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Hello everyone! I'm so excited that it's finally...

Hello everyone! I'm so excited that it's finally my turn to make a review on Real Self. This site has helped me so much and really pushed me to follow through with this procedure. My first consultation is Oct. 29th so I will update again after that!
(5"6/109 lbs/32A)
I initially thought I would want to be a small C, but as I continue to see other "wish pics" I've decided I would be happier at a full C/small D. I would love to hear feedback on other women that are around the same size as me so I can compare their pictures and experience. Best of luck to everyone going through this experience as well!!

pre-op in about two weeks and surgery date set!!

I haven't had much to update until now but I'm so excited to say that I have the surgery all set in place! My pre-op appointment is November 20th and I'm definitely feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. My surgery will be on December 18th ( exactly a week before Christmas) and I'm so nervous and it feels so surreal. At my consultation I picked 400cc's for the right side and 375cc's for the left (my left is a little bigger like most girls!). I would love some feedback if you have some similar stats as far as what those cc's will get me to. I would be beyond thrilled if I ended up as a small D/really full C. I have to say my biggest fear of this entire process is the possibility of nausea and vomiting post op. I know that probably sounds really weird because most people are just afraid of the pain, but my mom had a tummy tuck a few years ago and talked about how sick she was from the anesthesia and how that runs in my family. This will be my first time going under, so I have no idea how my body reacts to anesthesia. I told my doctor and I'll probably get the nausea patch behind my ear and hopefully a few other things. I've just always hated throwing up and I feel like it would be even worse on top of just having surgery/having pain. So if anyone has any advice as far as making sure I don't get sick after this surgery, that would be greatly appreciated. Also any helpful things to purchase for after surgery and a set up for sleeping and all that good stuff. I'm so so excited and it is so surreal that I'll FINALLY have boobs and not ever have to think about being flat again. Best of luck to everyone else going through with this!
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