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Breast Lift with Implants... 5/25/12 - Knoxville, TN

Ok so this has been something that I have wanted...

Ok so this has been something that I have wanted for many years. I finally decided the timing was right and now I am only 2wks til the big day. I am very nervous! excited! and filled full of emotions that I am not even sure as to what they are. I will continue to post updates along my journey!

Hope all goes well for you! I am having the same procedure tomorrow! I am very nervous, but cant wait to have pretty perky breast again!

Very exciting! What's the date of your surgery?

Looking forward to following along on your journey!


Day 1 after surgery! very sore last night. Mainly...

day 1 after surgery! very sore last night. Mainly the tightness of the skin. This morning I have showered and changed the dressing. feeling much better, some movements send pretty sharp pains but other than that all is great!
Recommendations for Dr. David Reath!!!!!!!
You look fantastic already!

This is going on day #2 after surgery, boy am I...

This is going on day #2 after surgery, boy am I swollen.The skin is so tight and prickly at times from the tightness. My left nipple incision is bleeding some but it is only a scant amount when I change the dressing nothing that saturates the dressing. The sleeping arrangements are killing my lower back. All the little sacrifices we have to make to make our dreams come true...

The swooshy swishy feeling has began, it is such a...

The swooshy swishy feeling has began, it is such a very strange feeling. And from what I understand very normal. I hope it does not last long. There is some small bruising noted along the incision but overall it is healing well. In the mean time I have come to the conclusion that Percocets are not a friend of mine, I itch and want to scratch my skin off when I take them, and on top of that I am allergic to the Kelfex and have developed some small scant white patches in my mouth. Worth it all? YES!!!
Looking forward to bikini and bra shopping!!!!
I have noticed some stretch marks along the incision wonder if they will fade away?
Mine is much better I am 4 days post op and really the only pain is that of the healing and tightness. I do however feel the heaviness of them! The incision is peri-aerolar with 390cc saline implants. I go tomorrow also to get my stitches removed and for my post op.
They look absolutely fabulous !!!! What type of lift did you get? Size implants? I've yet to see my scars but I go tomorrow. I got a vertical lift with 300 cc saline implants. It has been a week and I am still in a lot of pain.... but my doctor only prescribed me 5 Vicodin.....only taking Tylenol now. How is your pain?

It is officially one week post op, and I actually...

It is officially one week post op, and I actually feel almost normal. Had my stitches removed wed which was day 5, began the massages that night. The incision is looking much better there is still some rippling along the incision line which will go away with time, my most concern is the stretch marks that are around the incision. Hopefully they too will fade and go away. I think they are more prominate due to the complete fullness right now. I am completely off the pain meds, only a Tylenol here and there, still taking the vitamins and the antibiotic. I went a few hours without that dreadful bra today and boy did it feel good to just hang out !
Healing fast - look great - keep those pic updates coming

The soreness is much more barable today. Ready to...

The soreness is much more barable today. Ready to go back to work tomorrow! The only issue is wondering if my scrub tops are gonna fit and the fact that I have gotten accustomed to taking me some cat naps !
I have been using bio-oil for my stretch marks and scars. I have the scars around the areola as well. The bio oil has really helped me, you can get it at walgreens. I use it twice a day. Hope this helps. You look amazing!!!
You look really good :-) !

1month out, I feel great no problems everything is...

1month out, I feel great no problems everything is back to normal.
Your scars look great!! even at four weeks.... what did you use on them?
Congratulations on your new ladies, you look amazing. Your doctor did a great job, but of course your anatomy had a lot to do with your great outcome. Lucky you!
Great updated picture, smokin hot

Two months out now! Most everything I back to...

Two months out now! Most everything I back to normal. My scars are quickly disappearing, the only obstacle is changing my clothing style and learning how to buy the right tops and bras.

1 1/2 Year Post Op

I have finally got to the point where I can feel comfortable in my new skin...lol
I am so happy with no regrets at all. I would do it again tomorrow!
Hi u look fab! Quick question - did you have nipple pain and burning? Did it last long? This past week it is worse for me. I'm think nerves are connecting. Other moms tell me that too..but I also feel this pain..incisions..I'm on week 3.. It would be great to know about your exp if you remember ;-)
You look amazing!!!
a silicone patch and baby oil on the outer surrounding skin.

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