My Breast Augmentation Journey - From Flat to Fab!

Hi ladies I decided to write this post, mainly...

Hi ladies

I decided to write this post, mainly because I felt there were not many postings/reviews by an Asian, with regards to breast augmentation. I went for my 2nd review today and the doctor gave somewhat contradicting views as compared to the 1st consultant. He advised me to go over the muscles (subglandular) instead of under the muscles (submuscular/subpectoral) . Reason for this is due to the fact that the pectoralis muscle is 'cut' hence it will limit my movement in the long run.
*also, I have not heard of submuscular placement limiting movement in the long run? I doubt as many women would have the procedure done this way if it did . .. the toss up would be boobs over arm movement :-/ I think you would definitely be better seeking a second opinion.
I am from Asian background, and my doctor is from Asian background too - he has advised unders for me. . And I trust him. Regardless of his background/heritage he is well qualified, and has good reviews from other patients. He is also conservative in his approach. He explained it wouldn't be essential for me to attend a second consultation before surgery, because my case was pretty straight forward. I would probably feel much less confident in him if I attended a second consult and he changed his advise . . Maybe seek a second/third opinion?
I wouldn't do it. Get other opinions. I had sub glandular and developed capsular contracture within a year and now have sub muscular. Just my advice :). Your risk for cap con is higher with overs.

Concerns on scarring above the crease/fold

Hi ladies,

After much research and reading, I decided to go for the under the muscles/dual plane insertion (with much hope that I do not change my mind again!). My stats are as follows:

Asian, 28 years, 5'7" tall, 53kg, never married, no kids.

Considering 300-350cc silicone implants, mentor round, high profile, inframammary incision.
I'm just sooooooooo worried about the bad scarring & stretch marks! Hence I'm just wondering if the breast will drop and cover over the crease/fold of the insertion scar? I wouldn't want the scar to sit just right below my breast shape and visible - what are the chances and determining factor of when the breast will not drop and cover the crease/fold? Anybody had this occurring before?

I'll be visiting my 1st doctor tomorrow and will be trying on sizers and hopefully, be in full assurance to put down the deposit!
Hey! I am also Asian, and the doctor I went to today does quite a few augmentations on Asian women (he is Asian too). I was recommended to go under the muscle because I have so little breast tissue, and going under helps reduce the risk of rippling and capsular contracture. And I did tell him I'm really active (I run, bike, swim, and rock climb) and I wanted to make sure long-term my range of movement wouldn't be affected. Sounds also like we're looking at similar style/size of implants (I liked the 335 cc, Sientra high profile). I think hiding the scar in the breast crease also depends on the expertise of your PS, and where he creates or manipulates your breast fold. I'd definitely talk to your doctor again - let us know what he says and good luck!

Deposit Paid!

Hi ladies,

I went for my 3rd consultation today and I had an A4 paper with me - listing down all the final questions I had for my PS and was glad with the answers. Doc advised me to go for mentor high profile 350cc silicone, placed under the muscles via the dual plane method. Upon trying on the sizers, I somehow felt it was rather huge for my frame - I'm not sure if it's because the implants were literally inserted into the bra pocket. As I've read that we lose some cc's when placed under the muscles, I'm really uncertain about the size and might consider the 3255cc implants?

Also worried that the high profile might project a 'fake/unnatural' look. hmmm... Any thoughts from the ladies out there? I paid my deposit and fixed the tentative surgery date on 6th September 2014....that's a one month countdown so to speak. I hope I don't change my mind. I'm also really worried about looking 'top heavy' yet I don't want to regret with 'boob greed' either. And oh gawd!! The possible stretch marks and scarring.... goodness gracious me!
** apparently high profile has a smaller base diameter, which makes sense if you have a smaller ribcage :-)
Woohoo! 6th of September! I'll be thinking of you :-) The sizers do feel massive - but I think it might just be because we're not used to them being that size (yet). I think the size sounds good - I was reading, on a another thread on here with advise from women who have already had BA, some women wish they were told about clothes not fitting well before going bigger - some buy clothes that fit up top, but are lose around the rest of them :-/ I found this reassuring to the size I am going for. Don't worry about stretching and scarring too much - yours are reasonable sized, and there are always things like bio-oil etc. (But you should be fine) . I've been told about the under the muscle loss too - but my PS nurse (who has worked with plastic surgeons for a long time) said it looks that way at first and then the muscle stretches over it. But I guess we will both find out if that's true. :-)

Indecisive on implant size!

Hi ladies

It's about a month away to my scheduled BA op. I'm still indecisive over the size. I'm worried I'll look too 'fake' and 'top-heavy' and that's the last thing I want! Having a headache over 300cc, 325cc or 350cc high profile, mentor silicone implants, and placed dual plane method, via inframammary method. PS kept suggesting 350cc but I'm concerned it'll be too big of a difference from how I am now.
None of my family members or friends are aware that I'm planning to undergo BA, hence I don't want to appear as a 'significantly big' difference after post-op!

Here are some photos pre-op. It's really small and I can't wait to have boobies!

Is it true that we lose some cc's when placed under the muscles? I'm also afraid that if I have insufficient breast tissue to cover the incision scars when the breast drops. :( Not to mention, the scarring and risk of stretch marks!
Do the rice bag test. Sounds silly but fill a nylon with the amount of cc your thinking of getting the implant. Then get a bra in your desired cup size with no lining and place the bag into the cup of a bra you will like to fill out. Give you a good idea of the eight of the implant and gets you used to the size as well. I walked around my house with it on and a tank top for a few days when I made my decision. 1ml=1cc
Weight not eight!

24 more days!

Hi Ladies

I'm counting down the days till for my surgery to take place.
I'm feeling a whirlpool of emotions - thinking it through if this is right and if this is what I want to do. Of course I'm worried about the risks, scarring, stretch marks, complications, post BA care for the many, many years to come. Have any of you ladies second guess/thought your decision to undergo a BA procedure? Any regrets thus far?

I'm so confused and I'm really worried if results aren't up to my expectations.
Furthermore, I'm not telling anyone about this, perhaps so that's why I'm feeling stressed and pressured from this.

Sigh!! Feeling really down. :(

Blood Test

Hi all,

The day is drawing near for surgery and I got a call from the hospital today, advising me to make an appointment for a blood test. They'll need to run through all necessary test prior to the surgery.
I'm nervous and I'm still not sure if this is what I really want. I keep thinking about the future years down the road - on the many commitment and risks I might have to face.

What were the factors determining and contributing to you ladies in wanting to get a BA and for those who has gone through the BA - any regrets and if given a choice, would you have chosen to not get a BA?

Appreciate advice and most of all, support on this matter.
Thank you ladies. :(

17 days to go

I'm still really worried and my mind is all over the place. Literally freaking out and asking myself over and over again if this is what I want and if this is what I should be doing. Does it make me shallow into thinking I don't love myself enough to be doing this change to my body? Or perhaps I love myself too much that I want the best it can possibly be?

Time is running out as my mind isn't fully 100% confirmed and made up if I will go ahead with this BA....

ladies, any advice will be much appreciated. :(
I think it's normal to question the decision. It is a big deal. But, if you are really very worried about it maybe write it down - on the one side write your fears (which can sometimes grow into massive things when they stay in our minds, but once we write them down, or say them out loud, they are often not so big) and on the other side write your reasons for wanting the BA - then read both lists aloud. The risk of complications exist, but they are reasonably low - and considering its invasive nature the risks, I feel, are few - for example, I have braces on my teeth, and the risks I was made aware of for them were far more than for my BA. . Also, most implant manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty - they will replace them for free if anything happens. The surgeon you have chosen should be one you feel safe with, one you feel you absolutely trust to perform the procedure with confidence - if you know they are good at their job then you should also have some confidence any complications which may arise from your surgeons ability to perform the BA is low. I know my surgeon guarantees that any complications in the first 12 months he will cover the cost entirely - with hospital and anaesthetics that is around 5k for him, so that also can add security. Lastly, I would question what is making you feel this way - I know for me it was important to feel the support from my mum, I felt a little like I was 'doing the wrong things' before I had it. . Sounds crazy for a 33 year old woman, but being raised with a high level of expectation toward academics, morals, and respect it is hard not to seek that 'approval' - I know you mentioned it's something you thought your family may not approve of, so I completely get why you might not want to talk to them - and I'm not suggesting you have to if you feel uncomfortable with the idea, but perhaps questioning the role NOT telling them is playing in your anxiety can help you reason with it. . For me it was awkward talking to my mum about it at first, but surprisingly she understood and is supportive. . I would just feel plain weird talking to my dad about it, and I'm pretty sure he would too - maybe there's someone in your family you are close enough to to share this journey with?
*I just realized I said I'm not suggesting tell your family, and then suggested it. . But I meant maybe there is someone outside your direct family, an aunt or sister, or even a friend - it would make it much easier if you had some direct support. Xox
thanks so much for the word of encouragement. my BA is scheduled on the 5th of September and i'm freaking out. i don't know if i should go ahead with this. i dont want to regret having it for the rest of my life.

2 weeks away!

Hi ladies!

I'm officially two weeks away from my BA! Still unable to fathom the changes that I'll be experiencing. a lifetime change! am i ready for this? i've yet to speak to my boss and apply for a week's leave. hopefully i'll be all recovered by that duration.

still undecided on the size. dont want to be too big and unnatural. contemplating between 300, 325 or 350cc and i'm going haywire from all this thinking!!
You will not regret having the surgery and wonder why you didn't do it sooner! I am Asian and also had the same worries about scarring and complications but everything has been healing nicely and I am so happy with the results! I was very confused about size. I wanted to go with 230cc my surgeon had recommended 300cc but I felt it was too big. My biggest fear was to look top heavy or too big so the smallest size he would recommend was 260cc. I am so happy with the size and I have the exact look I wanted. Trust your surgeon...they are the expert! And a good surgeon will make the scar hidden in the crease so even if it doesn't fade right away, you won't be able to see it. Good luck with surgery!!!
Yay, two weeks away! As for the size, I would go with your PS's suggestion. If you have been clear on how you want to look, shown him lots of pictures, I would leave it up to him. He knows what he's doing. I let go of my cc anxiety and the freedom is wonderful. You will look amazing no matter what size you get!
Hi there :) All your thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal so don't worry. You obviously have done your research and chose your PS based on their photos of their past patients, testimonials and that you had a good connection on consult. You trust them. Most PS' are very competent and do their job well. So rest assured you will be looked after and the PS -who has performed hundreds of these procedures will give you a good result. As for size.. I wish I had read that you lose some cc when placed under the muscle because I would have gone bigger. I already pushed it from my surgeon initially suggesting 360cc to 385cc then days before I decided on 410cc. But on surgery day my PS said 405cc -anything more would be too big. Um.. That's was the aim! I wanted DD. I bought my first bra last week. A 12D. Not happy. It is still too early to tell.. But there's not going to be much difference in size from now to a few months. I'm happy with my boobs but! I if I had it all again I would've definitely gone 450cc or more. It depends on the individual. I wanted big! Noticeably big. What are your stats? And what cup size do you want to be? I'm Asian too. And I was a 12A. I think you should go 350cc. Implants are not like real boobs they can be well hidden in loose clothing. Unless you have 500cc or above size. But under 400cc they seem to blend under your clothes. But tight clothes, swimsuits or anything low cut showing cleavage -really brings them out. 350cc would probably give you a small to average C cup size. Which is around the average and most popular (real) boob size. Though I disagree with high profile. I think moderate profile would be a better choice for you as I think the high profiles tend to look more fake, which you said you didn't want. And then it would ensure the scarring isn't seen as opposed to the smaller sizes. I think the choice you made of under the muscle is a good one. I wasn't told about losing movement from going under the muscle.. I doubt it's true. Muscles regenerate, over time. I don't see it a major issue. If you're active, athletic going under the muscle is also a better choice. And one week leave is plenty sufficient for you to recover. I have 2 young children and I was MIA for about 4 days. On the 8th day I rode my scooter to my first follow-up appointment! It felt easier than driving! Turning the steering wheel hurt a little so I scootered it! It's amazing how quick the body heals! Just make sure you take all the medications -your anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories. And gently rub some oil or cream to avoid stretch marks. Once the scars don't need covering you can use an anti-scarring cream on them to reduce scarring. I don't know about you but my Asian skin easily scars or takes a very long time to heal. Good luck! I just think -hey they're a lot bigger than what I had! So I'm happy! And I'm sure you will be too :)

Heart & Mind Confusion Over BA Surgery

One week away from surgery and I'm freaking out. Really worried about the size and to be honest, I am not 100% peace at heart and mind if I want to proceed with this BA.
Anyone felt the same way?

It's like your heart tells you 'yes! go for it! you'll finally get boobies and even out your body proportions!', and on the other side, my brain/mind tells me 'you should rethink this carefully and not go ahead with it. Think about the risk and future problems, etc.'.

Ladies, please advise!! :(
Just read your stats and concerns. I agree with the ladies below that under the muscle seems to be more natural looking and less likely to have the tissue harden, even though the healing process may take longer. We are about the same height and before boobie size, but you seem a bit more petite than I am. I vote you go for 350cc. It is true that under the muscle makes you look about a size smaller than what is put in! I wanted 337cc, so my doc told me to go a size up to get that look. I think it will still look very natural but you won't be disappointed that they are still too small. One more week to go!!
Thank you for the encouragement! really, really, really nervous! Pls keep me posted on the size you're planning on getting.

3 Days Away!


My BA is three days away and I'm trying my best to recover from this cold I have. Consulted with PS and he said that it'll be fine to proceed with the BA even when I'm unwell. Is this generally a good idea? I wouldn't want to force my body into having an infection/slow recovery process.

PS is preparing a 325cc and a 350cc HP mentor implant for me. The final size will be decided on the surgery day. Really nervous and freaking out if this is what I want and the consequences I'll have to live with for the rest of my life.

No one knows I'm doing this - perhaps that's why I'm lacking support and you ladies on this site are the only word of encouragement. I hope I survive this surgery and I certainly hope that I WILL NOT regret this decision.

Beats me - I can't even believe I'm doing this!
I'm starting to get very nervous as well! I am just trying to stay positive and tell myself that it will all be okay. I am also concerned about the long term effects, but I keep reminding myself that I need to be happy in the present because that's the only thing I can control. I wish your family knew, because I have been leaning on mine quite a bit for support. I bet they would support you!
A few days before my BA I caught a good old fashion cold. My throat was raw and dry but my nose was stuffed. Lots of congestion. I was ok'd ahead of time by my doctor but I let them know again the day of. The nurse and the anesthesiologist both said as long as I don't have a fever its all good. My symptoms lasted for a couple days after the BA but it was more annoying than anything. Also, you will survive this surgery and I doubt you will regret it! A positive mind does wonders for recovery. Try to focus on all the reasons you are doing this.

Final Night with flatness

Hi ladies

This would be my final post before my transformation from flat to fab.
Really worried! But yet at the same time I'm keeping upbeat and remaining positive of the outcome. I'm trying not to think too much about the pain and swelling and risks and cap con but instead, focusing on how I'll look amazing and better in my clothes, bikini, and above all, my self confidence.

Still in disbelief that I'm doing this. Somebody pinch me and tell me it's all going to be ok!
I'm still clouding around 325cc and 350cc - final size will be decided tomorrow. Surgery is slated for late afternoon hence I'll begin fasting from tomorrow after my last meal at 10am.

So excited and nervous! Praying all goes well and I was thinking hard about it, and I tried on some bikinis......and needless to say, the pictures reaffirms my desire to undergo this surgery. I can barely even fill up a small sized bikini! Can you imagine my low self esteem at the beach/pool?! Gosh!

We only have one life. I only have ONE LIFE! so I'm living it.
Wish me luck ladies. And those who will be having surgery on the same date as me or a week within me, please buzz me so that we can share this BA journey together!

I'm so excited for you! I'm sure everything will go smoothly and next time you put on a bikini you'll be a knock out!
Hope everything went smoothly for you - and you are happy with your new additions :-)
Thank you so much for the support! really nervous and excited!

BA Surgery Cancelled!!

Hi ladies.

It is with total disappointment that my surgery got cancelled!! I was scheduled for surgery yesterday afternoon but it hit cancelled because doctor advised against it. I was still having a cold and coughing up phlegm hence my doctor said the risk for infection is higher. I'm very disappointed as I was already prepared in my heart and mind for this surgery.

Funny thing is, while we waited for my doctor to visit me at the ward, the nurses were already checking my blood pressure and even gave me nebulizer to help me cough up the unwanted phlegm

Either way, even fixed and postponed the surgery to next week.hopefully I'm all well and recovered to undergo surgery. Above all, I hope this doesn't change my mind in freaking out and not wanting to have this BA Surgery!! Bummer indeed! :(
Hello! I got my BA yesterday! I know your family doesn't know, but I just wanted to make sure you have at least one person that will be helping you after surgery. My sister has been staying with me and I honestly don't know how I would do this alone. I hope you are feeling better!
hi!! hope the surgery went well! wishing you a speedy recovery. not sure if you read my post but my surgery got postpone becaus ei was having a terrible cold and cough. It's scheduled for this weekend. I'm still undecided on the size! between 300, 325 and 350cc! did you get 370cc? what profile? high or moderate? is it silicone? how are you liking it thus far? plsssss advice!?
I ended up going with 371cc and they look exactly how I wanted then too! I think once they drop no one will even know they're implants. They are definitely on the modest side , so for those around my size (5'7'', 130 lbs) who want a more full look I would suggest getting more into the high 300 to low 400 range. For you though since you seem to want similar natural looking results I think 350 would be great! I still have markings all over my breasts since I can't shower until tomorrow, but I'll post pics on my page so you can have an idea of what they look like.


Hi ladies

I'm two days away form my surgery. My cold has gotten better and I'm excited about the surgery. At the same time, I'm wondering about the recovery period and how soon am I able to go back to work. I work a desk job so I don't move much, other than typing at my keyboard. Am just wondering if this will impact the implant in any way at all? I'm planning to go back on the 3rd day post of as I'm unable to take leave.

Also, I'd like to know the relation between high heels and the implants. Does it impact its shape, the period it takes to drop, etc.?

Kindly advise.

Goodbye Original Boobs

Hi all

THE day is finally here. After countless of contemplation on this surgery, I'm finally doing it!
Pinching myself as I'm in disbelief that I'm even going for BA.

Surgery is tomorrow noon and I'm excited and nervous. Hope I choose the right size and really hoping all goes well!!

Today's the day!

It's finally here! The much awaited day! Here's hoping I go in with faith in my doctor and to come out with great results.

Still deciding between 300, 325 and 350 and am on my bed waiting for my doctor to come draw me up.

Wish me luck ladies! You all are the pillar of support for me!

Hope everything went well, and you are recovering easily. Xoxo
im in crazy pain. help
How did it go?? I bet they are going to look great! I'm 5 days post op now and so happy with my results!

Surgery Done!

Hi ladies, i finally went ahead with surgery and i'm in crazy pain right now.
it's the body's way of being shock from welcoming a foreign item into it. I could barely sleep yesterday - kept vomiting because i was allergic to one of the meds. I am totally regretting this pain and recovery period.

pls lend some support to me. :(
Sorry to hear that! The pain is temporary and you'll get through it!! You're strong!
No! No regrets hun ;) Just remember -no pain no gain! And you are gaining that's fo sure! Kick back with some pillows behind you and watch a movie, try take your mind off the pain. And just picture yourself with your new big boobies! xS

3rd day post op

Hi ladies

Barely managed to sleep yesterday. Keep waking up halfway and MORNING BOOBS ARE REAL! feels so numb and sore. this is a difficult recovery! These are my boobs 3rd day post op.
Prior to the surgery, my doc advised that my ribcage is higher on the left side, as such we went with 300cc on the left side and 325cc on the right side - to ensure it evens out equally. I was afraid it'll be bigger on one side - so let's ust hope all turns out well. Both are mentor high profile implants and i did the dual plane method, via inframammary incision.

I'm in pain. chest feels so sore and tight. hate feeling this way....but the saying goes, no pain, no gain right? thank you to you all that have been so supportive and encouraging. am i even suppose to massage it?
hope i dont have boob greed and hope the size isn't too big for me once it drops and fluffs.

I'm so sorry you're hurting so bad right now :-( I'll pray for you to feel better. In the meantime stay strong, I've read it gets a lot better after the third day. Xx. The things I've read are that ice packs help, maybe try frozen peas if you have no ice packs - but just check with your surgeon to see if it's ok first. I've also read LOTS of water helps. Btw - they look really good already!
thank you for the words of encouragement. i'm really suffering in pain!
Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with the pain. Getting any better? Hang in there. You look great for day 3!

Boobies Blues

Having boobies blues. Regretting that i have these implants in me. not feeling happy about it....anyone felt this way? :(
(Pretty sure you'll be reminding me about all this stuff soon)- one thing I remember reading is that 3-4 days post op it's normal to feel down - apparently it's coming off the anaesthetic, and all the meds your body is usually not used to. I'm so sorry things have been rough with your recovery, but I have also read it gets better from this point out. Xoxoxox
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5th Day Post Op

Hi Ladies

I went for my 1st post op review today and doc changed the bandage for me. Overall it's looking good and boobs are symmetrical. Pain is getting less but I often feel a tingle and pull at the incision area. Boobs are still riding high. cant wait for them to drop and fluff! they look huge on my chest now. im wearing loose clothing to cover them up. Still bruising at the sides and feeling tight. Difficult part is having to sleep straight most of the time. Hoping for a speedy recovery soon!!

Pain at incisions

I'm having so much pain at the incision area of my right breast. No idea why and the bruising is still present. am worried it's hematoma/seratoma. what are the chances of getting one and what are the signs? what about capsular contracture? how would i know if i have on in either breast?! omg!

i feel like my boobs isn't dropping. it's one week post op and it's still riding high. how long does the pain and bruising/swelling usually last? the more pain i'm in, the more i'm dreading that i did this. is this a post of blues feeling? sigh! :(
Hey there. Sorry to hear about your incision pain! I had to change my incision tape for the first time today and that really hurt! My left breast is the one that's been bugging me, slightly on the incision, but mostly just swelling on this inner part of my chest. I saw my doc a few days ago and he said brushing and swelling is common for at least two weeks so I wouldn't worry about that. I would say definitely go see your doctor though if it looks like there is bleeding under the skin, because that could be more serious than just bruising. Does your place have a number you can call to ask these questions? Might help you ease your mind to get answers from a nurse or your direct doctor. One more thing- I was told that massaging often for the first month is what can really help against capsular contracture, so even though I've been having a lot of pain from it, I've been trying to massage often. Keep calm and hope you start feeling happier about your decision!
Hey hun sorry you're going through some pain. I did too at my right incision at about 3wks post op. I think it was Mondor veins or something. Do a search on here and you'll find out what it is. You may have it. It's nothing serious. But the affects is pain under the incision site. Have you tried contacting your PS?

One Week Post Op

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're each recovering well. Here are updates and some pictures along with it.
Boobies are still riding high and I'm wondering if they will ever settle down and drop?

Bruising more noticeable on my left side. Wondering is this is normal or if it has got to do with heratoma/seratoma? Omg.
Hi, I'm planning my BA in 3 weeks, please update.
Hey girl. First of all I think you're looking great! I'm a little over 3 weeks post op and mine are still high. Mine are actually higher than yours I think haha. I'm waiting for them to settle and drop, too. I think it will finally start to happen now that I've been doing massages and taking Vitamin E. But let me tell you, we are in the same is a very slow process! It's tough to stay patient, isn't it? I'm struggling with that, too.
Thank you for your reply! We're indeed in the same boat! I wonder if wearing the post op bra is slowing down the settling and dropping of the breast? Do you wear the bra to sleep every night? My doc haven't told me to massage the breast yet. Only advise was to push the breast closer together from the sides. I'm only one week one day post op and the bandages are still there too. When were yours removed?!

11 days post op

Hi ladies

i went for my 2nd review with doc today and he said it's looking good and incisions are healing well. i have not seen the incisions as they are still bandaged with steri strips. bruising and swelling are still visible. hopefully it goes away soon. i'm still wearing the compression bra to ensure it cups the boobs nicely without displacement.

i'm off all medication and feel no more pain. the only pain comes from morning boob when the muscle is at rest and when spasm occurs.

attached are updates on boobies. they are still riding high but settling down bit by bit each day. i am liking the size as it's proportionate with my body. i just hope it doesn't settle down too much and become 'smaller' than what it is now.

here's wishing everyone else a speedy recovery. and if you're contemplating on BA, do it for the right reason - for yourself. nothing brings greater satisfaction than being content with your body.

You look amazing! I am an Asian and have similar flat boobs like yours too. I am kind of debating with myself if I really want to go through all these pains. You are a brave girl!
All my family members are fully against plastic surgery especially BA. But once a while I feel so ashamed of my flatty boobs. Hanging there, girl! You will get over the pain soon :)
Do it only for yourself. Pain will be temporary but results will be lasting. PM me if you have any further questions! Best of luck to you!

2weeks Post Op

Hi ladies

Officially two weeks post op. Went for my 3rd review yesterday and doc took off the bandage. Big relief that the scar is minimal and without any infection. Currently putting steri strips and I can then apply scar cream/oil unto the incisions.

So far so good. No boob greed as I feel the size matches my body frame naturally and without screaming too much attention to my chest area. My only dissatisfaction now is that of the different cc sizes. I can feel the projection and Base width difference when I cup my breast. But visually wise, it looks of similar size and above all, the upper pole projection are looking similar. I know the saying is that breast are sisters and not twins, but I'm hoping these sisters are as most similar to each other! Doc advise to push both breast to the center and gravity might push it sidewards towards the armpits.

Boobs still need to drop and fluff. Overall no regrets undergoing BA and I hope you ladies out there are recovering from well and best of luck to those about to undergo surgery!

18 days post-op

Hi ladies

I'm officially 18 days post op. The pain has lessen and the swelling has gone down too. I'm able to drive and go about my daily activities but I've not started working out and I'm still ensuring I do not lift heavy items. It's thus far been a change to my life and I still can't believe I did it. It all seems rather surreal. Hopefully boob greed doesn't eat into me.

I feel the size is just right for my body, but my only concern now is that they are of different cc sizes hence the right side seems to be bigger. I'm disappointed in this and am wondering if I can do a revision to correct this. Advice to me is that the breast has yet to settle and will not look like how it is now. I'm hoping it will drop and fluff and look symmetrical to each other. I can feel the slight projection difference but a doctor's advice made me assured that I made the right decision in placing different cc sizes. Doc said "it is better to have breast projection matching than exact implant size matching. In my opinion, slight differences in implant size is much less noticeable than a mismatch in breast projection" and that 'a vast majority of women have breast asymmetry".

Incisions are ok - I am still putting steri strips but the wound is not entirely close so I'm putting aloe vera gel for now, before moving on to scar cream/gel/oil. Glad there's no keloid and i hope the scar colour fades quickly. I'm still able to fit into some of my clothes - is this a good thing or bad thing?
I know i didnt want a drastic upper chest change hence this size is right for me.

Breast are starting to drop more and settle in. The 25 cc difference is almost imperceptible and I'm sure hoping that the recovery goes well and that both breast will equal up to look the same!
I could not tell you had 2 different cc's from your pictures. I think your breasts look very very similar! Congrats on beautiful results!
thank you dear! perhaps the image doesn't show the different cc sizes, but i can feel the difference in projection and width whenever I cup my breast! :(
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