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Flankplasty and Thigh Lipo - Knoxville, TN

I am 13 days post op from a flankplasty (thigh and...

I am 13 days post op from a flankplasty (thigh and butt lift) and thigh liposuction. I have had saddlebags my entire life even though I'm not overweight. Because I'm 56 years old, the Dr. said that I would need the flankplasty to lift the skin after removing the fat. My skin just isn't as elastic as it was when I was younger. The surgery lasted almost 6 hours under general anaesthesia. The first 2 days were very painful (Percocet) but the next 2 days were just Tylenol and I haven't taken anything for pain for 9 days now. I have had absolutely no problems. I wore 2 drains for the first week (very little drainage), I am still swollen but the results already are amazing. My dr. has assured me that I only need to wear the garment for 2 weeks although I might want to wear Spanx for a few weeks more. So far, so good. I am sore but not horribly. Glad I did it.

Hi there! I'm scheduled for the same procedures in Jan and am only a couple years younger than you. Can you give me any advise post op to heal quickly or things you found helpful/necessary for your recovery? I'll be traveling across the country for the procedures and will stay three weeks or so following surgery. How are your scars healing? My doctor will only put me in an abdominal binder for the first week or so as he says the thigh/groin incisions can be irritated by a compression garment. I'm worried as he will also lipo my inner and outer thighs and some from my inner knees. Seems everything I've read regarding lipo requires compression for both swelling and contouring of the area, as well as better skin adhesion to underlying tissues. Can you give further details of your surgery and recovery? Are you still happy with your results? I hope I recover as quickly as you seem to have just under two weeks out from surgery. :)
Hmmm...Okay, I'm now 8 months post surgery and there have been a few little blips. My scars have healed very nicely and the ones over the hips have already faded. The first few days are rough but not as bad as I thought. I had drains but had very little drainage and the pain wasn't too excruciating. I didn't use the pain medication but I probably should have. I was up and around and actually went to Florida and wore a bathing suit 3 weeks post surgery. I wore the compression garment for 3 months because it supposedly helps with the shaping of the thighs after the surgery. My doctor told me to wear it for a much shorter time but I just felt like it was holding things together the longer I wore it. I can't tell you that I'm overjoyed with the outcome. My butt is definitely lifted, as are my thighs but they've also dropped considerably since the surgery. I have a very persistent lump on my right thigh that won't go away. The Dr. did a little extra lipo on it and then 2 months later surgically excised it because he had determined that it was a lipoma (fatty tumor). I honestly feel that he was much too conservative with my thighs. I still have the lump but it just might be swelling. The Dr. said that the lump is skin and muscle and connective tissue - I just wish it had been removed. When I initially saw the Dr. I wanted my saddle bags removed. I still feel as though I have very big thighs. My hips are smaller, my butt is lifted and I lost some of my thighs but I just didn't want them sticking out wider than my hips.....and they still do. The surgeon has been very accomodating but I didn't really get the results that I wanted. I'm not in the habit of shelling out thousands of dollars for vanity's sake and thin thighs was something I've always dreamed of. I feel like I spent $7,500 for results, just not the results that I wanted I think age has something to do with it - our skin just doesn't have the elasticity and spring to it that it had when we were younger. I wish the Dr. had warned me that the "perkiness" was something that would only last for a few months. I hope this helps. Ask me anything you want - I'll be very honest with you.
I really appreciate your honesty! I'm sorry you're not overjoyed with your results. I'm not too worried my surgeon will be too conservative with the lipo for me - actually the opposite. I've seen the results from too aggressive lipo and it's not pretty, either! That can leave a lot of dimpling and looks very much like really lumpy cellulite. I know my surgeon wants to make me happy, and am actually afraid he will take more out to give me the thin thighs than might be good for me. I'm sure you're right - with our age, our skin doesn't have the elasticity to spring back (part of the reason for needing a lower body lift/thigh lift to begin with) the way a younger person's skin would. I think what scares me most about your reply is that the perkiness lasts only a few months. Biggest fear considering the amount of money I'm about to lay down for the surgery! Mine will be more than double your fee. I sure hope it's not for nothing - or worse - nice results that disappear in a few months! I had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift, a tiny bit of lipo done three years ago and absolutely love the results! The problem is my lower half looks like a 90 year old woman and the upper half a decent looking .... idk... 35 yr old? lol... the boobs being firm and lifted skew the entire equation there! That's the reason I want this surgery - to try to look more like my upper and lower halves belong on the same body. Anything else you can thing of, please let me know - post or send a pm... either way! I appreciate your answering my questions!!
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My doctor came highly recommended by nurses that I asked. I've never even considered any kind of plastic surgery before so I'm glad I did my research. I'm very, very happy with the treatment that I got from every member of his staff.

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