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I initially bought a Groupon for 2 chemical peels...

I initially bought a Groupon for 2 chemical peels I had 1 done a week before my wedding which was on 9/26/13. I asked the owner what could be done for my scarring she recommended Fraxel (Fractional Laser) at 1st I said no b/c I thought the price would be a few thousand dollars. She gave me a deal cah price for 2 treatments which was a great price. I got my 1st done on 10/19/13. She applied numbing cream which had to stay on for 1 hour prior to the laser. The treatment took literally 5 minutes and it was an unusual feeling but it was not painful. I was bright pink right but it subsided. My husband &
I went out to eat right after. I put lots of pillows under my head as advised to do so to sleep that night. (more in a upright position) I followed directions precisey - like don't wear make up for 1 week and use facial system provided. Day 3 my skin felt like sand paper and if your looked very closely you could see teeny brown spots from the laser. This went away after 1 weeks time. My skin looks so much better and my scarring has significantly reduced. I actually get compliments on my skin now, AMAZING. I got my 2nd treatment 6 weeks later and she increased the laser and I asked if she could do a second pass on the few areas that needed special attention (deeper scarring) and she did. I clenched my teeth a bit I felt it a lot more but it was well worth it. I can honestly say my scarring has diminished by 75%. One more treatment and I will be done. I was told by a dermatologist years ago only a CO2 laser could help my scarring and I would have ghost face the rest of my life (it would never tan again) and it would cost $5000 glad I did not listen to that quack.

Here are pics !

Wanted to post some pics to show my progress, I belive this was after my 1st Frazel treatment. I had 2 she went alot deeper the 2nd time. I had a friend send me these pics. I can't locate the sim card which had all the pics on it. I was very red initially after each Frazel whihc subsided in 1 days time.
DaVinci Skin Care

Caring, felt extremely comfortable, walked me thru the entire process, she called me the following day to see how I was feeling (you don't get that type of care, ever! except at DaVinci) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Thanks so very much!! Had no idea how it worked. Amazing results for you!
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Thank you for taking the time to share your photos :)
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Hi shouldbemarried1, Fractional laser can go very deep, just ask a lot of people on this forum and at first you look fine but over the years it shows all the damage that has been done. It has ruined my skin and many, many others. Believee me, when she asked you if she should go deeper, you should have said no. When you described it as paper towel and the picture you showed of it looking like a paper towel....those marks (the paper towel or grid marks) will actually surface in a couple of years and then you will do more than call her a quack-you will be pissed!!!
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I never used the words paper towel or grid marks? I know what is best for my skin ! Who you choose to go to is probably the most important as far as outcome b/c their experience probably determines 90% of the outcome. Also I did not call the person/facility that did my fraxel a quack. I was referring to the dermatologist that said only CO2 would improve my scarring and I said she told me I would have "ghost face" for the rest of my life". Please don't confuse me with other posts you are reading and don't blob all the things you've read into one thought.
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k2014, This was a very odd response. You must have been reading someone's else's post. There were no photos of paper towel or grid marks. She LOVED her dermatology team, and used the word quack in terms of the first dermatologist years ago who said it would cost $5K and she would have a ghost face. I hope you are mistaken about the expectations. Your posting certainly is frightening, and I wonder if dermatologists and PS would be doing it if the results are what you described. If this happened to you, were you with a board certified PS or dermatologist?
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co2 and fraxel laser are same ? what is your skin type
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They are not the same. Fractional laser achieves a re-surfacing effect and is not as "deep" as CO2 laser. The downtime is less with fractional therefore the chance of a complication is far less also. I went out to eat at a dimily lit resturant 30 minutes after my treatment. Had the lighting been normal I would not have gone b/c your face is red/pink like a fresh sun burn. I really did not have any downtime as far as being able to go out into public although you can't wear makeup for 1 week which was something I never do. I had to also use a prticular skin care system that was provided to me. (gentle skin cleanser, repair oil & a sunblock) I found th eoil to be itchy but was told that the skin healing from the laser. I was told by a top dermatologisdt that with CO2 you get ghost face meanign your face will no longer have the ability to tan or get any colr-that to me say how much damage CO2 is reallty doing to your skin, no thanks. CO2 costs about $5,000 and only 1 treatment would really be needed. I am planning my 3rd and final fraxel whihc will them be a total of $1,200 spentfor fraxel and I am def. happy with my results.
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Really encouraged and motivated after reading your post , thank you so m much sharing your experience finally I see some positive reviews. I probably shouldn't go to the dermatologist told me fraxel and co2 have same effect for acne scarring and recommended me fractional RF FOR mild acne scars large open pores but I searched at real self that this treatment is not gold standard instead its just a mini lift
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Your response was appropriate and calm to k2014's rather upsetting posting. Thanks for clarifying the different txs for those of us who have not fully explored the options. I am so thrilled for you!!!!
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I am thrilled for you, thank you for sharing your experience with us and best of luck on your next treatment! Are you taking any progress photos, if so, are you willing to share some with the community?
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I do have before during and after pictures. I will try to get the pictures uploaded in the next week. The pics are on my old phone so it will take some effort to post but I am sure I can do it, thanks,
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