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Had a Good Experience with Lap Band Surgery - Hawally, Kuwait

I had my Lap Band procedure done on August 24,2011...

I had my Lap Band procedure done on August 24,2011 at Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait. They are the first hospital in Kuwait to have been given permission by the Ministry of Health to perform this procedure. The hospital is a new, modern hospital with wonderful and helpful doctors and nursing staff. I arrived at 0900 and was taken to my room right away. I changed into a hospital gown, given an IV for meds and fluids and at 1030 was taken to the operating room. Dr. Khaled Ayyash, the laparoscopic surgeon who performed my Lap Band surgery came to my room and went over any last minute questions I might have had(which I did not), he walked down with nursing staff who wheeled me in the hospital bed to the operating room and was in the recovery room when I woke up a few hours later after the procedure was finished. He has been a surgeon for 30 years and has performed over 500 lap band surgeries and as many or more Gastric Bypass surgeries.

3 hours after the surgery(which lasted 25 minutes) I was literally up walking around the halls of the hospital. No pain, minor discomfort but no pain. I went home that evening at 10pm. I would have gone home sooner but Dr. Ayyash wanted me to be observed for 12 hours after the surgery to ensure everything was OK with me since I did have anesthesia.

The incisions are as follows 3 small and by small I mean 1/2 inch on my stomach and 1 incision about 1 1/2 inches just below the center of my chest. Again, NO PAIN, as mentioned just minor discomfort. I paid for the room for 2 days, it was part of the surgery package offered through the hospital but did not need it. Most people do spend the night but I wanted to go home as soon as I could. I was sent home with a weeks supply of antibiotics and told to take liquid Advil every 6 hours for the first week for pain if needed and powdered Nexium which I stirred into 1 cup of water 2 times a day for 5 days that was it. I took 4 days off work but could have gone back 3 days after the surgery.

My first follow up appointment to go back to have my incisions looked at and bandages changed was on September 01, 2011. Dr. Ayyash changed them himself and told me everything was looking good and to come back on September 12. all follow up visits for the first year are included in the price of the surgery.

As of today September 09, 2011 I have already lost 28 pounds. I know, I am shocked by that as well. I weigh myself every morning and have been keeping a daily log of weight loss. I have been sticking to the soft foods diet and soups. I surprisingly do not feel hungry and sometimes have to force myself to eat. I started this journey at 324lbs and am down to 296. Trying to get to 190 so I have a ways to go yet but am hell bent on getting there. :)

Hi , could any one guide me for getting a lap band done in Kuwait by a good & an experienced doctor. I am desperately looking for a good doc . I have a BMI 40 . I have osteoarthritis of my knees due to the huge at problem . Please suggest a good doctor & the follow up. DR. Ayyash is not working In Kuwait anymore. Needed your guidance .
Hello Caligirl,

First of all my apologizes for not not responding sooner. I work for a transportation company in Kuwait with a contract to assist the US Military with the draw down of cargo and troops in Iraq . I travel in Iraq quite extensively and do not have consistant ability to get reliable internet access. The Direct Number to Dar Al Shifa Hospital is: 1802555 if you are in Kuwait or add country code +965-1802555 if outside. The extension of the Laproscopic surgery department is 333. Also please check out thier website at http://www.daralshifa.com/general-surgery.htm
As mentioned in previous post I had my surgery on August 24, 2011. I started out at 324 lbs. as of this mornings weight check I am currently at 232. Believe it or not that is nearly 100 pounds in 3 months. I am so stoked to see the century loss mark within reach. I do not starve myself, just changed my bad eating habits. I eat lots of Activa Mango or strawberry yogurt and all diffrent flavors of soups, just staying away from the white bread and pastas. Chicken is my main protein I eat but occasionally I do have a beef burger patty. I go now and see Dr. Ayyash every month for follow up and for him to adjust the amount of saline solution in my band. No discomfort or pain or feelings of restriction I was worried I may have. I will say that if I try to eat fast or do not chew my food thoroughly it feels like the food is stuck in my esophogus which can cause me to regergitate that bite of food back up. It took me a few times of this to learn to chew my food properly and do not try to woof it down like I used to. Walking has become a favorite past time of mine as well. I have so much more energy and vitality now. This has been a real life changer for me. No regrets or second thoughts for me.
Hi mystified,
First of all, thank you for assisting our troops, I am an Air Force veteran myself. And wow, 100 pounds in 3 months! That is unheard of, congratulations. I will definitely do some research. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Dr. Khalid Ayyash

Dr. Khaled Ayyash is an excellent surgeon. He takes the time to sit down with you and fully explain the procedure and what to expect after the surgery. He is a straight shooter and tells you like it is. If you are NOT willing to follow the follow up care and instructions he will be the first to tell you, you will fail and do not bother wasting your money. He has over 30 years experience as a surgeon and has done literally hundreds of these procedures. He knows what he is doing and is well experienced at it, which was very important to me as this was my first ever surgery and I wanted to ensure that the surgeon was the best I could find and I did. The hospital itself is 2 years old, moved into new location from old hospital, everything is new and clean and the staff there are very knowledgeable and helpful, not something I have been used to seeing in Kuwait. this was the best place. I checked our Al Salam and London hospitals but found both places lacking compared to Dar Al Shifa in cleanliness, doctors and cost. I went in to meet with Dr. Ayyash on Thursday and was scheduled for my procedure on the following Tuesday. I could have done it on Sunday but had prior work commitments. I paid for this procedure in cash because our company insurance did not cover this procedure, i am told our cheap insurance company is one of only a few who do not, most every other insurance offered to expats in Kuwait Lap Band procedure is covered. You will need to check with the hospital to see if your insurance will cover this or not. I highly recommend this hospital and Dr. Khaled Ayyash.

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