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I recently had vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty in LA...

I recently had vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty in LA with dr simopolus, the entire surgery was amazing, and absolutely worth it!! My vagina is now nice and tight, so many people refer to being back to "virginal" tightness. After my first time, sex alway felt good, but after I had my baby things weren't the same, now after having the surgery I can honestly say that sex is BETTER than before I had my child, my husband refers to my vagina feeling like a "milking" machine, my muscles pull so hard on him now. Our connection together during intercourse is mind blowing, I feel everything he feels, and he feels everything I feel. Also I want to mention that I had major urinary incontinence issues before the surgery, and they are completely gone, I can hold me pee for hours, wether I am sitting, running, or jumping, I am so glad I went through with it!!
Wow that sounds great. I am scheduled to have my surgery soon. I can't wait. You informative details helped me a lot. How long before you were healed? Did your insurance pay for anything? Thank you for your help. Best wishes!!
I want to say that the recover process is brutal, the first week was absolute hell, I had a breast augmentation at the same time, went from 500 cc saline to 700cc silicone with dr yamini at the same time, they turned out incredible, recovery from vaginal tighten tin was by far the most painful thing I have ever experienced, I literally tried to drug myself to pass out. The second week was tough, third was better, fourth I was getting around good, week 5 I am finally pain free. I tried intercourse at week 3, no way!! Week 4 my bf got to get it in, but then it hurt like hell, it is still a tad painful (week 6.5) but definitely getting better. My bf gave me oral sex 7 days after surgery, and I came in about 5 minutes, it was intense!!! I had my clitoral good reduced, and it is incredible, my adorable little clitty is now nearly peeking out, and only covers by a beautiful thin layer of skin, it is so much more sensitive. So, I just want to warn, don't take surgery lightly, it is absolutely excruciating for the first week:(
Thanks for the info. I am really excited yet scared. No pain no gain I guess. I asked for labia majora lips to be reduced. I have my saline replaced in October 2013 with 900 cc silicone ( i used to be bigger). It sounds pretty painful to do both at the same time.

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Hi, I am getting a vaginoplasty also I think my lips look larger when I stand up or sit down. I think the skin over my clit could use some thinning but I didn't think to as my doctor about that. My chest used to be a 44ddd before breast cancer I had saline then went thru chemo and radiology then I got my silicone so with so of the skin taken away I am no where as big as I was wearing a 38d now. I love those Victoria secret bras that add 2 sizes I buy them at the Victoria secret outlet so I only pay $20 :) I wonder if the price will go up if I ask to thin my hood. Or did you have it removed? This is new to me yet I have been thinking about it so long. Had a larger baby 9 lbs 11 ounces and tried to be a trooper and have him with no pain meds or c-section bad idea. Not too many things in life you can go back and correct or change so I want to be like Madonna " like a virgin touched for the very first time" LOL. I am have a appt with my plastic surgeon tommorrow about adding fat to my breasts. Hopefully he can and make them full and bouncy and juicy. I am no stranger to plastic surgery though. I had a bbl in dec 2013. Ohhh to answer you question I had a lift with the saline but not with the silicone because I didn't have a lot of breast tissue left I guess. Hope to talk to you again soon. Happy, fast, painless healing wishes going out to you.
I am really happy about having my hood reduced, the sensitivity is amazing! I know my dr charged more, and I am sure everyone is different. I read your profile, you have been through so much!!! I know it's hard to consider having any type of cancer being lucky, but you really lucked out finding it so quick:). Idk who you vag doctor is going to be, but I have read some reviews about places where the dr just uses a pulsing laser to tighten the skin, I don't think this would be a very long lasting treatment, in mine they actually removed skin from the inside, and most importantly fixed and tightened the muscles, I think that is a must do for any sort of results. My little kitty now tightens up from the top, the sides, and the bottom, it is crazily intense! I had a four finger vag before, my bf has really big hands, I think if they were normal sized he probably fit the whole hand in there, and when I tightened my muscles it was just a little pulse. Now it pulls everywhere, and is insanely strong, with 2 fingers barely fitting in me when I clinch it will hold them tight enough that he can't move them. Early in recovery he got inside if me, and I actually got him off by just clinching my muscles, it hurt a lot to have him move, but mission accomplished!! I hope all goes well for you, and hope to hear from you again. I would post before and after pics, but can't figure out how yet lol

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"Newmommy1990," you got me so interested from your comments. I'm planning to get a boobjob and all of the above to get my vagina looking and feeling like a virgin again. I'm 8 and a half months pregnant now; he will be my fourth and last child. I'm very picky with my doctors for my surgeries, but if both can be done at the same time, I'd love to know your Doctor and etc...
My dr was dr simopolous, he works with dr matlock, dr simopolous is about 30% cheaper than matlock. My boobs were done by dr yamini, he is in the same building, and he was absolutely amazing, my first b/a was done by a doctor in grand forks nd, and when he made the pockets they were a bit wide, my boobs would look great in a bra, but without it they would be wide across, dr yamini went in ins sutured the edges, and raised my new 700cc implants a bit, and they are absolutely perfect now , even without a bra I have great cleavage. If I were to give any advice on a b/a it would be that if you aren't afraid of people knowing you had it done, go big right away, I thought that 500 was gonna be big, I am a 34ddd, but honestly they don't look that big at all, with my 700 implants I still fit in the same bra!!! But they look soo much better. If you are looking to get multiple things done at once, I'd say that matlock/simopolius/ yamini are the way to go, I almost had some lipo done At the same time also, and now I regret it, it would have been nearly half price. Dr yaminis prices were reasonable, simopolous was probably a bit higher than some I have read about, but if all things in the world I would never trust my vag to anyone but the best, I have read so many horror stories from people.
Im having surgery with Dr simopouolous in June I'm so nervous ..is recovery very painful

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Wow. Thank you all ladies. I've learned so much from the posts above. I am planning to go to Brazil ( my home country) from where I live now to do the surgeries. I will do the same as newmmy1990. I'm so excited! But I am planning to do this at the same time as a tummy tuck. What do you all think? Also any bad experiences with anaesthetic. I had my adenoids and glands removed and I could hear everyone around me pulling and felt horrible during procedure. Anyone vomiting afterwards? Thank you
In two weeks post brand new vagina, it's soooo tight, one finger and I can feel everything, im so excited to try sex! I have had almost no pain from recovery, maybe a little bruised but I would do it all again in a heart beat!! Just can't wait to use it now - eeeeeeks!!
May I ask, would did your surgery?
Dr simopolous

Dr Simopolus was amazing through my entire process, and took excellent care of me.

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