Didn't Get What I Asked for (Lift + Implants)

After a dramatic event years earlier I was left...

After a dramatic event years earlier I was left with one breast a little larger than the other was and the nipples did not line up, one sat about 3 cm higher than the other did.

I paid over $12000.00 to lift the one breast and also to get breast implants. However she only removed the nipple and put in the implant, she did not do the lift at all. So not only do I have a horrible scar from the surgery, it left one breast still much larger because she did not use a smaller implant in it like she told me she would, and the nipple is still 3 cm lower leaving me completely lop-sided. Not only that but now the nipple she was suppose to lift is now completely stretched out and almost twice the size of my other nipple. It is awful to look at, and I hate getting undress now due to the embarrassment and just having to be reminded of that awful experience with my Dr.

My Dr. comes across like she really cares and will do anything to help you out but when it comes down to it she is all talk and passes you off to someone else. I talked to her about how unhappy I was with the results and she even admitted that the measurements were as off as they were before the surgery. She offered to fix the problem for an additional $4500.00.

Please learn from my lesson, now I have to pay another doctor to fix the mistake she refuses to repair unless she profits off of it. I thought going to a female doctor it would be better because they would possibly understand my needs and be more understanding, however they are just manipulating and refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes. I just still am shocked that they expect me to fork out that kind of money for destroying my chest after making such promising statements about how they could fix it without any complications. Luckily I found a good doctor that is more than willing and confident to fix her mistake at an affordable price and has given me hope again that I will have normal looking breast.

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She left an awful scar around one nipple leaving...

She left an awful scar around one nipple leaving it almost twice the size of the other nipple. 

One breast is still larger because she decided to use the same size implants after I asked her and she promised me that she would use a smaller implant in the one breast.

My nipple is still way off, it sits over one inch lower than the other nipple, so it is impossible to find a bra with two different size cups and I can't go braless because my nipples are so far off from eachother.


It seems that these surgeons know its really hard to win a lawsuit against them.Well let me correct my statement.....The surgeons I have been a human experiment with. Or they want their money for the surgery, but have no respect for our choices to want Breast Implants.It kind of reminds me of how I would tell the young girls in child development class that they can't work in child care and hate kids.It just won't work. I could see their hearts were not in it.You have to put your heart in anything that you do, (Surgeons included)because if you don't, others will pay the sad price one way or the other.In our case its us,time and time again thousands and thousands again.Where do you turn? who can you trust?I am 42 and I must say I have never experienced something so twisted in my life.Long story short....I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL.Just remember you have the right to want breast.You have the right to get a quality cosmetic procedure done.You have done nothing wrong.It will work out.
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Wow, you've gone through quite a lot! I strongly encourage you to check out Dr Tom Pousti, who is based out of San Diego, but also serves La Jolla. Dr Pousti has an excellent reputation.
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