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Hello everyone! I'm so excited that it's finally...

Hello everyone! I'm so excited that it's finally my turn to make a review on Real Self. This site has helped me so much and really pushed me to follow through with this procedure. My first consultation is Oct. 29th so I will update again after that!
(5"6/109 lbs/32A)
I initially thought I would want to be a small C, but as I continue to see other "wish pics" I've decided I would be happier at a full C/small D. I would love to hear feedback on other women that are around the same size as me so I can compare their pictures and experience. Best of luck to everyone going through this experience as well!!


You're going about this the right by doing your research. I would suggest the following: (1) Get at least two consultations. You want to be comfortable with your surgeon. (2) I tell my patients not to get fixated on a particular cup size. There is no standardized measurement and some manufactures vanity size. Instead, consider the "look your going for". There are 4 basic "looks": (a) "completely natural"...no one would ever guess you have had breast augmentation (b) "[she's] really lucky or had a good augmentation (c) "tastefully augmented"..its clear you've had breast augmentation, but it doesn't look tacky (d)" ridiculously big"... most thoughtful surgeons avoid this look because it really tends to cause a lot of problems i.e. tissue thinning and implant malposition, later. Best of luck!
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I'm happy to hear RealSelf has been helpful in your journey so far. Here are some important questions to ask during your doctor consults.important questions to ask during your doctor consults. Keep us posted as you continue to research and learn more!
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