3 Weeks PO and Rippling Already?

Hi Ladies! I have a question and I am hoping...

Hi Ladies! I have a question and I am hoping someone has some advice for me.

I had my BA on June 22. I chose the Mentor MemoryGel moderate/plus profile 350 cc. I am 5'5" 114 lbs (thin framed) with little to NO natural breast tissue. I had the surgery on a Friday and on Monday the bandages were removed. My breast were just slightly swollen and very low already. They were very soft to the touch and very natural looking. They never did sit high or get hard or tight. I noticed the left breast was larger and fuller looking on the bottom right away. You can acutally see the implant puckering on the bottom left breast (or poking out). I am going to try to get a picture and post it for you to see. The right breast is wonderful. You can't feel anything. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the problem with the left breast you wouldn't really know they were implants!

When I bend over you can see definite rippling on the sides of both breasts. Is this beacuse I am so thin and have very little body fact? I am concerned with the rippling and the fact that they are already in what I consider to be the perfect position. I am hoping they don't 'drop' anymore!!

Has anyone else had this experience? I would love any feedback anyone is welling to offer!


I have posted a few pictures. One full view and 2...

I have posted a few pictures. One full view and 2 of each breast. I hope you can see what I am concerned with. Implants were placed sub/muscular. I am not sure if going bigger would have helped. After seeing how low I am at this point I would be afraid a bigger implant would drop even more! Not sure.....

Not sure why the captions didn't work on the pics....

Not sure why the captions didn't work on the pics. The second pic is the left breast and you can sort of see the implant. The third pic is the right breast and it is perfectly smooth and round!
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well, lucky you in a way. I have plenty elsewhere ;))))))) C
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Yes, but I have NO extra fat on me anywhere that I can afford to lose it and there are so many variables as to how much of the fat would survive or be absorbed by the body, and other issues still. But me not having any of my own fat to use is the major factor. Thanks for the information though. I hadn't even heard of that for breasts!
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Did he mention anything about those fat injections?
I would not consider strattice since it would require a full revision anyway :/ C
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Saw my PS yesterday for 1 month follow up and he confirmed what the PS online responses were to my rippling and poking. I just don't have enough breast tissue/body fat to conceal the implant. He did say the strattice was an option, but of course it is so expensive and not worth it to me. Other than that issue I love my breasts! They look and feel completely natural and my surgeon did a wonderful job giving me exactly what I wanted :)

Thanks for all of the support everyone!! :)
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience so far and your photos. I see the rippling you mention. I hope you're able to get this fixed. Please keep us posted! Fat injections sounds like an interesting solution...

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hi there, i had a very early rippling, same implants as you. I had them unders and the rippling is on the cleavage. Really really annoying . It is a little present on the sides but i do not mind that much.
I am now six months out and it got a little better but not much (and it is on both sides).
My skin is very thin for sure (hence the decision to go under the muscle).
My doctor is suggesting lipofilling (fat injections) and i might just go and give that a try!
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Thanks for the response. When I posted the question for the MD's they responded that since I had very thin skin and very little breast tissue, body fat that this could happen. I guess I was most shocked with the 'pucker' in the silicon implant. It actually pokes out at the bottom of my left breast. I really don't like this, but there isn't much to be done for it I guess.
I hope you are able to fix your rippling! Good luck :)
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Did you ask about the fat injections at all ???? C
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I have my 1 month follow up on Monday. I will definitely ask about the fat injections then. Thanks!
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:)))))) do that !!! I might wait a little longer to have mines done since it got a little better lately. And i am not sure i would not have to pay for it !!! Fingers crossed then :))))))) C
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I have surgery scheduled with Dr.Smith. Did you have someone else?
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Hi Simalyn, Who is your doctor? I am in Koxville too, have surgery in a few days. What does the doctor say? Can the rippling go away later? Is there the possibility your implants are too big? Was your left breast smaller than the right one befor BA?
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I am being told the rippling will not go away. My implants are very modest 350cc. It almost feels like there is an imperfection to the left implant. I am hoping he will fix it.
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Hi simalyn~ I see what you are talking about. The left breast does appear to have a rippled/uneven appearance. This seems unusual because most cases of rippling occur with saline implants. You can ask the doctors on this site about your issue- they will be more than happy to give you a professional opinion. I hope it is nothing serious and a revision is not necessary. Take Care!
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If you have very little breast tissue you may be able to see the rippling of the implant. The only way to avoid that is for the ps to use a material known as an internal bra (strattice). It costs around $1000-1500 per breast so alot of women choose not to use it. If the rippling is a real problem for you, you might ask your ps if he will go back in and sew the strattice in place to help with that.
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Do u have children? I have heard that sometimes if the implants are not large enough, or If you are very lean, there could be rippling
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