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While I was having other surgery performed I asked...

While I was having other surgery performed I asked Dr. Haworth about slightly reducing the size of my earlobes. I'd never had a facelift or earlobe surgery and my ears were normal looking but I felt that they looked rather large and that the lobes had stretched a bit from years of wearing heavy earrings. He assured me that this was a very simple, easy procedure and would not be a problem. After the surgery I immediately noticed that they looked off. He promised me that they would look fine after everything had healed but my fears proved correct. Not only is the shape very unnatural, they are two totally different shapes. From the front, they're drastically uneven and when viewed separately, they look very surgical. I have not worn my hair back since this surgery and have given up on wearing earrings which only draw more attention to this area. I have slowly but surely been having every procedure that he performed revised (at my own time and expense) and hope that this review can spare someone else that most difficult emotionally and financially draining task.
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Hi Seattle I had my ear lobes done by Dr Haworth in October 2013 and after surgery for quite a long while mine looked funky, thick and odd shaped but now it's been 4 mos and just recently they have thinned down to normal (no longer thick) and have shrunken up a bit more as well. I was thinking I wanted them even shorter but now they seem ok. Maybe with healing and a bit more time yours will settle as well? Best to you.
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You seem a very "clever poster" here on Reslself. Interesting how you decided to leave a post that does not make any sense. Her surgery was 3 years ago. I doubt things will settle down. Sloppy work is sloppy work.
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Why are all of the other posts dated 2014? This review came up when I was answering a post on my own review and since I had the same surgery by the same doctor, thought it would be of interest to the reviewer. That's it I don't see a problem.
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Ugh that sucks. I was contemplating getting surgery w/ him but I've seen so much shoddy work (the lipo, the dude that wanted to look like Justin Bieber, your ear) from Dr. Haworth that I think he's just too hit and miss to take the risk. Plus, when he gets a bad review, he gets really hostile and rude.
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You have no idea how much I wish I could go back in time . I'd pay him to NOT operate on me if I could! I've spent more than double the amount I initially paid him (for revisons) just trying to look halfway as good as I did before he laid his sloppy, careless hands on my body. You have no idea of the bullet you've dodged. IMO he's about as bad as they come. Good luck picking your surgeon; it's hard to find the good ones but they are out there!
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He also has a reputation for canceling surgery or consultations the day you show up, even after you may have traveled 1,000's of miles. There is a thread on one of the plastic surgery forums where a girl scheduled surgery with him, flew out to Cal. from the east coast. She stayed in a hotel over the weekend, showed up for her surgery on Monday morning after taking some pre-op medication. When she arrived at his office she was told that her surgery was cancelled because Haworth had a family emergency. Anyway it was discovered that the day of her surgery Haworth was tweeting that he was skiing in Lake Tahoe. So much for a "family emergency." After she left her post around 4 others said that they also flew out to Cal. for a consult with Haworth and the day they arrived he was not there and they were also given the "family emergency" excuse.
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They got lucky! A lost weekend and the cost of a plane ticket is nothing compared to the time and money lost to those of us whose appointments he actually kept. I'd trade places with her in a second! Still, doesn't surprise me a bit..
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I've seen pictures of earlobe surgery and I have never seen such sloppy work. But I am not surprised since my surgical outcome with this doctor has led to multiple complications that is requiring multiple revisions. It's really shocking. So sorry that this happened to you. What I am noticing on this website is that this doctor gets many + reviews that seem to be written by the same person, same style of writing with similar adjectives. Plus on Rate Mds he has over 20 Fake positive reviews that have been removed.
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Thanks for sharing!  I'm so sorry you did not get the results you wanted :(
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Thanks Jill :)
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