love the boobs she gave me. She goes for the natural look.
Beautiful!!! I also feel funny with out something on in bed. It's like they flop too much which baffles me cause there isn't much to flop!
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable, personable she called me the same day after surgery to check on me. She is a great doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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