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I went into a med spa which advertised ktp laser...

I went into a med spa which advertised ktp laser for removal of brown spots and capillaries. I asked a million questions as I am an aesthetician and knew going into the treatment that there would be some down time- brown spots darkening and some crusting which would naturally fall of and leave fresh pink tissue which would turn back to normal color within a few weeks.

I had a trip to go on and the tech said i should be ok within 3 weeks. Anyway- i blistered from the treatment and my face was a mess! A month later I am left with red indented chicken scratches on my face and a larger indent under my eye where there was the largest blister.

I have remained out of the sun and am applying vitamin e and k to hopefully prevent permanent scarring. The tech wants to see me 6 weeks post op which I will do- but I truly believe that my skin is far worse now than before the treatment. I am going to see a cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in laser next week because i want my skin back.

This is a very good reason not to let non-physicians anywhere near your face with medical devices like these.
thank you ! i have followed up with a great derm and they don't think it will leave permanent scars- it's better but i have red marks like acne stains and an indentation where the laser was very strong- definately not something i recommend to anyone- my skin was much better beforehand- now i have to wait in order to do treatments to remove the damage from this laser ....and all i wanted was to do something nice for myself...
You should go to the best dermatologist in your area and get photos. I had that happen with a reputable physcian on the side of my nose. I have a small hole and it still is there years later. In New York Roy Geronemus is best.
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The owner of the spa is very supportive and assuring me everything will heal fine- I will follow up later with final results.

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