Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Dr. Egrari in Wa - Bellevue, WA

I'm very exited but also very... I always wanted...

I'm very exited but also very... I always wanted to have a bigger , round and higher butt, I did exercised a lot but it was impossible. Due to divorce lol I gained 28 pounds which is great to get this type of procedure.
I believe that Dr. Egrari is going to do a wonderful job , I will be posting pictures the day before the surgery and days after , also keeping this review updated on how I feel each day and how the services is with him.
good luck !!!!

I love Dr. Egrari

They are amazing , their nurses are the best! surgery was a success the only thing is that I have to sleep on my stomach , getting up from bed is not easy at all , let's not talk about the rest of the activities...
I will later post the post- operation photos , I look so blue and bad now.
I just wish Dr. Egrari would lower his prices a little , I needed an extra garment because the one he gave me was so bloody , but I was charged $120 for it in instead (other surgeons give it to the patients for free or for less)... Actually this procedures are more expensive in
Wa. than other states.
All that matters is that he is very careful and perfectionist.
Actually surgeons charge all their patients money for a a second stage 2 garment . My doctor sells it for 140$

Not nurse on duty after hours.

Well, I'm a little disappointed that they don't have a nurse on duty, I called and I honestly need help NOW I'm very swollen and it hurts's a weekend and they must have someone answering the phone, so what do I do? do I take diuretics? because pain pills are not working anymore. For this kind of money in another state they will kiss your feet! My whole body is blue and swollen and hurting very badly.
I love you Dr. Egrari but get a nurse on guard.
Well, when you are paying almost $10,000 you expect to be treated with more quality. The surgeon that my family have in Fl. puts wonderful packages together for his patients( do this and get free Botox or things like this , for half of the price I paid here) and has a nurse on call 24/7, the reason I did this in Wa. is because I wanted to be in the comfort my own home.

6 days after my surgery with Egrari

This how I look and hurt after the BBL , last night I was hurting so badly and it bothered me that Dr. Egrari doesn't have a nurse on duty , I CAN'T SLEEP RIGHT.

Awake most of the night

I can't sleep because of the the swelling , I got up three times to drink some milk and pain pills but tonight I found out that the girdle kept waking me up the pressure in my legs and and buckles on my ribs were so painful stocked to my swollen skin. Plus right before I went to surgery with Dr. Egrari I pointed out one of my biggest worries was the fat that I have on my shoulder blades that makes my upper back look fatty and he forgot to take care of that, it looks so horrible now.
Here are some of the pictures of the garments that would be 100% more comfortable for this type of procedure and the one girdle he provided plus the little pillow.
Don't get me wrong I love Dr. Egrari I think he did a great job except getting rid of the fat on my my shoulder, I Iike him very much it's just the way some things are managed there that I'm not happy with. I also think he is handsome and charming.

Unhappy with the kind of girdle or garment they provided and sold to me.

Please have options for your patients , comfort is a big deal for me.
How are you feeling now? Is the pain any better? Do you know how many cc's he put in each cheek? Im really wanting to get this done. Had a consult today and was quoted $9,100.00
$9,100 I paid way more than that , with all that money I could go to Fl. take a little vacation and still have enough money to get the procedure done plus some Botox too lol but this is one kind of surgery that you can't flight , you have to spend the rest of your time on your stomach . I run out of those strong pain pills and he also prescribed diazepam , so for the weekend I suffer with pain so much. I was worry about him leaving so many marks (holes) on my body but I think I have just like 5 which is great , really! Egragi is amazing just the pricing on all the surgeries are so crazy and expensive and they are not flexible on that, I also sent him many other patients and they didn't bother giving me money back of better price. My family surgeon in Fl. does great too for half of the money Egragi charges and has a million women getting surgeries everyday. I can give you his info. in private.

A little disappointed...

Yes , my stomach is flat and so far I lost around 8 pounds of swelling which is great! but my dream BBL is also getting very very very flat, I'm still swollen ,imagine 3 weeks from now I will be much more flatter, what can I do?
I did promised to post pictures everyday after the surgery but they were not that friendly with prices. So I will post a before and after in 3 weeks , and tell if it's worth it or not. Maybe implants?


Yes! it hurts if you surgeon doesn't want to prescribe right medication , anyhow Dr. Egrari refuses to prescribe me pain killers after the first week, guess what advil or F****** tylenol over the counter pills are not working for me and so, yesterday it was so much that I really did ended up drinking tequila , do I need to do this? no! he needs to take care of me and make me feel comfortable while my recovery , right? I hate this pain this so bad....
I don't want to post nasty stuff about others specially his work that is nice , but come on! I need you to learn my experience, NOT NICE!
How are you doing? Do you have any pictures of your results? I was thinking of going through Dr. Egrari as well but this worries me.
I visited his website and was not that impressed with his BBL
What surgeon in Florida?
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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