Almost a year post-op. What a roller coaster. New pics.

I'm 39, and have an 18 year old son. Breast fed...

I'm 39, and have an 18 year old son. Breast fed for a short time, he just wouldn't do it. I have wanted boobs since the sixth grade when I saw a girl in my class bend over an didn't have a shirt on and I saw her boobs and wondered how come I didn't have any. All the females in my family have large chest. My younger sister is a 34 DDD. And has had large breast since 8th grade. I've been the laughing stock of my family on holidays. I exercise and try to eat right. I'm 5 foot 6 and 125 lbs. I scheduled a consultation with a PS that a couple of people recommended. I made the appointment without telling my husband. I told him the day before the appointment. My sister went with me and I had tons of questions. I hadn't decided if I was going to do it or not. I have a hard time spending money on myself. My sister said this is what you've always wanted and encouraged me. So I scheduled the surgery. Once I made that decision I was very excited and then got really scared and nervous. I scheduled the surgery a month ago so I have had a lot of time to think about it an I'm so addicted to this site. It has taught me a lot.

My pre-op is Sept. 12, and I can't wait. I'm thinking of 400 cc, moderate plus profile, under the muscle, inframmery. I want a natural look and would like to be a D cup. I'm currently 36 B. I'll post a picture as soon as I can. I've not told a whole lot of people. I work in a place that gossip spreads so fast. I've been wearing padded bras for the last month so hopefully no one will notice when I come back to work. I'm nervous about recovery and them riding high at first. I'm afraid I'll look at myself and get so depressed. I want to tell some of my friends because I feel like I need the support. Which is why I love this site so much. Any encouraging words are greatly appreciated.


I'm so glad you found RealSelf and are sharing with us here. We've got your back and will be here to offer support and information (feel free to PM me if you have any specific concerns). You might want to check out this post about what to set up and buy before your breast augmentation surgery. Please keep us updated on your progress and let us know how your pre-op goes!

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Thank you so much. I love this site! I've been trying to upload my pictures from my iPad and I'm not having much luck. Do you know how to?

Hi there,
As of now, you need to be on a desktop or laptop to be able to upload photos (hopefully that will change soon). Here's a quick tutorial.

Sept, 12, 2012 I finally posted some pictures,...

Sept, 12, 2012

I finally posted some pictures, I am very computer illiterate. I also had my pre-op appointment today. Gosh I don't know why I am so nervous. I got all of my prescriptions filled and decided on an implant. I spoke to my doctor and took about 15 pictures of other women that I liked the look of and some that I didn't. I just want a natural looking chest, I'm not trying to look 20 again, just like a sexy hot 40 year old women that knows what she wants, Ha, ha. I'm going with the Mentor Memory Gel, 400 cc, moderate plus profile. Please comment and let me know what you think. Is it too big? Too little? Would love the advice. Also, I was thinking about getting one of those wedges to sleep on, but they are like 80 bucks. I wanted to know if anyone recommended investing in one. If it's worth it I need to order it soon, or should I just use lots of pillows? I don't have a recliner so I'm wondering about sleeping. I can't believe it is just two weeks away. I'm so excited but so scared also. I will keep you updated. This site is awesome and each and everyone of you girls have given me so much to think about reading your reviews. I feel more confident I'm doing the right thing.


Yes he is. Anything I should know about?
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Congratulations on your BA & best wishes to you through out your journey. I saw you live in Kingsport... I had a consultation with Dr. Pastrick in Kingsport at the plastic surgery center of east TN. Is he by chance your Dr?
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Thanks Kooberry for the compliment. Your breast look great and so natural. I hope mine turn out as great. My surgery is sept. 26. Less than two weeks. So nervous and excited.
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Well, just one more week and I will have new...

Well, just one more week and I will have new boobies! I'm so excited and nervous. I've been trying to get everything ready. Medicine, snacks, my wedge pillow and getting my house clean. I've got to work a lot this week. I'm off the weekend and I'm going to my first football game. Then it's back to work Monday an Tuesday an then it's here. I'm so scared of what they are going to look like. I know there is no guarantee of the outcome. I'm afraid I wil hate my body even more than I do now. I've researched the doctor but there is always that fear that you overlooked something. My friends and family are so excited for me and I'm afraid to look at them after surgery. I don't know how I'm going to relax between now and then. I guess this is normal. I can't believe I finally get the opportunity to do this for myself. Keep me in your thoughts gals!


Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate the encouragement.
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Thank you for the input. I'm so nervous now that I'm having a hard time sleeping already. I hope I am able to get some rest. I may still try to order one. Thanks for the compliment. I dont know what I would do without you girls!
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I didn't sleep a wink before my surgery. I would suggest taking an Ambien or something at least the night before, it makes it a lot more stressful going into surgery all hungry and tired (my surgery was at about 3 PM so I hadn't eaten since the night before!) Just try to relax and think of how amazing it will be once it's all over. And if it makes you feel better, my surgery was yesterday and I am feeling totally fine today. No pain, I'm able to go to the bathroom and make food for myself. And don't be scared of having the 'frankenboob' look. That was my biggest worry, and although they are sitting quite high up right now, it just looks like I'm wearing an extreme push up bra.

Most importantly: stay positive! It is scary but really wonderful at the same time! You are doing something really special for yourself :)

Well three more days. The house is clean, the dogs...

Well three more days. The house is clean, the dogs are washed, and I think I've taken care of everything I need for after the surgery. I've been so busy this weekend I haven't had time to think about it. Now that I have time I'm so nervous and scared. I really hope everything goes ok and that I'm happy with the end results. I have to work twelve hour shifts the next two days so hopefully that will keep me from having a nervous breakdown. This all seems like a dream that's about to come true. I can't believe it!

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Well tomorrow is the day. I just got to work and...

Well tomorrow is the day. I just got to work and will be here for 12 hours. All I can think about us tomorrow and the days to follow. While I was getting ready this morning all I kept thinking was I sure hope I'm happy after its done. I'm so scared and nervous.

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Well,finished the work day and know its time to...

Well,finished the work day and know its time to eat a good supper and get myself prepared for tomorrow. My surgery is at 8 in the morning and I'm so sick to my stomach with nerves. When I start to think about what is going to happen to me tomorrow I want to cry. Cry because I'm scared, nervous, afraid of the pain and if everything is going to be ok. I want this and can't wait to have a nice size chest but honestly I'm scared today. I'm afraid of the unknown that I can't control. Please girls, say a prayer for me and send your positive thoughts my way. Thanks!


Hi DoN, your preop pics look great! I hope you post some after pictures and update us on how your are doing.
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How did your surgery go doin?? Hope you are healing nicely. Look forward to seeing the post op piks soon! Take care:)
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Good luck to you tomorrow! I was sooo worried and anxious before my surgery, but trust your doctor and relax! I am now six days post-op and feeling GREAT! Have your bed all ready with the wedge pillow (mine was only $29) with your own pillows on top, some water and crackers, and stay up on your pain meds!
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Well, it's been 17 days since my BA and I haven't...

Well, it's been 17 days since my BA and I haven't done any updates. I've taken pictures and will try to upload them in the next couple of days. The surgery went well. When I woke up I didn't think they had done it yet. I really didn't have any major problems. It was more of a soreness and tightness than any pain. My doctor has me wearing the strap for the first three weeks and then I can wear a sports bra. He also doesn't do the massaging. I kinda wished he did because I wish they would drop quicker. They are really high and are dropping some. The right has dropped more than the left. Because of this I have gotten so depressed about them. I'm afraid there is something wrong with the left. I'm afraid if it doesn't drop soon it won't go into the pocket. Or, maybe there is something wrong with the right and the left is normal. I don't know, but I am a worry wart and I have cried so much. I just wanna be gorgeous and beautiful and love my body, and I was never that girl growing up and I'm so afraid I was never meant to be her and my boobs will turn out gross. To make matters worse my husband barely looks at them and my friends have touched them more than he, and that really makes me think they are gross looking. He says he just doesn't want to hurt me.

I had a two week post op appt. on Oct. 11, and my doctor says they are looking good and everything is normal. He says not to worry. He says they are going to look great, that it just takes time. I've had a little swelling, no bruising and my incisions look great. I'll post pics soon. I wonder if my doctor is just telling me that cause he knows that's what I want to here, or if he is being honest. You just never know. I know someone who has had a boob job by him and hers are beautiful. She says this is normal the way I'm feeling and in three months I will love them. I knew it would take time I just wish I knew if everything was really ok. Like I said I'm a real worry wart. I wonder if I did massaging that would hurry it along, but I really want to do what my doctor tells me. Please pray for me girls, if I loose the little bit of confidence in myself, I'll probably crawl in a cave.

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Oct. 12, I went ahead and posted the pics. Please...

Oct. 12, I went ahead and posted the pics. Please be honest and tell me what you think. I don't know why that left incision looks so pink in the picture it's really not. Thanks for all your thoughts. Feedback is very appreciated.


Congrats on your surgery. You look good for the stage of healing you are currently at. It takes time, it took me a good 5 months to see major changes. And I am still seeing it today. They will drop, when you hear 6 months, that is a VERY TRUE statement! Good Luck and take it easy on yourself :)
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Thank you very much Rxgirl. Patience is so hard sometimes. I can't wait till I'm able to say those same things and love my boobies.
Hi girls. can someone help me please im trying to get my breast done my problem is the i always was told the saline was more natural but this thursday i went to see another dr wish i like him but his fee is to much and also he told me the silicone was more that natural look can someone please tell me thank you eme .

Oct. 17, 3 week mark and the doctor says I can...

Oct. 17, 3 week mark and the doctor says I can quit wearing the strap and wear a good sports bra with no underwire. So I've been wearing it today. It feels a little strange now after wearing the strap for three weeks. They still have a lot if dropping to do so I wonder if I should continue wearing the strap until they do. The left one is still a bit higher than the right. I wonder if it will catch up with the right. The waiting game is crazy. I guess I'll know how I really feel about them when they are completely dropped. My next dr appointment is the 26 th and I can't wait to hear what he ha to say. Lots of luck ladies on this roller coaster of body changes.


Hi there, how did you feel having both surgeries at once? I'm thinking about getting a mini-tummy tuck. I'm hoping to have my surgery in January. :)
I only had a BA. I'm not quite brave enough for a tummy tuck.

Nov. 12 2012, Well, it's been awhile since my last...

Nov. 12 2012, Well, it's been awhile since my last update. I have been really depressed in the last few days. All in all there has only been a couple of days that I have liked them. I have felt something was wrong with them since my first post op appointment and told my doctor and he said give it time. I took his advice and tried to be patient but now I think something is wrong more than ever. They look like two completely different boobs. I hate looking at them. I think my doctor is avoiding telling me there is something wrong. I am so depressed and feel so stupid for not being satisfied with what I had to begin with. I am an emotional wreck. I see my doctor tomorrow. I pray God gives me the strength to tell my doctor how I feel and that he is honest to me about what is wrong. I'm not one to share my feelings. Please send me your prayers ladies. Good luck to you all.


Talk with your doctor. He/she will tell you the truth. They are not going to hide anything from you because that wouldn't do their reputation any good. I think this whole thing is a wild emotional roller coaster and I suspect that is pretty normal. I have not been happy since I did this and have question why did I mess with this. But I think as the pain disappears and the breasts begin to look and feel more like your own you will be happier. Keep your chin up.
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I would be honest and tell your doctor how you feel. You spent your money on them, you should feel like it wass a great thing and be excited for having them. I would though really be open with him and say how you feel. if there is something wrong then he should fix it. My prayers are with you.
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Thank you so much. I'm nervous about tomorrow.

Nov. 13, well I had my doctors appointment today....

Nov. 13, well I had my doctors appointment today. My doctor says to give it time and says its normal that he wouldn't be able to tell if something was wrong till at least 3 months to give it some time. He wrote a lot of stuff down in my file. He wants to see me in a month. I tried not to break down and cry but I did. He assured me everything was ok. I guess for now I will just keep them hidden from everyone including myself.

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Nov 15th, I uploaded some pictures. Please give me...

Nov 15th, I uploaded some pictures. Please give me your input ladies. Still depressed. : (


Hi DoNthis4me, I am sorry that you are having to experience this emotional rollercoaster! The things we women do to look good! In my opinion, It looks like your implants still have some dropping to do. This can be seen in the side shots, note the upper-pole bump. Our breasts change in appearance so much through this process and some ladies take longer than others. When situations like this arise it is usually best to try to distract yourself from them so you don't obsess.I know...easier said than done. If you are trying to figure out if you have CC, the best and easiest way to tell in my opinion is to lay face down on the floor with arms at sides. If you feel a hard ball in either one, that is probably the most for-sure indicator. It will feel very obvious that something isnt right. I have CC in my left side and could totally feel that. Hope that helps. Good luck to you I hope it all evens out soon for you.
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Thank you so much scrappy for your kind words and advice. This ha truly been a emotional roller coaster. I worry about it all the time. I'm such a worry wart. I can't sleep and I'm always quiet. I start crying and everybody just keeps saying what's wrong. But I don't want to tell anyone because I feel like such a fool. I should be happy right now. :(
Awww, you really sound like you are having a hard time! I am really feeling for you. Try to ignore them for a while. Quit looking at them and just continue on. For right now, nothing can be done with them but to wait. Have you been reading others reviews? You will see that many go through changes and come out on the right end of things. You are not a fool, it will all work out dont worry. Chin up girlie! But really, you need to distract yourself and quit thinking about it. Can you try to do that? And you know what? You look great in your tank top! I dont know why you dont like the way you look in it. You just have some dropping to do. Hugs girl!

Question? Can an implant move back up instead of...

Question? Can an implant move back up instead of down? I did push ups and boy that felt strange, but since then my right implant seems higher than it was. Anyone have any input?


Yes, sounds like we are copying each others stories! Post more pics! When do you go back for another appt? I go Jan. 31st
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I dont see what you see? Your boobs dont look bad...
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Hey DoNthis, any updates? I am wondering how you are doing...
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1/24/13. Well I'm almost 4 months and I went to...

1/24/13. Well I'm almost 4 months and I went to see my PS and he says the right one is still a little high and he is not sure it will come down any further. He says it looks normal, just a tad higher than the left. He is going to check it again at the end of March. He said I can have surgery again and have the pocket redone. My down time would be another three weeks and it would cost a grand. So look at the pictures ladies and tell me what you honestly think. I just don't want to look like a freak in a bikini.


Go try on bikinis and see. I think they look good but it's your decision on what you think is best. Do what feels right for you and I hope things get better for you. When do you go back to see your PS? Maybe you can post pic and ask doctors on this site for opinion. Good luck!!!
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Hey there you will be fine. I learned that you have to stop obsessing over them naked looking for perfection cause that's not how we will be living. Dress them up in bras and bikinis and see how you look. I started getting boob greed and my bf was like they're nice. I showed my friend who had a BA and she was like they're huge. Had to train my brain to see them dressed up in cute tops, bralettes and lingerie. Try it out one day just go shopping and have done fun with them. Even if you don't buy anything, you will feel better about your babies. Good luck and jerk us posted. You look fabulous.
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HAHA, my boob greed showed up...right on schedule as I'm 4 weeks out... lolol.. I like my fullness on the boobs everywhere but I don't have as much cleavage or fullness between as I had hoped and now I'm thinking about that! isn't it stupid, really...! but then I push em a little together and bam, there it is...get a pushup bra...

Well, it's been almost a year post-op, and four months since my last update.

My last update was at about four months and if you read my review you can tell I wasn't very happy with the results. My PS told me to give it time that it sometimes takes a year to see final results. I can say now that I am finally happy with the way things are turning out. I think they look very natural, which is what I wanted. I am 40 and wanted nice breast but real looking breast. My friends that have came over for pool parties cannot believe the results. As a matter of fact, we where at the lake and a friend of mine was commenting on another females fake breast. She said you can so tell they are not real. Me having a bathing suit top asked how about mine. She couldn't believe the results. I ended up showing them to several of the woman in our group because they had also thought about having breast augmentation done. Several of my friends have even taken the doctors information and plan on getting consultations. It sure does change thinks with the way people look at you. Men can't take their eyes off of them and women are envious. My husband loves them and so do I, and that's all that matters. I must say this experience has been a roller coaster for me. I tried to prepare myself for it and believed I failed. I have such hard feelings toward myself. Also, the friends who supported me in the beginning seem different now, and some friends,who I thought where my best are no longer close and never once asked me if I was ok or anything. That broke my heart. I can hardly wear any of the tops I had before so I've bought some new clothes and bras. It's nice to wear sun dresses without a bra. They feel very natural and feel like they belong to me. I wished I would have done it years ago. I'm going to post updated pictures so give me your info girls! Are they too big? Do they fit my body size?


Oooooh my goodness! your results look amazing. They turned out Great! I guess Patience is Key & it is Truely a Virtue. But those babies look WEEEEELL worth the wait!
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Thank you so much. I love them now. Its such a process but well worth it!
Very natural looking!!! They became identical I think by month 4 right? Congrats!!!
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Dr. Gregory Pastrick

A very talented artist/surgeon, who knows what he is doing. He kept telling me give it time, be patient, and he was right. I love them!

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