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I was told if I was to loose 100lbs after my...

I was told if I was to loose 100lbs after my gastric bypass I could get skin removal on my stomach at no charge. I am ready for this proceeduce now. the skin is not real bad. it does feel unconfortable when I have tight jeans on. I also get a rash under the skin sometime. I don't need removal anywere elese except that area. I do have one under arm sack I would like to have removed. it is small but looks bad to me. I also wanted to have eyelid surgery. can you email me if you do provide the tummy tucks after gastric bypass. One last thing. I went through so much pain with my gastric bypass. I am fearful I will have a lot of pain after these proceeduces. I would reguest that while I am in the hospital that I get Ativan shots or prefer pain pump. after I leave to go home that I have a script for something stronger then vicoden or Norco My procedure was done by Snyder at henry ford. then I had to have a revision 6 months later. the revision was done by Krause a suberb surgeon at royal oak bomunt he saved my life. 

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this but I am very interested to hear what the doctors say. someone please answer this. Thanks
Welcome to the community.  The pain is all temporary and shall pass.  You will do fine and love the results.  Can't wait to hear back from you and also see those pictures.
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