Incognito Braces, Never Again - Kirkland, QC

I wanted hidden braces on the top because I smile...

I wanted hidden braces on the top because I smile a lot. Had them placed on the upper teeth, and regular outside braces on the bottom. After 3 weeks, Incognito braces are a pure disappointment. Cannot chew, swallow properly nor eat anything mildly solid. Horrible to floss because food gets stuck inside the braces. My speech is also greatly impaired. Swallowing at night is very difficult, saliva over my pillows every morning when I wake up.
Do not believe Incognito marketing. These models have perfect teeth to start with. I based my decision on what I had seen on the internet. A pure rip off as far I am concerned and will have them removed this week for outside braces. Complete loss of time and money. The company should warn patients about possible intolerance, would save them aggravation and much money spent on these braces.

The same. I will have these braces off tomorrow.

The same. I will have these braces off tomorrow. Dr opened up his practice just for me tomorrow. Cannot have these Incognito braces anymore. Just hate them, not able to eat, speak nor swallow.

Just counting the hours before these Incognito braces are taken off my mouth.

Just counting the hours before these Incognito braces are taken off my mouth. i will be at the door of the clinic at 8:00 AM to come off these horrible braces. One of my patients ( I am a physician) whom I left a voice message to, could not understand my message because of speech impediment that was so significant and showed up at the clinic today in person.!@!! What a waste of time and big money. I can afford the cost for replacement for outside braces but some people don't . Please be aware that these braces are not for anyone, the Incognito Company should be responsible for extra costs when it does not simply work. They make Mock up of the mouth and should warn the patient when it does not fit the profile. I should have known better but i fully trusted the internet and their marketting!!! A total waste of BIGGGG money.

As above.

As above.

Had the Incognito braces off yesterday. A lot of pain to have them removed

Had the Incognito braces off yesterday. A lot of pain to have them removed as if each of my teeth was pulled out! Pure hell for an hour, but the good news is I can now speak properly, swallow, and not quite eat but this is a start.

Incognito, never again. The orthodontist was nice enough to open up his clinic just for me as Fridays are his days off. Nevertheless, I think he felt my pain was more than I could tolerate. I will be eternally grateful for his availability and understanding.

Now i can speak like a normal person and stop drooling at night. Swallowing is normal and outside braces are well tolerated. I am looking forward to eating some of the lobster festival food soon.

Adios Ensure, Boost, scrambled eggs and yogourt. Finally I resigned from my vanity and my life with Incognito, outside braces are not bad looking. Furthermore they add volume to your lips, a free cosmetic surgery as far as I am concerned. They make you look younger.

Think twice before having these Incognito braces inside your mouth. They can make your life pure hell. I am a pro outside braces now. Just looking at the Incognito add at the door of my orthodontist's clinic, I see a nice looking woman, smiling with perfect teeth. Who said she is wearing Incognito in the first place?? To me she did not need them anyway. Do not believe what you see, in for big and expensive disappointment.

Take my word for was it is worth of, vanity is useless. Think comfort and 2 years with these in your mouth. the decision will be easy.

24 hours after having my Incognito braces out, I had my first real meal

24 hours after having my Incognito braces out, I had my first real meal in almost a month. No problem to chew nor swallow. The outside braces are easy to care of and barely show when I smile.

Life has gone back to normal. Thank you Dr George, you have a happy patient here.

So glad to hear you are feeling better now that you have had your bond style changed. I would love it if you would start a review in our traditional Braces community as well so we can hear how your treatment goes from here on out. :)


Now have regular braces

Feels great. No problem to swallow, talk or eat.Barely visible.
Completely delighted with results so far. Teeth move fast and no pain.

Should have opted for those in the first place. Incognito was a big mistake.
it costed me 10 k to put the lingual brace on, not more than a year, I had to remove it,
You are really amazing if you could tolerate those Incognito braces for 1 year. I had them removed after 1 month, and went for regular braces. Now upper teeth free of braces after 17 months, spectacular result without too much pain and speech impediment. Would not recommend lingual braces if teeth are really crooked. everybody is different. People must know what they are getting into before paying and having them fixed to your mouth. Good luck to you. Darveau
Why did you have to remove them?
Dr george papanastasoulis

Dr Papanastasoulis is the best. Very professional, kind and taking all the time you need with you. He understands your needs and follows-up with you on a regular basis, even after hours. Staff is great and attentive to your concerns. My negative experience with Incognito has nothing to do with him

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