My Breast Implants Look Natural and Feel Great - I LOVE THEM

I love my new breast implants - very pretty and...

I love my new breast implants - very pretty and only two weeks out - zero pain or bruising.  I had mine inserted through an incision around the areola and under the muscle - I went from a 32B to a 32DDDD with 450 cc Moderate Plus.  I had them done in La Jolla - the doctor was fabulous.  I also had a short scar facelift at the same time - I am 45 yrs old and look 35!!!!

I am now 4 weeks out and the implants are terrific...

I am now 4 weeks out and the implants are terrific - they fit my body structure and look surprisingly natural.  I have been shopping at Nordstrom after getting a proper fitting - they carry bras especially made for augmented breast. 

I recommend to anyone considering the procedure not to go too small - try on slightly larger implants than you think you will want or you may be disappoinnted afterward.  A 23 yr old friend of mine got the 450 cc high profile implants - she has a slightly wider build (back  & waist) and now wishes she got the 500 cc.  My doc was suggesting 325 cc high profile for me and I chose 450 cc moderate plus instead.  The moderate plus are rounder implants that don't stick out as far .  .  . I think they look more natural and then you can go a little bigger!

Here is an update - I love these breasts - they...

Here is an update - I love these breasts - they are very comfortable - no pain or problems so far.  Now I am 5 weeks out. 

I highly recommend trying on different implant sizes inside a special bra and under your own clothes before choosing what size you think you want.  I was sure the 450 cc moderate plus was going to look like a porn star but in the end they look really nice and proportional to my figure.  I suggest going bigger than you think because you will wish you did later. The doctor should give you a special bra for this purpose.  I found trying on two different sizes at the same time for comparison sake worked super well - I then put on a tight fitting shirt so I could see what it was going to look like.  

I went under the muscle for more support - right away my implants were soft and flexible.

6 yrs later and I still LOVE them.

No need to redo/repair or change a thing - they still look great today.

6 yr photo of implants

450 cc implants under the muscle. They look and feel great and I've had no issues with them. I will not redo/replace/repair anything at this point. I had considered 550's but I look at them and think, I'm happy so why mess it up.

Because I am 30" around the ribcage, I ended up a 30F. This makes it tough to find well-fitting bras - it's something to think about.

6 yrs After Installation

450 cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle.

Renovation time!

Today I opted for some renovations. I loved my augmentation but my breasts were started to drop due to gravity. I changed for 550cc textured Mentor mod +. I had the lower pocket tightened and the side pockets tightened giving just a pinch of lift. The new implants were installed more symmetrically and a little bit higher up.

Photos coming soon.

2nd Renovation yesterday - removed Textured and replaced with Smooth

So the Textured did not pan out and I had a lot of issues with scar tissue, contracture, and pain. I could feel the implant which I did not like and I had loved the first set b/c they looked totally natural. So, the new ones already feel better although it's not been 24 hours yet . . . I will post photos next week when the stitches and bandaging is removed.

Some photos after surgery yesterday replacing Textured implants with Smooth

I had an implant revision to revise the revision . . . Textured implants did not work and caused me many issues so I put in the Smooth - love these and it has not been 24 hours yet. Also, I've had to have a 2nd Full TT and am 3 months out from that procedure.

Newest photos of last revision

My breasts are good again - I'm happy I did the upgrade even though I needed two revisions.
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Your breasts look amazing....they looked amazing originally but look even beytter now. I had my ba 3 days ago so i am as succresdsful as you with my journey
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Wow they are looking beautiful!! What size cc's are the new ones?
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Im sorry to hear the trouble you went through. Were waiting for photos! What size implant did you end up with? What store did you get that cami from? I cant find it online!
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if you don't mind my asking why did you need a second full TT? and how many years are between the 1st and 2nd?
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If you don't mind me asking what did it cost for the revision? I am looking into having mine done after my tummy tuck.
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Under $5k - but then the 2nd revision was another $2,500.
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Hi! I hope your happy with your revision! How are they coming along?
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Revision is what I expected - I will post pics end of January.
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First revision disappointing afterall. The Textured implants were really uncomfortable and I suffered a lot of scar tissue, contracture and pain. Yesterday I replaced those with Smooth implants and I am already more comfortable. I will post pics in two weeks when the bandages are removed. I never did take photos of the Textured ones.
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I'm glad you could get them changed out so fast. I will definitely keep your experience with the textured in mind for the future. In excited to see your new ones all fully healed up :)
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So happy for you!! Excited to see the results. What made you choose textured?
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My doctor feels that the textured may resist gravity in some patients - I don't have great skin laxity.
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Textured were bad - replaced them yesterday with Smooth.
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Now that you've had an implant exchange and tightened things up do you have any additional scars? Are your scars in your third photo under your breast?
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I have new scars under the breasts and around the nipples. I will post photos once the tape is removed.
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The photos are the first set - I have not posted any of the replacements yet.
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I have no visible scars - they went in using the original scars. They look gorgeous.
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Oh congratulations! I'm excited for your renovations and can't wait for you photos. Happy healing!

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I will get a first peek tomorrow - I'm super excited to see them too. I wanted a tiny bit of lift so I went with the Mentor lightly textured which may have a stickyness that does not readily succumb to gravity. We shall see.
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How do they look? Hoping you're happy!

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Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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I had zero pain the first time or this time. I will post photos soon - I have not seen them yet.
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WOOOOW!!!! they look sooo great, even after 6 years!! impressive :-) really love it
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I;ve just had them redone - 550cc HP lightly textured round - Mentor brand.
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