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I just want to say a big thanks to all the brave...

I just want to say a big thanks to all the brave lovely ladies on here for sharing their stories! They were all so helpful to me and I hope my story will be helpful to others too! I will be 30 years old next month, I'm 5'3 at 123lbs. I had 450cc hp silicone unders via areola incision. I was a 34B pre op and 34D post op. I had my implants in for 3 1/2 years. Growing up I was ok with my breast size but a few years ago I went on a crazy diet and I exercised 24/7.. I lost so much weight. My boobs shrank to almost nothing and I thought maybe I needed to get them. I had several gf's that already had them and they looked great! So I decided to go big or go home on the size and I thought 450cc was a good choice for my body type. I'm a little short but I thought since I had hips and a butt it would balance it out. The first year was great, but after a while noticed how much it made me appear top heavy.. Always self conscious about how they looked in tops. I sized up because I didn't want them to be the main focus when people saw me and these flowy tops made me look bigger than I was. I started to hate them.. Then about a year ago, I notice my right boob was sitting up much higher and felt firmer than the other. I knew I had gotten capsular contracture :( . I went to see my original ps (about a 1 1/2 hr drive) and he told me that he would need to do a capsulectomy but said I had a 50% chance of it coming back. I didn't like those odds so I knew the best choice for me was to remove them completely. I found this site and it gave me the courage to do just that. I came across an explant review here and I loved her results and the great experience she had with her surgeon. It was an added plus that she was a woman doctor and she was only a 20min drive from me! I went in for a consultation and I was so happy with how well she and her staff treated me. She told me I didn't need a capsulectomy but that she may need to remove some scar tissue if needed once she gets in there. I had my explant yesterday morning, everything went great. She left the capsule in on my left (good boob) and took a small piece of scar tissue on my right (cc boob). I woke up ok with minimal pain on my right boob. Here are some before and afters :) I apologize for cropping out my left arm, my tattoos may give away my identity.
My problem is that I really don't want my implants out, but one has ruptured and leaked silicone into my lymph nodes. I'm so distraught at the thought of having the body I used to have, but with scarring on top. I really don't know what to do at this point, and the NHS consultant keeps putting my appointments back so I've had no consultation since being told that it had leaked.
Hi Carolynh ....where abouts are you in the uk? If you are going down the nhs route there is a certain timescale that they have to do it all in....I had mine removed on nhs also had a rupture and couldn't be happier....best decision ever....I know it's scary and if you read my story you will see I also dreaded the thought of removal etc but your health comes first...I still don't know if I have silicone elsewhere only time will tell....I am hopeing not.....maybe get onto the hospital and gp to get into see the consultant sooner rather than later...I was told ASAP ? Xxxx
I'm in Warwickshire and went to Warwick hospital. They did a scan then told me it was in the nodes and sent me home with a 2 week appointment, which they've already changed. I've had no advice on what's going to happen other than the consultant said (before I had the scan and I haven't seen him since that) that if it was in the nodes everything would need to be removed. I can feel the capsules and there seems to be even less tissue than before I had it done. I am trying to hold it together as I still have to be nice to customers at work, but I'm barely doing so. I emailed the hospital to explain that I suffer with anxiety, but I've heard nothing back. So my appointment is still 1st May.

One week post op

Everything is healing ok, they still looks the same to me. I still have a small amount of seroma on my right. I'm continuing to wear my compression bra plus ace wrap 24/7.. I hope it will absorb soon =\ .
You look fantastic! I hope to look as good as you do when mine are out!
Thanks :) it would be nice if they fluffed a bit but nonetheless I'm happy they're out! good luck on your explant journey
You look really good, happy healing xxx

One month post op

So far I'm really happy with my results! My ps did an amazing job :) it feels great to be natural again. I am no longer wearing the ace wrap but I still wear the compression bra to bed. I've been massaging my breast with firming lotion every night after I get out of the shower and applying newgel+ on my incisions. I hope they continue to improve!


Did you have to get drains put in ,if not why not?
Thank you for sharing your encouraging experience - I hope yr well - you look great x
Thanks! I am much happier :) so glad I did it.
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Great caring surgeon and wonderful staff! She could tell I was nervous and held my hand until I passed out and gave me a follow up call later that day. Very informative and answered all my questions.

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