350cc - Not Big Enough

Yes i had my BA in march 2010 almost 2 weeks out...

yes i had my BA in march 2010 almost 2 weeks out.

not real happy about my size. i should have went bigger. i hope they will fill out more. i heard u can have your ps switch them out in the office but i would have to pay. trying to wait and maybe i will like them more when i get to wear a bra. still in the sports bra.

anyone got any info that might help? thanks.


what size were you before surgery and what size are you now? and what size were u hoping for? im 2 weeks post op and got 330cc saine implants and they look pretty large to me but again we have different frames and chest walls. you should wait for 3 months before you decide anything. why would you pay for another surgery? and i think the prettiest implants are the ones that make your breast look natural but thats my opinion.
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Talk to your surgeon. See if he'll give you a discount towards revision augmentation, and ask how soon you can do the surgery. There's a good chance he'll ask you to wait 6 months just to be sure you've pretty much finished dropping and fluffing.

That said, if you're concerned about missing the mark again the second time around, see whether your surgeon works with post-operatively adjustable implants. This type of implant will allow you to get more saline added through a special fill port (or remove saline, if you decide you've gone too big). Once you're happy with your target size, you book a time with your surgeon to have the fill ports removed, which can be done in his office under a local.

If your surgeon doesn't work with post-op adjustable implants and this idea interests you, you might need to ask around in your area and find another surgeon who does use them.

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