Drainless Tummy Tuck W/lipo of Flanks & Mid Back - Kirkland,WA

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. No...

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. No matter how much i worked out i could not get rid of the rolls of extra skin and fat. I turned 40 this year and decided it was time to do this for me.
Dr Pratt and his team were amazing- my recovery time was soo fast because of using the drainless procedure. Best decesion I've made and i look forward to the improvements i see everyday!

One Week Post-Op

I am feeling a little stronger every day but still taking it slow. I notice small changes but it is hard to see much with the swell factor. My Mom who helps to bath me said that she can really start to see the difference which is encouraging. Especially since she doesn't see me or my tummy everyday. I will try to post some pictures. I am not pleased with my belly button but I know it may be too soon to make any judgements. That is where my mom thinks it is starting to look better.
Overall my experience has been pretty darn great considering I have had such a major surgery only a week and a day ago. I am really using restraint and self control to not overdo it and even leave the house or walk around much. I just want to heal as well as possible and be able to enjoy Christmas with my family in a couple of days. :)

First outing today!!

My step daughter and i went to Macys but were in and out in 15 minutes. Then went to Trader Joes. I walked slow and took my time. It was kind of nice to not be in a hurry and watch the frenzy all around me. I did have to stop myself from walking fast in the rainy parking lot out of habit. Overall i feel good and came home and put my feet up on the couch.

Dr. Pratt super helpful

My husband was very concerned i was going to run out of my pain medications before the weekend. So he called Dr Pratt after hours and Dr Pratt called in a special prescription for me. I really appreciate him doing that more for my husband's peace of mind than anything. ;) thank you Dr Pratt very much!

Post Op Appointment #2

Sorry I have not been very good about keeping my story up to date. Luckily I have not had any bad issues to report. I had my 2nd pre-op today which went well. I wasn't scheduled until 01.13.14, one month out. But I had overdone it a bit on Christmas Day and called the next day to get in earlier. I was worried I had pulled something from reaching to high to reach my shower head.
Of course I was actually stronger feeling by the day I came in. That really is the true part. You amazingly get incrementally better every day I showed up with a list of specific topics to cover in my I-Phone (anal I know).
Sorry more later......

First Day back at Work!!

Went back to work today and it went really well. Good or bad I was so insanely busy running between buildings and going to meetings I didn't have time to feel very uncomfortable. The worst part of the day was a particular long meeting sitting about an 1.5 hours straight. Afterwards having to get up and try and walk to the restroom without looking like a hunch back of Notre Dame. I have only told a couple of friends at work about my surgery so trying to have as normal of appearance as possible. :)
Best part is I was able to fit into and wear a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted shirt and I actually felt skinny!! Normally if I wore this I would have also had a large sweater to try to cover all of my belly rolls. I wish I had a clothing pic but I do have naked pics I took this morning.

More photos......

Here are a few more pics. It really is amazing how incrementally every day you can see a little bit more of change. Even my belly button is starting to look more normal and a little less creased.

Over 6 Weeks

I hit 6 weeks last Friday and feel great! I have been back to work over 3 weeks and feel and look normal. Fit back into my jeans and some are getting lose! I have lost about 8 lbs. since the surgery and have been watching what I eat. Not working out or anything. I can do lite walking but thats about it. Been so busy with work have not really thought much about getting back into working out yet.
I don't go back to Dr. Pratt until 02.10.14 which will be over 2 months PO. I am curious what they will think. I feel that I look pretty good but of course still swollen. The swelling also tends to be near the areas where the muscles were tightened. I don't see a huge difference from the morning swell to the after work swell- less difference than a couple of weeks ago. But still have the creased belly button especially above my belly button. I think it is improving a bit and the muscle is supposed to relax as I heal. But am anxious for it do that. :(
Overall am still very happy that I did it! I just continue to look forward to my body shaping further. Would like to start some sort of scar treatment but will wait until app. Need a few small stiches to be removed or snipped before I start but overall the scar looks good to me. I will try to get my husband to take some pics for me in the morning.

10 Weeks Today

Sorry its been so long since an update. I had my 2 month Dr. app almost 2 weeks ago. I had him cut a couple of stitches that were sticking out. He said I could start to use silcone strips on the scar if I wanted. They told me I was released to workout and do any activity! I was so excited I went home that day after work and worked out for the first time. I have been doing my Kettle bell work outs about every other day. Also started adding 10 - 15 minutes of Stair Master. I have a bunch of feet issues (this was pre-surgery) so I shouldn't do heavy duty cardio:(. Now I can't run, walk fast or use the Stair Master much.
Of course they did warn me that when I started to excerise again that I would swell up more. But hopefully I will get back in shape and get done with the swelling by about May. Anyway am still fairly happy with the results overall and trying not to notice any and all imperfections. It does just keep gettting better and better. :)



Photos again?

Almost 3 Months PO

More Almost 3 Months and showing scars

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

The best doctor very kind and compassionate!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Hey hon, how are you? I think I'm 17 days PO now and swollen like I'm 9 months pregnant. I'm back to work now and can only wear very stretchy clothes. How is your swelling coming along? Do you wear a compression garment, shapewear, or waist cincher?
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Hi so glad you are done with your surgery. The swelling does take a while to go away. I am at 3 months now and I finally feel like it is starting to go away. But when I work out it definitely gets a bit swollen. I wore shape wear and only wore it for the first 4 weeks I believe and then Dr. Pratt told me not to anymore. I am back into jeans I have not worn for about 5 years! Also bought some new ones and glad I got it done. Take care.
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Good to hear from you! !! I go in next Friday..... I'm so nervous and excited!! Are you lovin your new body? Your pics didn't post
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I know I don't know what the deal is with this site. I have tried everything- I have resized them, re-saved them. I don't what to do and it is so annoying! Anyway I am excited for you! You will be so happy you did it. At over 2 months I feel like the actual surgery was a million years ago. You will be fine just take care of yourself pyhsically and mentally.
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Hey girl how are you doing? Are you loving your new tummy? Hope you are recovering well:)
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Hey doll, how's the recovery coming along? Is life getting back to normal? Any new pics to share? My day is creeping up. ...38 days!!
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Hi your day is about 1 month away! Yay for you! Don't be nervous at all you will love it! You are already gorgous in your pics so you are going to look incredible. I go back to Dr. Pratt on 02.10.14 and I will be over 2 months. I have emailed them several time with questions throughout the last 6 plus weeks and they are great- super responsive and helpful. I will update my profile for the rest. :)
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Awwww, thanks Jgod, you're too sweet! It's 1 month from today, woot woot!! So Happy to hear you're doing good and that life does go back to normal afterwards! My pre op is on the 14th and that's when I'll be super excited! Can't wait to see your new pics, talk to you soon
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How ya doin hon?
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Im ok thanks for asking! Been back at work for over a week and feeling really good. Back into all of my pre-surgery jeans and some are starting to get lose. :) I guess in the next month or two they are supposed to get looser and looser and then get too big. Too busy with work to really obsess which is good. I am at about 1 month last Friday and it feels like it was 6 months ago! Will be fun to see how it improves. My belly button still is creased but also still swollen. I also am having a reaction to the antiabiotic ointment I've been putting in my belly button- looks like tiny red rash bumps. I guess it is super common and I tend to have sensitive skin with any lotions. Now only using Vaseline in BB and have to see how it does. Other than that starting to feel more and more normal. Even sleeping on my side a bit which is awesome to me! :0 How long before your big day?!
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45 days!!! Starting to freak out!
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Lookin good girly! Looks like you're shape is coming in nicely! It's crazy how many changes occur in a matter of days. How was it going back to work?
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Congrats on your surgery hon...You're looking great! I was so happy to come across your surgery ...I am have my surgery with Dr. Pratt on February 28th so it is very helpful to meet someone who has had surgery with him. Any advice you can give me? Any updates pics?
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Hi sorry no new pics especially with swell hell! I also don't have anyone around to take goods ones for me. Its mentally really hard not to get down about the swelling and I have no patience but I trust Dr. Pratt, Sarah and Shannon when they tell me the end results take a couple of months. I can fit back in my jeans but they do fit weird now. I feel so much stronger its crazy. I have literally been cleaning the house and running errands all day and I think I on day 20. I am off pain meds other than extra strength Tylenol. My biggest piece of advice is to spend the money and get a medical recliner. Totally worth it! Mine is actually getting picked up tomorrow because it is not needed any longer but it was a life saver. Make sure you have some really good help especially that first week. You will be fine and your date will be here before you know it! :)
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Also I almost forgot. I took both Bromalein and Arnici Montana and I Had pretty much zero bruising.
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I love everyone at his office...they are all very sweet and make me feel like I'm gonna be gorgeous!! I've seen a few girls that have the crease through the belly button.... did Dr. Pratt say why that happens? He says the "cute bikini BB" is his signature so I do believe yours will be amazing! Did you have muscle repair? Do you feel almost back to normal? Can't wait to see more pics when you feel comfortable. ...happy healing hon!
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Yes the belly button is getting better but is still a concern to me. In fact I was just emailing Sarah about it yesterday. She of course had to remind me that patience is key and day 20 is very different then 3 or 4 months out. She also reminded me not to wear your CG to tight which I have been pretty aware of. I have faith in them about it and they reassured me that if 6 months to a year if I am not happy they can probably make a fix in the office under local anesthesia. Yes I had muscle repair which is definitely the most painful part. Overall I am not generally feeling too much pain but from it anymore. But yesterday as I said I was running around cleaning and doing errands feeling like normal. I was even feeling like I was finally really standing up much straighter. Well I woke up this morning with very sore upper abs like I had just done quite the ab workout! So I need to still be aware and careful about not overdoing it. I go back to work on Monday after a little over 3 weeks of recovery time. I am not super worried as I feel like I really turned a corner on my recovery about after 2 weeks. It will be interesting though to see how it goes. My job I sit at a desk but am up and down a lot going out to my shop and to meetings. I think its actually better to be up and around than sitting too long. You will do just fine just make sure to really baby yourself those first two weeks to really let yourself heal. You will probably go stir crazy but it is super important. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
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I'm happy to hear you feel so good so early on.... that's reassuring. Did you have a pain pump the first few days? Where did you rent the power lift recliner from? When did you start taking the arnica? Sorry to ask so many questions, lol starting to get nervous
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No problem I totally get it. I am the type that researches the heck out things and this surgery is a big deal. Best to be prepared. :) I had the pain pump for 5 days- since it was only $150 for the extra two days. Chair was rented from Access Medical Equipment in Seattle. But I found them through: Phone: 866-441-5246 Email: info@RentItToday.com So I am sure they will find a place local to where you live or maybe not. I live in Everett and they delivered from Seattle. It was about $300 with tax plus another $100 for delivery and pickup. For the Arnica go the website makemeheal.com. They have everything for people recovering from plastic surgery. I got the one that had both the Bromelain and Arnica together. I think I started taking both the day of surgery, immediately following it. Dr. Pratt had Bromelain on the Do Not Take list before the surgery for some reason. But I had a drain-less breast reduction about 8 years ago and I thought I started the Bromelain before the surgery. Don't be nervous you will be fine. The first week or less is when you will be in the most pain but its not that bad. Dr. Pratt really helps to keep the pain and any nausea under control. Then after that it just gets annoying waiting for the recovery period to be over. :) But I have no doubt that in about 3-4 months I will be even more excited that I did it.
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