I am a mother of three beautiful kids - Tummy tuck - Kissimmee, FL

I am a mother of three beautiful kids that just...

I am a mother of three beautiful kids that just want to feel sexy and beautiful and I feel that even when i was 150 pounds at my lowest weight my stomach was always holding me back..I never felt sexy to the point of not taking my shirt of in the bedroom..when i should have felt sexy and proud of losing 50pounds.

So now Im so excited to have it done..I just want to have the sexy me back!!!...with no extra baggage!!!lol

Two days for my dream to comes true so excited and...

two days for my dream to comes true so excited and nervous at the sametime...i been looking at the before and afters of the members of this blog trying to picture what I could look like. is that crazy!! well I will be posting my before pic soon kisses to all my sexy ladies!!!

06/03/2011 my second day home and i have to say I...

06/03/2011 my second day home and i have to say I been doing everything i did before my surgery as i once said i have a month old baby and so far even with my hubby wanting to help i get up and feed him and do everything for him...I fanally took a shower todayand took a look at my belly botton witch was my main concerned and it looks fantastic even thought i have some worries about some other part it looks good and i feel great,,,my mother is in shock on how Im just all over the house like if i did not have nothing done.I dnt even have black and blues its just very swolen. i feel good i would have done it a mllion times over excited ...Thank you for all the support that u guys have giving me kisses!!!pic will e posted soon..

06/04/2011 day three so today I fanally to a look...

06/04/2011 day three so today I fanally to a look at my tummmy and i love what i see but on my right side I see some extra skin that Im sure wont be going away...is got me so upset I have not thought about anything else for hours ....so my question to u guys is will my surgeon fix it????!!! please have any one had this problem....other then that Im great i been walking the only thing is getting up from my bed is a mission..

06/05/2011 day four after surgery feeling like i...

06/05/2011 day four after surgery feeling like i want too sleep all day...even thopugh i had all this crazy energy the first few days today my body gave up...lol..and my "CUCA" feels like is on fire. 1.when do I start to not feel that pain.2 when did u guys start use jeans...3when will i could i be back to sleep normal..other then that still very swollen ..but ok..I hope every one is doing great..kisses!!

06/06/2011 Is a day i want to not even remember i...

06/06/2011 Is a day i want to not even remember i wish i could fasr foward this day..I'm getting very immotional all kinds of things are running threw my mind that Im even regreating getting this done..dont get me wrong ladies i love when i try my jeans on i dnt feel the extra rolls and when i put on nice shirt's NOT having to suck it in..but when I look at my tummy all I see is rednest puffiness and pain my belly botton looks scary and i feel tormented by the time and hours...i just want it to be july so i could star working out and feeling good...does this happen often to others..I hope to feel better next week...

6/20/2011 Hello my sexy ladies i been so busy that...

6/20/2011 Hello my sexy ladies i been so busy that i have not post how i been feeling. As of last week i been working out and trying to reach my gold weight 150..as for my tummy tuck let me just say "I LOVE IT" Im still swollen and puffy pain only at nigh..my surgeon did an amazing job my scar its so little and my belly botton look normal now..I hope every one is recovering just as fast...kisses and hugs

So is been forever my sexy ladies and no I have...

So is been forever my sexy ladies and no I have not forgotten about you guys is just life with three kids a hubby and trying to be in shape is not easy but greatly rewarding...well I start by letting you sexy ladies know that I'm not completely satisfy with my surgery I thing my surgeon did Not do any lipo on my flaks nor love handles I think sense I was kind off awake for my surgery do to local anesthesia do to me being affraid of general anesthisia

So I been stalking everyone in Brazilian butt-lift...

So I been stalking everyone in Brazilian butt-lift I really want it like tomorrow but I'm still researching doctor and before and after pics thanks to all the sexy ladies for being so open about your procedure and sharing the before and after pics I'm so thankful for this website where we can be so open with are emotions and obsessions..well I been sharing my thoughts with the honey and he Loves the after results I'm 5"5 185 pound but getting to 160 or 150 soon been working hard....kisses to all my ladies with the New Botties...

I will like to get my boobs done too can I do my butt and boobs at the same time or you guys think it would be too much ?

Wish pics

I seen these pics online before and after of Santiago
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How is your recovery? I think we had our TT on the same day. Wishing you a fast ans speedy recovery.
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My tummy tuck date is set for June 28th so I wouln't know from personal experience, but there are some girls here that by day 10 are already in their old jeans of course minus the hanging belly ;)
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thank u mayela72.I wish u the best on june 28th .kisses
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Girl, you rock! you are doing what most can't do until the third or fourth week post-op. Listen to your body though and rest whenever you need to. Do allow others to give you a hand with house work and your baby. There is always work to do around the house, it never ends, what ends it's the little time that you have to recover before going back to work. Take care.
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thanks mayela72 is funny that u say that because today i my body didnt want to do anything not even eat Im staring too feel all the pain.rested all day today and doing the same tomorrow../QUESTION????when did u start to feel like u cld put jeans and sleep in a IN regular position...
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I will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending good thoughts your way.


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thank u kimmer25 you are awesome and yes evrything went much better then i axpected to go is my second day after surgery and I feel NO pain ...excited for time to past so i cld see the final results...thank u so much u r a doll!!!
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Go slow and easy and just pamper yourself.  Even if you are feeling amazing your body needs this down time to heal from the inside out. 

Keep me up to date on how you are doing:)


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Hey ur day is tomorrw!! I am sure you are sooooo excited. U will be amazed when you first see ur tummy. I am 8 weeks postop and so happy I did this for myself. Wish u luck and a speedy recovery :-)
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thank u farz I am excited now Im two days after surgery and im to affraid to look at my belly is crazy ut i just want time to past by so i cld see the real me but so far good..thank u sugar i wish nothing but the best
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Good luck with your surgery on Wednesday!!
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thank u
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Good for you!!  I think it is wonderful that you are taking your body back and making yourself happy. 

Keep posting and fill us in on all the details. 
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thank you kimmers25 everyone have been so possitive is awesome to find so much surport from others that are or went threw the samethings..
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We are all here to support you and cheer you on :)
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thank you!!!
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