Disappointed with Ultherapy - Kitchener, ON

Had under the chin and neck for laxity (no fat)...

had under the chin and neck for laxity (no fat) and pronounced platysmal bands aka turkey neck..no real change and actually looks a little more lax than before..should I try a second treatment as i have heard that may be where the improvement actually happens for some. It s kindof scary to think this procedure can actually do more damage than good!!

Skeptical about trying a second treatment..wish there was a better alternative...surgery not an option


Just go into your profile, you'll see your reviews where you can update. Good luck!
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Hi, INYCMe.. I have had a few peels ViPeel cost $ 500 per peel here in Ontario need about 4 a year depending on damage maybe 6-8 over a year..but at least i know i am not going to look worse than better and be told no possible . I have had several screwups..first was juvederm ultra to fill acne scarring on my cheeks and had a reaction which of course was brushed off and myacne scars look worse and still have some redness so that is why I was looking into Fraxel and now NO FRIGGIN WAY!! If Juvederm and Ulthera can make you worse then imagine a laser WOW.. Don't get the 77% as worth it.for Ulthera..just lucky, haven't experienced any long term side effects of the so called safe procedure or just full of it I guess and maybe they are not actual patients but people posing as patients..lol ;)
hahaha..just going with the peels, good skin care routine including, tazorac and C & E and dermarolling also a good moisturizer with sunscreen and of course the peels and hope one day for something tried tested and true with PROOF of no long term side effects becasue doctors don't really know that until down the road when they pull certain things off the market (hush hush) or they stop being used like Threads and Thermage

The outcome got a thumbs down!!!

the outcome got a thumbs down!!!

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