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I'm 5'3 (actually 5'2.5, but I round up), and...

I'm 5'3 (actually 5'2.5, but I round up), and weigh 120 lbs. I haven't had my surgery yet, but have been obsessed with looking at photos on this site and others. It's alot of fun reading everyone's reviews, experiences, and tips. Most likely I will get between 350 and 400 cc high profile. My goal is to be a small to full D! Hoping that will take me there.

I was immediately impressed by Dr. Kearney. He spent an hour with me at my consultation and is very experienced, especially in making sure that the implants don't make women look heavy. I've seen slim women appear to be heavy because of wide implants.

As you can see from my pictures one side is incredibly droopy. It was caused by a chest tube drain that I had as a premature baby. The dr. is going to release the scar, which along with the lift and implants, should correct that. It has always made me EXTREMELY self consious. I have never been so excited, yet anxious about something! Anybody else have surgery on in June? I'd love to stay in contact and be boobie buddies!

Is there anyone out there with similar deflated ...

Is there anyone out there with similar deflated boobs that got BA and lift?

I'm hoping 400 HP will take me to a D Cup.

11 Days to Go!

I'm super excited and nervous! I had my pre-op and my doctor and I settled on 350 and 400cc HP(due to some asymmetry) I'm wondering if anyone can recommend good post surgical bras that close in front?

Feeling Pretty Good!

I had my lift and aug. 3 days ago and the recovery hasn't been as painful as I thought. I'm very happy with my results and know they will keep changing. I got 350cc HP in my right and 400cc in my left. I also had a scar removed from the left side that created an ugly flap. Each day the soreness and tightness gets a bit better. I wonder how long it will take for them to drop?

Morning Boob is Finally Subsiding!

I'm now 11 days post op and feeling great; still some soreness, but not horrible like it was the first week. I went in for my post op yesterday and I was SO THRILLED at my lollipop lift incision lines. They are so NARROW and NEAT. I was expecting wider incisions with scabs/blood. It made me appreciate my PS and his skills even more!!

Has anyone found anything useful to help with swelling?

adhesive tape glue

Does anyone know how to gently remove adhesive tape glue left from steri strips?

Almost 4 Weeks Post-Op!

On Tuesday I'll be 4 weeks post-op. I'm still very happy with my BA and lollipop lift. Because of the state of my pre-op breasts (extremely saggy) my expectations weren't super high.

I love how perky they are. It's weird how sometimes they can look like a full B and othertimes look like Ds! I'm a teacher, so I won't look like I'm going to topple over on the playground.
I was starting to feel impatient about the dropping and fluffing process, but have decided to let it go and let nature take it's course. They seem a bit uneven now, but I'm optimistic that time will take care of it since they heal and drop at different rates.

Ecstatic with My Results!

I'm now a little over 3 months post-op. I'm totally in love (and obsessed) with my boobies! I didn't expect them to be this pretty, or bring me so much joy, even w/o a boyfriend/hubby. I thought they would look boxy, as a lot of lift/aug. do. They have dropped beautifully, and my lift scars are fading nicely. If I get grumpy, look down and they make me feel better instantly!

I went for my 3 month checkup and everything looks good. I was given the ok to go bra shopping and did the next day! I went to Nordstrom cause I've heard they have good fitters and good quality bras. I think their sizes run larger than reality. I was sized at a 32DDD. I think I look like a D. I am extremely pleased with the results and care I've received from Dr. Kearney. He and his staff are very very caring and personable.

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I used Dr. Kearney as well for my lift and revision. I love his staff. I am 4 weeks out and so far I am happy. Looking forward to everything settling in. Do you have current pictures of your scars? I am interested to see what they look like a bit further out by the same surgeon.
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             nice results
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Thank You!!
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They look gorgeous!!!!
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I'm going to get the UA hig impact. I have some fruit of the loom front closure ones that aren't so pretty.
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I truly live these. I bought one post op and it was so comfortable and supportive I added two more later to keep them clean. I sleep in one and the others I wear at the gym. With large breast (especially after paying for augmentation) I really wanted to protect my investments ;) I run, Zumba, cardio step, kick-box and high impact training. No bouncing girls here ;) Just make sure you get the proper band size (tape measure goes around back, under arms and over the upper chest area) if its a half 31 1/2 get a 32). They also have cup specific sizes. But the largest cup in DD. I'm a DDD the DD fits snug but dot too compressive.
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Did you find a good bra? I use (even now) under armour high impact that closes in the front post op. great support and I use it even now for the gym. Great bra.
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Looks great! At 8 weeks I had dropped considerably but every body is different - I've seen some that did quicker, some slower.
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Looking good girl! I got a similar size and by the 2nd week I started seeing changes every boob drops different it seems so be patient-theyll be dropping and squishier before ya know it (: happy healing!!
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Carlita212 the work done to the side of your breast where you had the problem with the tube looks amazingly wonderful! And the BA looks fabulous! I know your extremely excited and happy about the new you! Congrats congrats and congrats.
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Looking really great!!! Congratulations! :-)
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Thank you! I now know what "morning boob" is. I've been doing some stretches every hour and they seem to help. Any other tips for that?
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They look amazing!
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You look great and glad that you are feeling well!
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I will be getting HP 350's (maybe 400's) this week too! I did a lot of hunting for front close bras. Walmart has some good ones. I have also been searching the clearance racks at department stores and found a few! I bought several since I had no idea what size to get.
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If they are by band size- get the band size you wear now. The cup will be the only thing that changes. I use under armor- is more expensive but I use them every day for work out and sleeping after I got past my post op stage. I love them. Firm support and you can buy band/cup size so the fit is great. I tried some that were S/M/L and never found that happy place in fitting. So I really liked being able to get the fit for me sports bra. Per-op I was 34A post-op my sports bra is 34DD ( they don't make a DDD) but it fits ok enough. Just some thoughts.
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Hi, I did 425 hp silicone 5 weeks ago. No lift so can't help you there but you will do great. I always wore a 36 B, but I was wearing the wrong band size for many years (I just found out). Turns out I am a 32. Not sure what my pre surgery cup size would be with a 32, probably still a B as I never fit into the 36B well. But now I'm a 32 DDD (F) which the number scared me at first but it looks so natural. So I'm sure if you are a 34 you will get to a D. I wasn't supposed to wear any bras post surgery till now but I got a few front closure bras from walmart (danskin). They aren't surgical bras tho. Best of luck. Congrats!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! It's amazing to think that a chest tube drain from your infancy can have an effect on you as an adult. I am happy you can get this repaired and feel great about yourself. Are you thinking of saline or silicone? Keep us posted!

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Your welcome. I'm going with silicone as it feels way more natural than saline.
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Have fun prepping for your surgery! Here is a link you may find helpful!       What to set up and buy before your breast aug surgery.  

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