350cc silicone high profile, 3 weeks post op!! La Jolla, CA

I am 21 years old, currently a 32a and hoping for...

I am 21 years old, currently a 32a and hoping for a C cup after surgery! I am 5'5 and 103lbs so pretty petite! I'm still deciding between 325cc or 350cc for mentor high profile silicone submuscular and breast crease incision.

I am Vietnamese so making the decision to get breast aug came with some criticisms from the family. I love going to the beach or pool parties but would dread how flat I look in bathing suit tops. I had to convince my parents that a lot of women get breast aug and that I still wanted to look natural. I went to 3 consultations and finally have chosen Dr. Smoot in La Jolla, CA.

Anyone near my stats that has around 350cc hp with pics?!


Pre BA: 32A

Some before photos...


My wish boobs

Itty bitty titty committee :,(

Before photo

Pre Op

Wow I can't believe I'm getting me surgery in two weeks! I feel like I've been waiting forever! Went to pre op today and the nurse was very nice. She went over everything that was in my surgery guide book and answered all my questions. I decided on 350cc silicone mentor high profile.

Wish me luck!!!!

Ahhh! I can't believe surgery is in 9 hours!!!! I have to be at the surgery center at 9am tomorrow. I was soooo nervous and freaking out I took a Valium. My dad, boyfriend and best friend are taking me and picking me up tomorrow. I'll let you girlys know how it goes !!

Day of surgery

Hello everyone!!! I was sooooo nervous when I got to the surgery center this morning at 9am but all the nurses were SO nice and calming . Doc came in to draw on me and then the anesthesiologist came and went over a few things with me. I get carsick and nauseous very easily so he said he'll take care of that. They walked me into the OR and I laid down. They had heated food and ankle massagers which were very relaxing while he was hooking up my IV. I just remember talking and then there was a silent pause and that's it! I woke up in what felt like 5 mins later a little groggy but I was awake. I was completely aware of what was going on and ate 6 crackers and the nurse fed me 3 cups of water. I was so surprised I didn't feel dizzy at all. My dad, best friend and boyfriend picked me up when they wheeled me out and I didn't throw up at all on the way home like I've heard happens to some ppl. I hope I'm not straining myself because I feel great! I've been getting up and stating down, walking around my house, eating regularly and can even go to the bathroom myself. It's 715pm btw. I've only been taking a half of Percocet every 3.5 hours and only took 1 Valium right after surgery. I'm soooo excited to get the dressings off tomorrow at post op and just be able to wear a sports bra. I feel a lot of soreness and tightness but only if I'm moving around. It's totally bare able unlike what I imagined. Hopefully tonight goes well and I'll be posting way more picks! Thanks so much for the support guys!!!!

Day of surgery

Night of surgery pics!!!

More pics night of surgery

Day 1 post op

Went to my post op today! Doc said they look gorgeous and to call I get a fever or if one boob swells up a lot. Can't wait for d&f but I gotta be patient. I was in a lot more pain today so I've been taking 1 Percocet every 2.5 hours and Valium every 6 hours.

Day 2 post op

I was in major discomfort and pain last night and this morning. I haven't been able to sleep still at all the stupid pain meds make me soooooo wired!! I took smooth move tea and have had no problems with bm. Sometimes I feel good and can move around and do what I want but other times I'm in so much pain I can't even move. Getting up and laying down hurt SOOO much. And ok exhausted but can't sleep. My neck has also been hurting due to sleeping on my back.

Day 2 post op ????

Day 2 pics

Day 3 post op

Still feeling very sore and in pain. Called and got a refill of Vicodin instead of my percocets. Been so out of it today from all the meds I've been on.

Day 4 post op

Yesterday and the day before I was in SOOO much pain. I think some girls can recover easier but for other it can be the worst pain in their lives. I've never taken any sort of pain medication and after taking them regularly for the last 3 days I have felt like I was losing my mind. Today is a lot better though, I stopped taking any pain medication since last night. Only my incisions hurt now but mostly my right (probably because my fat ass cat jumped on it). I'm moving around more today and will try to shower. I'll update with more pics after my shower!

Day 4 pics

More day 4 pics

Post op day 5

I haven't taken anything but extra strength Tylenol for the last couple days. Morning boob sucks :( I wake up and it's soo tight and my incisions hurt... I find that massaging them a little and walking around makes them less tight. Last night I was able to go out to see Anchorman 2 with my boyfriend then to a bar after. Unfortunately, some guy stole my boyfriends beer when he was in the bathroom but I was sitting there and witnessed it and when I told the guy that was my boyfriends beer his super manly girlfriend tried to fight both of us LOL. I was like I just got out of surgery!!!!!! Anywho I'm feeling a lot better for the most part, I haven't even tried to drive yet because I'm still really sore. I start work again on Monday and work 6 days next week. I realized everyone's recovery is much different. My cousin was back at work by day 3 and day 3 for me was the most painful day when I laid on the couch drugged up for 12 hrs. So I'm glad I took a whole week off

Post op day 5 pics

Sorry I feel like I'm updating too much lol and putting too many pics

More selfies... I know I'm annoying You guys LOL

So glad they didn't turn out too big!

I was soooo afraid 350cc hp was too big because the sizers I tried on made me look top heavy. I was always leaning more towards 325cc and fussing in between the toe but I'm glad I just went with the bigger since it's only 25cc. So for all those gals out there that are indecisive over 25cc it's really not a huge difference at all!

New bras from Victoria's Secret ????

Yayyyy I finally am feeling better

Wow it was a long and hard recovery. I'm still not out of the woods but the soreness has finally started to cease. Doc taught me some massaging tips and my boons are feeling so much softer! Can't wait for d&f!!!


On my right Incision, there is a larger cut above. I asked the doc at 2nd post op what it was and he said "well you moved so I burned you".., oh sorry I'm pretty sure I was i completely out on general anesthesia? Just another scar I'm gonna have to worry about. Left incision looks great.

Less swelling

2 weeks post op

Got sized at Victoria's Secret today and I fit most bras a 32DD and some I fit 34D

Anyone else still sore and extremely sensitive 3 weeks out?

Doc said I can resume all activities after 2 weeks but i can't even lightly jog or sleep on my side yet. My nipples are EXTREMELY sensitive and hurt so bad when it's cold out.

6 1/2 week post op pics!!!

Haven't gotten to update in awhile but I still get morning boob here and there and have to massage them. They are still a little hard and really hoping they'll soften soon! I can tell they have dropped a bit already and I'm still a 32DD. I out maderma on my incisions 3x a day and can tell they are starting to finally fade.
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More pics please
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WOW they look so good. I am going with 350cc as well. Only 9 days till surgery. I hope mine turn out as good as yours did!
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I just got mine today. I ended up with a 325cc on the left and 350cc on the right to balance out slight unevenness. I am super happy with the results. Your pics look great! I can't wait for mine to drop and fluff.
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Look awesome! Can you post an update how they are doing now???....
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You look great congrats on the lovely results!
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You look fantastic! When did your nipple sensitivity go away. My recovery right after surgery was super easy, and then suddenly two weeks later nipples started to feel very sensitive and like you, even worse in cold weather.
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Thanks for sharing! You look amazing! I am also going with 350ccs silicone-under the muscle with crease incision. Man, that extra scar kinda sucks huh? At least it wont be too noticeable. You picked a great size for your frame. Im also petite (barely over 5ft) and I think Im going to be really happy with 350ccs.
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Wow, your implants looked good from day 3-4. Amazing. You picked a great size for you. I was just reviewing your photos. Lovely. I like the bras you were trying on .
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Haha love the picture with your friend in the background giving the thumbs up. You look awesome!! I am getting 350 silicon implants in May. My PS recommends over the muscle for my boob shape, but I'm still up in the air about it. It sounds like under the muscle is the better option.
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I was skeptical about over the muscle too but that's what was recommended for me and that's what I got. I love them! He said he'd do under if that's what I wanted but said over would be better for me. I would listen to your surgeon as they do these every day and most likely know what's best. Check out my profile and pics. I was a 36A and got 350 silicone implants this past December.
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Yours look beautiful. I know my ps knows best , he's a great surgeon. I was just concerned about the higher risk for certain complications such as CC and rippling. I will voice my concerns with him , but ultimately take his recommendation.
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Thanks for the compliment. Only had them for one month but love them so far. I read about the higher risk but also read that that hasn't been proven. So I wasn't sure what to believe. I know that if you get silicone most likely you won't have any rippling that you can see regardless if you do under or over the muscle. Also, if you do your massages every day for the rest of your life, you should not get CC or may not have as much of a chance or so I heard.
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P.S. I think I said 350 above but I believe I got 450. Big difference for me. I wish I did 500 or more but I am happy with what I have.
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Wow! I was thinking about getting 300cc but I think I might go bigger now, you look great!
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Go bigger for sure! I got 450 and was thinking of 350. So glad I didn't go any smaller than 450. In face I wish I did 500 or 550.
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Wow I love your results! I am considering 350 cc silicone high profiles as well. I'm 5'5" 118 lbs... Hearing you say that 25cc isn't that much makes me feel better!
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Yeah honestly I had a fear of getting them too big but looking back I would have even gone with 375cc hp! It was just all the pictures of 375cc scared me but it really does depend on your body size and what you started with. I am 32DD but feel like a B in clothes. I think going under the muscle I def lost some cc's
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Omg! Im loving your results! I would love to keep in contact with you for updates. I also have sooo many questions to ask you, Im going to be 21 soon & i cannot wait until im 22, to get silicone! So i would love to ask you sooo much lol
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I know how you feel! I could NOT wait until I turn 22 this June but all the consultations I went to said if I'm ATLEAST 21 it would be fine
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How are you doing? Please post pictures, we all wanna now how the girls are!! :-)
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I was definitely still sore and sensitive until at least 4 weeks po. I still get some tingling and occasional sharp pains at 3 months. Everyone heals differently though. As you get more active now, you'll have some soreness for a while.
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You look awesome. Even though you are about 10 pounds less than me, we have similar body types, especially in the breast region. It's great seeing how yours turned out. I'll probably go a little smaller in the cc range but you look so great, congrats!
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I'm like 2 1/2 weeks out and I'm starting to be more sore now than I was at 1 week. Maybe its nerve regeneration? You look beautiful! Such a great fit for tour body!
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I really hope mine turn out like yours. Amazing job!
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