7 days PO pics!!

I'm a mom with four kids all delivered by...

I'm a mom with four kids all delivered by c-sections. I gained alot of weight with each of them but always managed to lose it after each of them. Now that I'm done with having kids I really want to work on myself.

I'm 34 and workout and just cant get my stomach in shape. I hate trying on clothes and just want to be able to put a shirt on that doesnt cling to my stomach! I feel guilty about this surgery but I feel if I dont do it now I'll never do it.

I would love for any info on recovery and what I need to get. I will be recovering at home with my four kids but my husband is taking off from work to help me. This site has helped alot! Any info would help about having a tummy tuck and the recovery process!! So nervous!!

You are going to do just beautifully and will love the new tummy.   Check out some of out Tummy Tuck Forums for some excellent information and connections.  


Getting a little nervous about recovery! Ready to...

Getting a little nervous about recovery! Ready to get it over with. On my way to get supplies I may need. Any suggestions on things I may need once I'm home??
I spent 3 nights away from home. Slept as much as I could. It wasn't bad day of surgery, days 1 & 2 were tough. I had a c section with my twins and this was def more intense and I found a c section to be very easy. I am 10 days post op now and feeling great! It's worth it!! Good luck!

So ready to get this over with! Should I be doing...

So ready to get this over with! Should I be doing liquid diet at this point??
I haven't had the surgery yet but here are the things I've gotten for the recovery: heating pad (for back aches), rented a recliner that will completely stand me up so I won't have to use stomach muscles, fruits veggies saltine crackers sparkling water, have to get kiwis as I've read they help prevent blood clots afterward (eat 2-3 a day), smooth move tea to help with constipation, large cotton granny underwear to tuck my drain into, lots of dvd's and movies to watch haha, what else.....i'll write more if I think of anything else
Oh I'm also getting a Brazillian Wax tomorrow so I won't have to deal with in-grown hairs from the razor.
Do u know where your drains will be? I think I'm going to ask him to put in pubic area.. Just don't want them coming out the incision. Had a friend have a TT and her PS told her to eat a lot of pineapple before and after for swelling. Gotta go get more fruits n veggies but I've got the granny panties ready..LOL!!

Six days post op and swelling is starting to get...

Six days post op and swelling is starting to get me down. I feel so puffy and I'm drinking water all the time. I just hope I see some results soon but I know they say it takes time. I would love to hear any advice on swelling!
dont know if it will help ya cause im 4 weeks post op today....but, since 2 weeks PO i've been taking a water pill and periodically putting on neoprene exercise waist band. it makes my stomach sweat and by morning my tum is totally flat....good luck woth your tra sformation
I am also 6 days post op and my swelling is really bad around 7pm. Not sure what to do either. It actually drains me out so i just lay around all night with feet up. I think this is really all we can do at this time. Hope it gets better for you!
Yes it is worse at the end of the day. Everyone I talk to about it says the first month is the worst and to drink lots of water,feet elevated and rest. So hard to do when u have kids!! :)

I'm 7 days PO and this has been my best day so far...

I'm 7 days PO and this has been my best day so far. I'm still a little hunched over and my back hurts but I left the house for the first time since surgery. I payed for it with my back killing me later. I'm still swollen and hope this puffy feeling will go away soon.

looking good!!!!!!!!!!!

The swelling will go away with time.  You need to take it easy for a while.  The first 6 weeks are the most critical.

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