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I waited way to long to have this done & get my self esteem back! - Knoxville, TN

I had a full tummy tuck wit muscle repair, muffin...

I had a full tummy tuck wit muscle repair, muffin top removal & breast aug. under muscle 400 CC silicone 1/31.

i am gonna be 45 in a few weeks and have wanted/needed a TT since i was 20, never had boobs. im only 4 weeks post op.

I wanted to pay cash so no monthly payments and no fiancial hits & it seemed liike everytime i had te $$ the kids needed somethiing, or a car broke or whatever. you now how it goes.

i wish i would have done this years ago. my self esteem has skyrocketed, already i feel better about myself. NO PAIN just weird stingers,burning & twinging here & there. discomfort but not pain. i had 2 c-sections and was covered in scars.. ill keep you all updated on my pics & ill tell you what I HAVE THE BEST PRE-OP NEEDS LIST you can imagine!!

Finally got my computer to cooperae. I just loaded...

finally got my computer to cooperae. I just loaded pics from Pre op to 1 month post of. full body lift, muscle repair TT & boob job

I'm now 5 weeks post op.. here are some...

I'm now 5 weeks post op.. here are some before/after photos i did @ 4 weeks.. thought i would share!

So i am 6 weeks today!! WOOHOO FOR ME!! I am still...

so i am 6 weeks today!! WOOHOO FOR ME!! I am still "puffy" from my belly button through my hips. i just fit into my first pair of jeans- it was uncomfortable cause they restricted me & felt weird, but it felt good! Ill post some new pics this weekend! my boobs- still a 34D-**LOVE** them!!

'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. It feels like its been...

'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. It feels like its been longer cause i just wanna heal. i tried some jeans on, that night my hips felt bruised & my belly button was irritated- not ready yet. I finall am able o sleep on my side, the boobs still havent quite figured that part out, but my belly doesnt feel as bad. im still wearing spanx/corset 24/7. my newgel strips have my incisions looking amazing. my tummy is super flat- im still numb fom hip to hip & bellly button to hair line. love love love my new boobs- i bought a bikini too!! NO REGRETS AT ALL!! BEST thing ive ever done for myself/my self esteem!!

Here's a link to my post of MUST HAVES/MUST...

Here's a link to my post of MUST HAVES/MUST DO/NEEDS for those of you like me with limited help!


LATEST PIC UPLOADED OF MY NEW BODY!! Taken @ 9 weeks post op. im still swollen around the frontpart of my scar- using a 100 spf so i can tan! But OMG~ LOVE the new body!
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

looked for may years, and did many interviews in several states, and doing research he was the best one of them all. ive been to several consults in 4 states. I AM extremely happy I waited til i foundthe perfect one. DR. DAVID REATH, Knoxville,TN is just the best! everything from hm personally, his staff, his office. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE him & HighLY HIGHLY recommend him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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you look awesome! I have a consultation with dr reath in feb. seeing your results confirms I am choosing the right doctor. You look gorgeous! I was telling my husband I may want to opt for the hospital stay for a night if I have the option. It worries me that something could happen after we leave and are on our own. Did you stay the night?
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Your results are amazing! I went to Dr. Reath on Friday June 7 and really liked him and his staff. I have not set a surgery date yet but am looking at the second week of July. I am getting just a BA and am torn between saline and silicone. I think that yours look perfect, what was the deciding factor that made you choose silicone and what profile did you use?
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Hi Missed your update just saw it today...you are looking really good...
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You look AMAZING!! Enjoy your new body, you deserve it!
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I'm jealous of the boobies! U look great!!!
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You are rocking that bikini!!!
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You look so darn awesome. Sexy lady!
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you look awesome!
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You look incredible! Good job! I see that your tt was waaaay extended. I'm wondering why he didn't just all the way around for a belt lipectomy instead? Best of luck to you!
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cause thats not what i wanted. i didnt want a lower body lift.
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its not an extended TT, its a body lift with extensive TT muscle repair & a boob job. my lower body didnt need a lift. but i had a body lift that i didnt want my spine crossed by choice.
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Hi there! You look wonderful! I also had my MM on 01/31 and I wanted to see if you think the silicone strips are helping with your scar. My Dr wasn't real impressed with any of the scar therapies I've read about but I hear a lot about those. Thanks for the info :)
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woo hoo!
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You look fantastic!!!'
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Your results are absolutely beautiful! Would you mind sharing your pre-op weight / height stats? I'm curious because I am doing a BA and TT on 3 / 12, and our befores are fairly similar. I am going with 397s under the muscle and with just a few days left to go, I am beginning to panic and worry that they'll be too big. That said-- I see that you did 400 and they look so beautiful and natural on your frame! Congratulations!
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Yes! Share your list please!!!
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i posted it yesterday on the forums- but its not showing yet.. ill post it on here today.
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You look fantastic! Even say 2 the incision was looking so great! amazing results! How have you been feeling? what was the worst of it?
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feeling tired, thats about it.. the worse part was not pooping after surgery..HONESTLY make sure you take your stool softners with your pain meds The other worse part s igurng how to sleep comfortably in a bed!
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I can see those issues being a pain. I love to sleep lol and I'm not someone who can nap or sleep on a chair or in a car- only in my bed so this will be interesting... Hope your healing stays on a good course :)
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I got a very comfortable recliner from a woman on Craigslist. Best purchase b/c my bed is so high it would have been impossible to get in and out of it. And def. take the stool softeners and MOM. The first poop was the worst pain so far, brought me to tears!!
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LOL! just wait..... you cant even gt in or out of bed! yorlike a turtle or the kid from a christmas story.. so not gonna happen! youll love recliners for a week or 2..
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you look amazing!
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You look just phenomenal! Congratulations. Enjoy!!
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