Losing Weight Thanks to Laparoscopic LapBand Surgery

I had my Laparoscopic LapBand Surgery on the 16th...

I had my Laparoscopic LapBand Surgery on the 16th of Feb. 2010. I had a medical history of high blood pressure, edema, sleep apnea, arthritis, and 100lbs overweight. My BMI was 46. I was a ticking time bomb. So having this surgery hopefully has prolonged my life.

I consulted with the anethesiologist and my doctor before the surgery about the operation, how they were going to put me asleep, and pain medication. Sleep apnea complicates things when they have to put you asleep. You might not wake up or you could have a hard time waking up. You just have to weigh your options.

He explained to me how they were going to put a small camera attached to a tube, down my throat. That was how they were going to see where and how they were going to put the LapBand around my stomach. They also were going to cut small incisions in my abdominal area in order to enter through, to do the surgery.

Anyway, the day of the surgery, I came in and my vitals were taken, I was given something to relax me and was prepped for surgery. I think I was in surgery for 1 to 2 hours. When I woke up, I had a small incision in my navel area and 3 small incisions in my abdominal wall under my breast. I had a few stitches at the site of my incision. I had to have oxygen due to complications from my sleep apnea. My doctor was alert to my condition and I was handled with care. The hardest part for me was trying to open my eyes and overcome the effects of the anesthesia. It was like coming out of a deep sleep and not being able to talk right away. I fought this sensation off and let the doctor and his staff know I was having difficulties breathing, not getting enough air to expand my lungs. After that was taking care of, I was own my way to recovery.

I was put on a liquid diet immediately. At first, I could only hold down a half a cup of water. This graduallly increased as time went on. My stomach felt so full. Also I was given medication to combat a bad case of heartburn. That will subside as you heal.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 days(an extra 600.00 dollars). They made sure I had a bowel movement and no other complications before letting me go home. The average healthy person, with no health issues other then being overweight, would have probably went home the same day.

I am on a liquid diet for about six weeks. Mainly clear soups, lowfat milk, tea, real fruit juices, coffee, and water. I also get B-12 injections every other week and will be on vitamins soon. I was 247 lbs before the operation and I have lost 17 lbs now. I am more energetic now and I can walk without having to stop and catch my breath. The more exercise I get the more I lose. I am averaging about a pound and a half every 2 days.

I am sleeping laying down, with one pillow now. Before I slept almost sitting up with several pillows and woke up with bad headaches from the sleep apnea. I sleep much better now and love the ideal of waking up smaller the next day.

I went back to work on the 3rd day after my surgery.

Special note: You will still crave what you use to eat, and the temptation will still be there until you get use to your new situation, but you will have a rude awakening if you try to overeat or overdrink! You will most likely throw up or feel too full. My stomach is much smaller now and I can only hold a small cup or 1/2 cup of liquid and the LapBand can be adjusted to suit my need for more weight loss.

The Larparoscopic LapBand Surgery was affordable and worth it for me and I would recommend it and my doctor to anyone. Consider your health issues and the quality of life that you want with your family & friends and I am sure you will make the right decision for yourself.

Dr. Monsuar of London Hospital in Kuwait did my surgery. This is the info (# London Hospital Kuwait)

Street 101, Fintas
T: (965) 883883
F: (965) 3905538

I have had my Lapband filled twice and I am still having issues with weight gain. The first time I had it done, I was give an injection to numb the area, then the doctor felt around for the site to insert the needle. The needle is pretty big. I could feel a cooling sensation running thru me, so I guess that was the fluid running thru the band. I was told I would need several injections because that was my first time doing it in over 8 months. I immediately got heartburn the first time I tried to eat and had to chew my food completely to prevent it from getting stuck in my chest. I have to take prevacid daily now. I have gained some of my weight back, which oleaves me somewhat depressed but I am not as big as I once was but still I would like to lose more weight. If I cannot get the weight off then I will be talking to my doctor about possibly some other forms of weight loss surgery. I am still wearing a size 14 but they are tighter on me, so I have bought size 15s so I can be comfortable again. My diet needs to be curtailed. I am eating things I shouldn't be eating. So I am not going to blame my weight gain on the surgery. I think if I had an appetite supressant it would help me but they don't have the good ones here in Kuwait like they do in the states. So maybe on my next R&R back in the states I will try to get them. Anyway, wish me luck, I need it. Hope this helps anyone that might be headed my way via Lapband Surgery.

Hi No Regrets,
I will be in Kuwait and needed to know how to get a fill while I am there. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated!!!
There are sevral places you can go. The London Hospital, The Hadi Clinic, The International Clinic, and the last doctor who filled my LapBand was a private consultant surgeon named
Dr Mousa A R Khoursheed
Block 201-Fifth Ring Hwy.
Bldg. # 7-Flat # 102
Salmiya, Kuwait
Telephone 965-2562-0170
fax # 965-2562-0158
He was the cheapest I could find.
He charged between 20 & 30 KD
That is between 73.00 & 108.00 USD
If you have been here before then you know how to get around. If you have not, then email me and I will try to help you. Good luck with your procedure and be careful with your stay in Kuwait.

Hello everyone, I just thought I would touch base...

Hello everyone,
I just thought I would touch base and let you all know where I am now concerning my weight. I am battling with it everyday. It wasn't the surgery, it was me. I didn't use enough discipline and fell back into my old routine of eating all the wrong foods. I have gain some of the weight back and now I am considering having the Gastric Sleeve sugery. I found out that I could not digest certain foods anymore. I love steak but I have a hard time getting it to go down my throat, seems to get stuck in my chest area, and I was warned not to eat it. As a matter of fact, I was warned about several different foods, but I did not heed the warning. Some people want to blame the doctor, or the procedure, but if you are honest with yourself, you know it is probably you that was to blame. I know it was me. I felt that I could control the habit of eating what I want and failed. If you stick to the diet and excercise plan they give you, it will work. You have to learn self control, and I know it won't be easy. I am living proof it isn't. So stay tuned and I will let you know if and when I get this eating disorder under control. I am going to get one more refill and discuss other options with my doctor for losing weight. Yes, the surgery was worth it, because I am still not as big as I once was. Thanks for listening
Hi Lorac, boy I feel your plight ! I have gained my weight back and then some. I have been checking into the Gastric Sleeve and will see if my insurance will cover it over here. I saw a doctor at the Alia Hosptal here in Kuwait, and he said this procedure would be better for me. I had my Lapband filled by him, but it was a painful process. The port position has turned due to all the fat accumulation around it which made it difficult for him to find the opening. He had to actually give me an ultrasound in order to find the port opening after many pokes in my side with a big needle. I cannot begin to describe the pain I went through. He finally located it only to tell me that I am almost full. He thinks there is a pouch over the band that pretty much gives me a second stomach. His suggestion was to remove the Lapband and get the Gastric Sleeve or to go back to surgery and have the Lapband readjusted. I think I will just get the Gastric Sleeve. I was told by a co-worker that one of the clinics here in Kuwait does it and will try to get permission from your insurance for the procedure. I think she told me the Hadi Clinic. From what I heard, you are only in the hospital for 2 days. I will look into it and see what they say. I took the battery out of my scale !...lol.. Hang in there.

I'm going to cry. I was doing good on the liquid diet lost about 10 pounds since pr fp, weighed in atvsurgery and started to bing on my 9th day. According to the scale I am now back at the weight I started during surgery. I'm embarassed, unhappy, scared and humiliated I gave in


Hi Lorac, Welcome!

I'm sorry to hear you're hvaing some troubles after surgery. If you don't mind me asking, how long ago did you have surgery? Have you had your band filled yet?

The thing about WLS is that most of us need it because we have an unhealthy relationship with food. Surgery doesn't fix that, it just gives us the tools to better manage it. Sometimes we're going to make mistakes, get it wrong, or eat something we know we shouldn't. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up or feel ashamed.

Dr. Monsaur, London Hospital

I recommend my doctor because he will be straight forth with you on your health issues. He will also listen to your concerns and fears about choosing the right surgery for you. I did not want any major surgeries that took a long time to recover from and he explained to me about the benefits of having the Laparoscopic LapBand Surgery. There was no long term recovery and no major operations

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