Almost 3 weeks Post op

I am 39 years old and have had 2 girls, they are...

I am 39 years old and have had 2 girls, they are now 12 & 7. I am currently 167 lb and gained almost 45 lbs with each pregnancy. My stomach drives me crazy.

I've finally decided to do something about it. My upper abs are saggy and I cannot get them back to normal. My lower stomach has been stretched and again, I can't get it back to normal. I think that I will be booking the surgery for the end of Aug, this way I have the summer to spend with my kids, without worrying about healing.


Good for you:)   How nice that you are able to do this for yourself.  You will feel amazing after the surgery.  No amount of exercise in the world gets rid of our muffin tops.  All we need is a little help from the surgeon and we are good to go.  Wish I had done mine years ago. 

Keep us up to date and keep posting!
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Had my consulation on Wednesday and the date is...

Had my consulation on Wednesday and the date is booked for the 25 Aug!! I cannot wait, the Dr and staff seemed very nice, explained everything to me.
I feel as if a big weight is being released from my shoulders. I didn't how it affected so deeply.
I will keep everyone posted on the details.
Thank you - so glad I found this website.

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Aug 4 - 21 more days til my surgery. I have my...

Aug 4 - 21 more days til my surgery. I have my pre op appointment on Monday with the PS. The more and more I am looking at my stomach, the more excited I am getting.

The surgery is a no drains tummy tuck. From what I've read it seems to be quite effective.

Right now I'm just getting all of my natural supplements and scar cream.

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I can't seem to post in here?

I can't seem to post in here?

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Well 2 more days until my surgery! I can't wait. ...

Well 2 more days until my surgery! I can't wait. I'm walking around the house and feeling my stomach and can't wait for it to be gone. I had my pre-op appointment the other week and the PS grabbed my loose skin and said all of this will be gone. I'm also going to get some lipo on my hips.

I have tried so many different things and nothing has worked to get rid of that mommy tummy, so I'm feeling that this may be true for this procedure too. But I know it's impossible. I'm not looking forward to the pain but I cannot wait to have my stomach back again!
I bought the arnica gel, bromelain pills, and arnica pills, got my presription. From what I've read, this seems to help with the swelling and bruising. We purchased a big comfy recliner the other day to help me out.
The other thing is because the medical office is 3 hours away we are staying in a hotel overnight. It's adjoined to the medical clinic. I'm not sure how the ride home will be the following day. Hopefully not too bad.
(I have noticed, that my friends that I have told are understanding, but when I told my mom I had the opposite. I think I am the first person that I have known to do this in my circle of friends and family.)
Cannot wait! I'm constantly looking at everyone's pictures to see their results.


Your mom is just nervous for you.  She will be ok.

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Post Op Day 2, Feeling not too bad. I'm quite...

Post Op Day 2,

Feeling not too bad. I'm quite nauseaus. Here is a replay of what happened yesterday. I went in for my appointment around 9:30. I met with the recovery nurse, the anesthesologist then the PS. Dr. McLean came and marked out the areas where he was going to do the lipo and the incisions. I asked him too about my pubis mound if it was going to be puffy and he said that he would lipo that too. Around 11:00 I was brought into the surgery room and prepared. I remember talking briefly the nurse and then I was out.
The next thing I remember was I was in the recovery room with the nurse. I was really shaky, they said it was the adrenalaine. I was in the recovery room for about an hour and half. The nurse helped me to the bathroom. She then told me that they took about 2 lbs of skin. We stayed at a hotel that was connected to the clinic, so the nurse had a wheelchair for me and pushed me with my husband. She helped me into the bed and propped up my legs. I was back in the hotel room around 4:30 pm.
The lipo area on my right side was quite painful, so I started to use the arnica gel on it. I also took the percasat, bromelain pills, and arnica montana pills. I also use a product called Isagenix, which has a cleanse drink that helps to heal the body. I had a bodytalk session done too, which is a modality to heal the body. I think that this has really made an impact on my healing so far. The only thing that I have an issue with right now is Nausea.
My PS called last night to see how I was doing. He told me that they removed 3 litres of fat and approx 2 - 2/1 lbs of skin. He said it went very well.
This morning I went into the clinic to have a check up. I was very nauseas again, the nurse gave me a shot of gravol. She checked the insicion and said it all looks great. She showed us my stomach and said it looks beautiful. Because I didn't have drains, I can have a shower now (24 hours). She also put stockings on me. I notice if I'm walking around I get nausea?
We just got home - 3 hour drive back and I'm really tired. I think I am going to go for a nap.
I will post some of the pics. I have looked in the mirror and he lipo'd some of my back and my hips. My hips, I've always had these humps from the time puberty hit, then they just grew from the childbirth. He went in and worked on them too.

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After having 2 children, I had the mommy tummy and...

After having 2 children, I had the mommy tummy and I hated it. I just couldn't get it back to pre-baby. I could lose a little weight and then as soon as I gained anything, that was the first spot for it go to. I also have lower back pain, so I am hoping that with the muscle repair it will tighten up my core and alleviate and assist with my back.

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Day 3 Post Op, I am having extreme nausea today. ...

Day 3 Post Op, I am having extreme nausea today. I'm not sure if it's from the Percoset, but I'm going to stop taking it. I have Tylenol 3's that I will use.
I had a shower today and took my binder off, I just about passed out in the shower. Thank goodness my hubby was in there with me.
I'm feeling not too bad. I'm able to get out of the recliner by myself. I have a walking stick that I use around the house.

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Today is my 3rd full day post op. I'm feeling...

Today is my 3rd full day post op. I'm feeling very nauseated and lightheaded. I thought it was the percoset, so I stopped taking them last night. Took Tylenol 3's instead. I think I'm really tired, but I can't sleep.


Thanks everyone! I think I'm dehydrated, so I've been drinking as much water as I can. Feeling somewhat better now.
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Sleeping is so difficult when you can't turn at will.
Your showers will get easier... I used a stool to sit on the first two weeks. It really helped when you feel like you are going to fall over! Just take it a day at a time, nap when you can, watch mindless shows or put on soft music and meditate if you can/do.
At 2wks PO you are going to feel so different and it just keeps getting better!
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Are you taking antibiotics? I found after my hysterectomy that I would get really nauseous after taking meds. Once I quit the pain pills it continued and turned out to be the antibiotics, so I would take them at bedtime and before I would take a long nap. It helped me. Hope you get to feeling better:)
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Day 4 after the surgery. Feeling pretty good...

Day 4 after the surgery. Feeling pretty good today. I only 2 advil to help with some lower back pain and around the insicion area. I had a shower today at lunch, so I crossed my fingers that I wasn't going to pass out this time. Took the binder off and I'm swollen up in the upper abdomen area. Also, kind of freaked out by my waist, it looks really small and my hips look huge. The first thing I thought of was Jessica Rabbit. I'm thinking because my binder was up a little too high and wasn't sitting on my hips they are swollen. I look disproportionate. I know the PS did lip on my that area.
I see the PS tomorrow for a follow up.


Hey...looking good! Cheers to a fellow Canadian and a fellow Ontarian!! I am 7 weeks post op and feeling almost normal. It will get better every week. Try to take the time to recover and don't rush it. Good luck!!!
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I have opposite as I've never had hips or a booty... but MAN my boobs look huge now!!
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Those damn hips LOL !!! They should come down in a few weeks. Try to get a binder that fits comfortably right from under your breasts to under your crotch. You need to be as comfortable as possible to make recovery easier. Hang in there :)
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Sunday - Day 10 after surgery. Hello! Well it's...

Sunday - Day 10 after surgery.
Hello! Well it's been an eventful couple of days. I was feeling not too bad last week, then on thursday I started to feel a swelling happening in my pubis area. By friday it was quite red and very swollen, and hurt like a B$#$%. I called the PS office and spoke with the nurse whom was in surgery with me. Because I live 3 hours away, I sent her some pics. I didn't have any drainage happening from the stitches.
The next day it was still quite sore so I called her and she ordered some antibiotics for me. I started them in the afternoon.
Today I feel so much better, the pressure has let down in the area and I don't feel as sore and achy. I'm kind of thinking it was a little bit of an infection?
We went to Walmart today and my kids pushed me in a wheelchair. The only thing I did notice when I got home was a little bit of blood on the tape in the center (just above the pubis) and a little on the left side. Now it could just be from moving too much and a stitch came a little loose. It was just a drop of blood on both sites. I'll be going to the office this week to get checked out.
I'm hoping it's nothing to serious with everything.


Thanks I'm 10 days post op and feeling better each day. Can't wait to start to feel more normal.
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Ha ha Lisa! My husband made the comment the other day of how big my boobs look now! It just looks so much nicer now.
Thanks Meliora! I look better now that the swelling has gone down. When I first took off the binder I was a little in shock. I'm so happy that my boobs don't rest on the little roll anymore when I sit down. LOL!

Sunday Day 10 Yesterday I contacted the nurse...

Sunday Day 10

Yesterday I contacted the nurse at the clinic about my swelling. She put me on a higher dose of antibiotic and I'll be going in tomorrow to get her to check it out.

Monday Day 11

This morning I woke up and my incision right above the pubis area is starting to leak. I'm getting a little freaked out. We drove to the clinic - 3 hours away. When we arrived at the office I could barely walk, the pubic area was so swollen, tight, & painful.
When the nurse checked it - she first put a needle in to the area to draw out the fluid. It was a light red - some pus (sorry gross). I'm not sure how much she drew out.
She then took the surgical tape off of the stitches, she went to touch the insicion right above the pubic area and it just opened and started to flow. She squeezed as much as the fluid out as she could. The opening is about 2 cm wide. She packed the area and we left. It's still quite tender and it is getting a little swollen. The right side seems to be the worst of it.
I'm really hoping the antibiotics kick into high gear and this gets cleared up soon. I actually feel pretty good if it wasn't for this.


Oh no that is terrible.  I am happy that you went directly to the doctors office and had this taken care of.  I will heal up but may take a bit longer.  Hang in there.

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Hope your feeling well! Rest rest rest ! Can't say it enough!! Gd luck
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Day 14 Friday Well yesterday was my 2 week post...

Day 14 Friday

Well yesterday was my 2 week post op day. Feeling pretty good except with this setback of an open wound. We are changing the dressing twice a day. I'm curious on how it is going to heal back together.
I've been doing a little bit more and more. I sure notice how much I swell when I'm doing things. I'm not sure how some people are able to go back to work right away. Because of where the opening is, I am mostly wearing sweats or PJ bottoms.
Anyone else have an opening and how long did it take to heal?


just wanted to check in a see how you is the wound??? hope its better....and tummy is looking damn good girl!
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My open spots are finally closing and scabbing.. its taken 3 weeks
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You asked about how long it takes for the opening to heal. You can check out Cottonmomma on mommy makeover. She had two areas and one has already closed. Best wishes to a quick recovery:)
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3 weeks post op! Thursday Well, it's now...

3 weeks post op! Thursday
Well, it's now officially been 3 weeks since the "big" day. I'm glad I did it, love the results, glad I only have to do it once in this life. I find I'm achy all over. My muscles and stuff, I asked the PS, they said it's pretty normal. I definately need a good stretch, mostly my legs are achy. I have been using creams - Arnica gel, A535, etc to help out. I usually do a lot of yoga, so I guess I'm feeling pretty stagnant. I also have lower back issues, especially sciatic nerve so I'm touching wood that it doesn't flair up.

I'm still wearing a binder, it holds the dressings on and I feel more comfortable with it on. I take advil a couple of times a day to help with the swelling, but that's about it for pain medication.

I have noticed I can start to sleep a little bit on my one side, the other hip is still tender from the lipo, I'm assuming.


sorry about your openings~ I have 3 and I pack 2x day I hate it~ they say it takes up to 6 weeks first you go wet to dry and then when you get all the pus out and it's all pink and red you start to go wet to wet~ I am on week 3 and my one is starting to close and the other to are not doing so hot and I am getting a new one on my side~ is SO not fun~ I am SO SO sorry~ just one day at at time sweetie~ sorry~
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Thanks Taraf! My tummy does look awesome, the scar looks pretty good. The opening is going. It does look like it's getting a little bit smaller. It's just a pain. We are packing it twice a day.
Lisa, did you have openings too? That's what I was thinking it will take about a month to heal (fingers crossed).

Nov 13, 2011 Well it has now been just over 12...

Nov 13, 2011

Well it has now been just over 12 weeks. My infected area, opening is almost closed up. Yeah for that. Hopefully soon I can have a nice relaxing bath.
So, I found that it took me exactly 6 weeks to feel normal again, driving, walking, etc. I find my tummy gets sore if I go without my binder for a long time. I am not working so, not sure if I would be able to do the 5 days a week 9 hour days.
I find my right side right from the beginning has had more issues. I do find my scar on the right side is brighter red and more tender. I still get some tightness around my pubis area.
My belly button has healed fantastic. I'm enclosing some new pics.


I developed the infection approx 1 week into the recovery period. It was about the size of a toonie (canadian) or a silver dollar. So about 11 weeks to get it almost closed. My only concern maybe on how it heals. I'm hoping it heals flush and not concave in. My dr has said if there is anything that I want to get corrected they will do. Not sure if I would want to go there again - LOL.
The healing - yes I still wear a binder occassionaly to help me with the stability and some swelling. I am still numb beneath my BB. So I'm hoping over time it lessens.
Another thing that helped me was having sessions in "Bodytalk" really helped with the healing time, scars, and my body just adjusting to everything.

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You are looking great! I also don't get how people go back to work so soon. I hurt for everyone that doesn't get the time they need to heal. How long did it take your wound to close? I'm at almost 6 weeks waiting to close a very large opening. I'm almost 13 weeks post op.
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Looking good girl!! So glad that your opening has healed nicely ;-)
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Mississauga Plastic Surgeon

Everything has been very good, super friendly staff, Dr. McLean is very nice. So far, I do not have any complaints. I seen the results in the mirror at the dr. office and it looks pretty good.Updated on 26 Aug 2011:I just had my TT with Lipo yesterday. I found the clinic very friendly, courteous, informative, and supportive. Dr. McLean answered all of my questions and he was very nice. When I was leaving the clinic yesterday from the surgery, I was given a red rose. Very nice. I also liked the fact that I had a no drain TT, it seems to be much more comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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