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Hello all of you on realself. I am looking to get...

Hello all of you on realself. I am looking to get a full TT, BL and BA. I am a happy mommy of one beautiful baby boy. I had him by c section. I just wanna enjoy my youth and get my body back. I'm embarrassed to even let my husband touch my stomach its so bad. Anyone who would like to share anything with me would be wonderful. I have my consultation this Thursday and I'm super excited.
Thank you guys!
Good luck to you!
Good luck with your journey.


I think I've decided to go with a different doctor.
No I do t have a hernia so I will have to pay it all but that's ok. And yes I have one scheduled for Tuesday with a doctor that's supposed to be really great.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Do you have other consultations scheduled?

I definitely would not go with him. Do you have a hernia also? That may lower your cost since insurance should help with that part.

Just got home from my consultation..

And I love my doctor. He was very nice and I have my surgery scheduled for sep 27.
I can't wait to follow your journey! I am 6 days post opp and healing great so far. You will be so happy you did this!
Thank you!! Really? Are you happy with your results?

My surgery is in 23 days

And I'm starting to get a little nervous! I guess that's normal,I'm really excited but every day I get a little more nervous.


This Friday I will be exactly two weeks away from my surgery I'm getting nervous. But I'm really excited!
You are getting close to joining us on the flat side my follow Tt sister
I know! I cannot wait!
You will be great Hun honestly I was petrified but glad I did it now x

Well it's done

Paid in full! And all really nerves are really kicking in now seems alot more real now.

Getting everything ready.

I have 5 more days left and I've got my recliner,mini fridge,shower chair,toilet seat raiser,pill holder,granny panties(lol),gauze and surgical tape,pillows,fruits and other healthy food to eat,sprite,water,entertainment,a clean house, anything else I need? If any of you have anything that really came in handy for you please let me know.
On anything else you need... How bout arnica pills for the swelling? Pain meds? Extra pillows!?
Mine is sept 30th!! I wish you well! I am getting really scared and super anxious! Looks like you're ready! I'm not! Have lots of things to get and my downstairs bed ready! Ahhhh! I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. Lol! Good luck! Hope everything goes well and you have a pain free and speedy recovery!
I totally will! Lol wow ours are both really close. Are you getting nervous? I know I am. You'll have everything ready in time I'm sure i got pillows no arnica pills thank you for that lol it's hard to remember every single thing you need. Thanks so much I wish you well too! Everything will be fine.

Just a few more days ladies..

And I'll be joining you lovely ladies on the flat side. I can't wait. Anyone have any advice? Feel free to tell me I can use all i can get. :)

We'll this is it.

Tomorrow's the big day!
Good luck tomorrow ,girl you are starting your new journey to the flat side
Get the everything non stick cux sometimes when u get to change ur dressings they stick to ur insicion.hibiclean soap also very good .hand sanitizer extra sheets dial soap and whey protein shake to heal faster n will help u get better results with ur dictor said so lol n be prepare for the 3 first days ok after those ull start felling the way im 15 day post op lol so everythinh is so recent that I know what um saying n dont worry ull look beautiful n good luck!!!
Thanks so much! Your list helped a lot! I hope your right, I will let you know how it goes.

Im so exhausted

I'm feeling ok today just a little sore

Hey guys

I'm feeling a lot better today! The pain isn't near as bad as I expected. My csection hurt a lot more than this. But I'm gonna take a shower today so excited.

Here's one

I will try to get my stomach latet
Thanks! I know and I'm past the first two! Yesterday wasn't great but today I felt pretty dang good.
Happy healing!!!!!!!!
Yeyyyyy u made it!! Remember the first three day r the worst !!


Today's going good still not in a lot if pain. I can stand up straight to take a pic of the tummy yet but as soon as I can I will.
Lol theu will b big bit right now they havent drop mine look big too n they arent but neednto drop to .I know it scary to stand up lol im almost 3 weeks n cannot stand up straight yet :)

Hey everyone!

This isn't a great pic and I'm super duper swollen and bruised. But here it is.
Omg really they re out ? Lucky u I had to stay with them for two weeks lol see me at youtube tummy tuck cynthia .:) I have some videos there
U look great!! Dont worry the bruising will go away :)
Thank you! I got my drains out already! I feel pretty good my back just hurts and the bruises hurt a little but I'm not in a lot of pain.

Took a fee more pics.

Like I said I'm really swollen and bruised but I looks like it will look good I think.

Here's more

I'm feeling good today guys!
Wow great results! You look amazing already.
Thank u so much!! I'm happy with them so far.
Yeah I know! I'm so glad I got them out. That must've sucked having them for two weeks! I'll check your vids out.

Hey everyone!

We'll I'm 8 days post op and feeling good I can take my own shower and stand up 99.9 percent straight now lol almost there just barely hunched over now and everything is healing really good and coming right along! So I'm happy. :)
Great!! So happy ur doing good!! Just keep resting ok
I am! I try to do as much as I can til I start getting really sore and then I just have to lay down. But everyday gets better.

I'm feeling really great today!

So I thought I'd post some new pics for you guys! :) everything seems to be healing well.
Oh my...look at u. U look really good great results !!nice to hear ur healing good n feeling better!
You look great, so happy all is well

11 days post op

I'm loving the results so far! We'll worth the money and the very little pain I've had compared to what I expected. I thought it would be horrible but my c section was wayyyyyy! Worse.
Looking good!! Ur not wearing the garment anymore?
Thanks! :) yeah I'm still wearing it. I just pulled it up.

Hey guys!!

I'm feeling better each day I went to walmart yesterday and my husband and I went to china wok tonight for dinner. And I'm standing up straight and getting around good and I'm just feeling great! Loving my results they look better each day and I can't wait to see how I'm gonna look once I'm all healed up my doctor, doctor j lucas if anyone lives in the knoxville area I HIGHLY recommend him he's great and very intelligent. He's a great doctor and he's caring. But I love you guys you all treat each other like family you guys are great! Thanks I will check in again soon.

Ok so..

My breast incisions are splitting a little and I'm freaked out my ps said it was normal and I trust him but it's getting worse. Has this happened to anyone?

Hey guys..

I just read someone's review on a mommy makeover that was really honest and brave to post. And I just wanna be honest too. For anyone reading this who is wanting this done and may be reading is my opinion on the whole thing. If you hate your body enough to go through this you probably have some emotional and self worth issues like me, I am the most un confident person you will probably every meet in your life I always have been. I have a great family and the sweetest husband and child in the world my husband is always complimenting me and while I don't see what he sees in me I honestly believe he means it. Anyways what I was getting at is if your doing this you need to love your self and be comfortable with yourself. There are ups and downs to this. I love my me boobs and I love my new stomach and my surgeon was great. That's the up now here's the down getting this done while I was so unhappy with myself only made me realize everything else that I hate about my body. Getting this done in hopes of finding some kind if happiness in yourself is unrealistic you need to find happiness in your heart not in the mirror. Because if you think this is gonna make you perfect your wrong. And if you think your not already beautiful stretch marks and all you are WRONG. You may not have a perfect body but you guys are all beautiful. And you need to see beauty in yourself without this surgery. I love my results but now it's all my legs are fat my arms are fat..etc. "fixing" one part about yourself is only gonna make you pick and pick and the rest of your body and wanna " fix" it too. I'm not saying don't do it obviously I did it I'm just saying your beautiful and don't jump into it without really thinking about it. I hope this helped someone. I love you guys. Thanks for reading.
Yeah. They try so hard to make themselves look better and they look terrible. Truth is no matter what we do we're still gonna hate something about ourselves. It's human nature.
Yeah n I dont wanna end up looking like those women addicted to cirjuries
I totally agree. I just had revisions done, and although I'm happier, I'm still picking myself apart. Ugh...

Hey again!

Okay so I'm getting really PISSED off (to put it lightly) at my ps office. My doctor is great but his nurse is not so much I started getting an infection under both of my breasts about a week and a half ago so I called and he prescribed me antibiotics and said they needed to see me as soon as possible so they said well he's busy all day tomorrow so I got an appointment for last Thursday for 1:45 so I get ready and everything and I live an hour and a half from the office so at about 12:00 she calls me and says he's really busy today we need to reschedule your appointment and he's busy for the rest of the week and she hasn't called me it's been a week today and I'm so pissed i don't even wanna mess with them anymore. My infection is not getting any better and I haven't even gotten my stitches out of my belly button yet so I guess I'm just gonna have to have someone else take them out. He's a great doctor but you know I have an infection and it could be dangerous and it's like they don't even care. But I'm really nice and hate to confront people about things so I'm not gonna call and freak out like I want to lol. But am I wrong to be mad? I paid him a lot of money for this and he shouldn't be too busy everyday to see me.
That is so true you have a right to be pissed I would be.

Hey everyone.

Everything is going ok. I did a lot of walking yesterday. Feeling pretty crappy today but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

My picture didn't post on the last one.

So I'm posting this one. Sorry lol anyone who needs any advice or wants to give any I'm here.

Hi there,

I changed your doctor to Dr. Lucas for you. :)

Thank you so much! :)
I would keep calling and calling. If I got really pissed I would just go there. They would not want you in the sitting room talking to prospective clients and they would get you in.

Well it's been 5 weeks now.

I've started working out again yesterday. And I wanted to tell u guys about a workout video called shaun ts rocking body. It's kinda like Zumba if you've ever do e Zumba I used to do an hour of Umba and an hour of weight training class called body pump everyday at the gym and it so fun and I lost 40 pounds of baby weight doing it but I live 45 minutes away from the gym so I stopped going and started working put at home. And shaun ts rocking body is a pretty awesome and fun work out you can get it on Amazon or for about 30 bucks including shipping and stuff and I think it's pretty great you guys should try it out he also has a program called insanity and hip hop abs. But if you want a fun workout that you can do at home whenever you find the time you should try it. My incisions under my breasts that we're splitting have started healing up pretty nicely and everything's going pretty great this recovery was much easier than I expected but some people say it's horrible so I guess it all depends on the person but if anyone has anyone has any questions or comments let me know. But uh I know everyone's skeptical about buying workout DVDs I know I am cause some of them just aren't good but lots of people have lost like 50 pounds with shaun t so you should try it. Thanks for reading.

It's been a while now.

I'm feeling great I can work out again and everything's going good. My boobs are finally healing up too. So I thought I'd put up a picture thanks for reading. :)
Thank you so are you! Yeah everybody heals differently it's good to just start slow that's what I did too and then my soreness started to go away.
Looking great! I can't wait to work out. I am taking a water aerobic class now. I just started out slow. I can't wait to be able to do insanity again. My muscle repair is still quite sore.

Hey realself!

My incisions under my breasts are finally completely healed! I've been working out and I feel great and I've lost 8 lbs in the last week and a half. Finally pretty much completely back to normal. I love my stomach I couldn't be happier with it. I don't love my boobs but they're MUCH better then before. My tummy was my main concern and my big nipples lol and those got fixed so I'm happy. I hope all of you fellow tummy Tucker's and future fellow tummy Tucker's are doing well today!
Wow! How did you lose 8 pounds in a week?! I feel like its harder after tt for some reason to lose weight. Any secret or special diet??
No I just drink a lot of water workout everyday and eat healthy but if you have ADHD go to the physiatrist and they can prescribe you vyvanse which is an appetite suppressant I took it when I was in high school and went from weighing 215 to 147 in 3 months with no exercise or anything so results would be even better with exercise or you can get prescribed phentermine it's a weight loss pill and it's supposed to do the same thing. But with that vyvanse the weight just fell off me it's was crazy and I actually kept the weight off after I quit taking it.
You look fantastic!

Thought I'd do a quick update.

It's been a while, everything's finally all healed up! And I've been taking phentermine for 6 days and I've lost 11 lbs in those 6 days so far it's working amazing although it makes you feel like shit for the first 3 or 4 days lol. Now that my body is getting use to it I don't feel sick anymore. So if you guys still have some weight to lose you should go to the dr and try it if they'll let you. It makes you feel so full all day even if you don't eat anything all day so to everyone whose still healing I hope your doing well. Love you guys!

Hey guys just wanted to check in.

I haven't updated in a while everything is going well my scars are getting wayyyyy better. And I've been taking phentermine since December 16 and I've lost 22 lbs and it feels great. Still got some to go but I feel so much better and encouraged to keep losing I can excersise normally now it's been about 4 months. I'm hoping to go get a tattoo over my tt scar in March super excited about that. But overall I'm pretty happy with my results other than my scar being very uneven and just sloppy looking but I'm covering it up anyway so that's okay. But I hope you all are doing well.

Hey again.

My pictures didn't upload last time so I'm trying again.
Nice! Congrats on the weight loss. Can you post a close up of your TT scar? What kind of tattoo are you thinking of getting?
Thank you for being so real in your review! I think that most of us strive for a perfection that is doesn't exist. I haven't taken out my bandages yet but am looking forward to seeing whats underneath...this 2014 I want to learn how to truly "OWN IT"! BTW you are looking so beautiful!

My scar.

Here it is! Like I said very sloppy looking but hopefully a tattoo will cover nicely.
Hi! I was hoping you might answer a few questions for me if you don't mind. First off, you look great. I'm having a hard time deciding on a PS for a few reasons. I def want a surgeon who is board certified. Also cost is a factor. Is the price listed on this profile accurate? It's in the $11,000 range. If so, that's a great deal. also does that include everything? thanks
Hey! Thank you btw. Yes it is correct and yes it covered anesthesia and hospital fees for the room to do the operation and the cost of the whole surgery and a pain pump.
Thanks! I posted that picture. I'm thinking maybe two swallow birds on my hips holding a banner that says don't forget to love yourself or maybe some real pretty flowers or something. Your limited to what kind of tattoo to get there cause it has to go across the scar and I don't want something to big. Any suggestions?

Hello ladies

A few tattoo ideas. Opinions please!

A few more

I am doing the same thing today! Looking at tattoos for my scar. I'm going to post a pic of a henna tattoo I ordered just to see what it would be like. I also have pics saved from online of different ones. I am a hearts and scrolls type girl vs vibes, it's very hard to find a pic that I love, I would have to have one drawn up. Good luck to you! Let me know what you pic!!

Sorry I've posted a lot lol

But bending over without a bunch of flab hanging is so awesome! I love it.
don't be sorry for posting a lot! you're looking great, and we all love reading your story =) please share when you've chosen your final tattoo!
Yeah that's how I am really picky on tattoos I have no idea what I want yet. What does your look like?
I don't have one yet, I am just trying to get ideas and looking at pics on the internet. I posted a pic of a henna one I ordered online, I'd prob widen the sides a bit then what it is, but I just wanted to get an idea of a permanent tattoo on my belly.

28 lbs and still working!

Lost 28 lbs so far I'm trying hard to lose more.
Awesome! You lost 28 lbs 6mos post op! Your TT still look great? It's not affected by your weight loss?
Nope it hasn't affected it at all. And I feel so much better!
Your size you choose is perfect!

Hello again lovely ladies!

How is everybody? I am super stoked about spring! Idk about you guys but the winters in tn are rough lol thank god for the warm weather! Anyways so far I've lost 30 lbs and gained muscle or it would be more I've been doing a lot of muscle training as well as cardio I've got about 15 lbs to go to get where I want to be or 20 would be great but I'm staying active and motivated and feeling fanfreakingtastic! I hope you are all doing well!

Hey ladies!

I bought my first after surgery swimsuit! Feeling much more confident than before but still got a lot of work to do.

Hey! It's been a while

So I was just gonna do a quick update l. I've lost 32 pounds and I'm only 10 lbs away from my goal weight!! I hope everyone's doing well!

That last one was suppose to be 38 lbs lol

Typo lol I've lost 38 lbs and only 10 lbs away from goal weight and here's my scar so far
Good job keep up the good work .
Awesome job on the weight loss!! I have 10 stubborn pounds to lose!!! You look really good! Are you still thinking about getting a tattoo?
Yeah def! But I still have a few lumps in my scar so I'll prob have to wait til next summer. Thank you! The last 10 are always the hardest to lose just stay motivated!
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