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I am a 29 year old female who has always been big...

I am a 29 year old female who has always been big boned.I considered my self healthy because I watch what I eat and exercise. After meeting my husband I gained weight. I lost 30lb on my own and than a stand still happen. So now I'm kickboxing an results are slow. So I have decided to have smart Lipo. I am getting upper and lower abs, sides, waist, lower back and inner thigh. My procedure is this Saturday and super excited!

April 3rd and 2 days aways from my procedure. So I...

April 3rd and 2 days aways from my procedure. So I figured since I'm putting all this money out I want to really start right. So today I went and got a colonics and I feel lighter and more entergized. The Good thing was that my stomach went down a whole lot.

Ok 1 more day to go to see if all this money was...

Ok 1 more day to go to see if all this money was well worth it. I started taking my Arnicare 3x a day today to help with the healing process. I added pictures today of me before. Now I mention I got an colonics the other day so look at the side view pictures where I have clothes on that was 2 hours before colonics and the other side view picture is me after the colonics. My stomach went down a lot and it made me feel so much better.
Make sure to post ur progress.. good luck tomorrow.. :)
Just did mine a couple of weeks ago. You look great now, but after your swelling goes down you'll probably feel great too! Keep us posted!
Yes I have not had mines done yet I go this saturday April 6. I am very excited!

Ok Its the day after my procedure and I have a few...

Ok Its the day after my procedure and I have a few things to say lol. The procedure was fast to me because I was druged up lol. The part that was hard for me was when they were adding the fluid to numb me. After that it was smooth sailing. I was fully alert and easy going when my husband was driving me home but still sleepy from the pills. Ok so the nurse asked me what size garment and I told her an extra large and she said its suppose to be tight so she game me a large to take home with me also. Ok I was bleeding alot. I was changing pads every 10 15 minutes. I got worried but I figured it out that my garment was not tight enough. So I out on the Large over the extra large and I was fine then. I was told to drink alot of fluid like juice and gatorade not just water. It is 12pm and I been up since 8 and I made the family breakfast already and got a load of laundry in lol. The DR called and told me to take it easy so when the laundry is done Im going back to bed. But my advice is to make sure your garment fit you tight it will help with the fluids and blood. But other than that I feel good and at this point happy with going through with it.
Im glad everything went well and wish you great results. I am on my 12th day post op and very happy with the results. There will be days when you will feel like your body looks the same, but aways remember this is a long process. Peace.
Yes I am prepared for this long road. And today I can see my Dr did his thing lol. I'm suppose to get my inner thighs done on the 27 now that worries me.

Well today I am back to work and I'm a driver so I...

Well today I am back to work and I'm a driver so I took a tylenol and I'm am feeling good. Still numb and at times a little uncomfortable but still happy with my decision. I see where I have had that fat remove but can't wait till the swelling is done to see my real results.
What all did you have done? I had my upper and lower abs, flanks and bra fat done. They charged me $4500 for all of it. I was just wondering how much you were charged? I am hoping that I am still swollen cause I am not down as far as I want to be. I am still sore and a LITTLE bruised yet...I had it done on March 22. So far it has been worth it:)
For my price it includes my lower upper abs. Waist, hips, and inner thigh which is scheduled for the 27 of april. My price for all of that is 7240. Remember they go by your BMI to see what price rage you are in. Do you have any pics?
Sorry it took so long to get back to ya, I don't get on much. I only have the before pictures right now and wont post any until I get the after ones done in May....

Today was my one week post opt. The nurse said I'm...

Today was my one week post opt. The nurse said I'm coming alone good but I have not idea what she see. Lol all my swelling in at the bottom of my stomach and I feel pregnant. I can not recall seeing and post that says be prepared to have some sweat pants or maternity pants hanby after the procedure . Other than that I'm doing fine just swollen and very sore.
Hang in there girl, the swelling will slowly go away. And you're right, I don't remember being told to have maternity clothes around lived in sweatpants and loose yoga pants for a couple of weeks Keep up the good work!

Alright saturday was my 2 week post opt. I am...

Alright saturday was my 2 week post opt. I am still swollen but the pain is almost non existent. I have my second precedure on friday the 26 and I am going to get my arms done and back bra roll. I figured since we are headed twords the summer I would work on my upper body and next year work on the thighs. So can't wait cause now I know what to expect.

Update time! Everything is going great Saturday...

Update time! Everything is going great Saturday May 4 will be my 4 week mark but I am still swollen in the middle. I have hardness and still looking for a massage person. I can finally fit back into my jeans and tie my own shoes lol. Tomorrow I am going for my second procedure on my arms and back bra roll. This was suppose to been done but I had a allergic reaction to the antibiotic (keflex). So that has passed and I am excited about tomorrow.

Thusday May 2nd I got my arms done and my back bra...

Thusday May 2nd I got my arms done and my back bra roll. This was not as bad as my upper and lower abs. Recovery was a breeze very litte bleeding and I was back to reality the next day. My stomach is healing well but still trying to a massage.
omg thanks for sharing your review. I went to sono bello and got a quote last wk and also put a deposit down for lipo of three area 5500 cash. But they did not include my bra roll fat just abdomen and waist for 5500. At first i was wowed until i started doing more research and i notice Dr talaie is not curve friendly. I mean i only see small girls on pics he do and the bigger girls like use he does not scuplt well.. U look nice but i believe he could have shaped u better and i really see alittle difference in tummy and u paid 7500 . I am withdrawing my deposit asap. I think i am going to stick to Yily de los Santos. Thanks for sharing and have safe recovery.
Well my figure looks a whole lot better. Dr talie shaped me really well and near my belly button I still have a hard lump becuse I have not gotten a massage yet. He didn't take the max because he didn't want me to have the chance of sagging skin. I'm pleased and ask to see other patients pics there are a lot of big girls that turned out really good.


My recovery has been good. I have a few complaints as in I should of let the dr take the max. But I still have a huge difference in my clothes. People ask me if I lost weight. I have not kept of with massages because I couldn't find anyone and the one peson wanted sooo much. But I found a lady with a great price so let see what happens.

3 months

I am late on massage because I couldn't find a person in philly until recently. I have a huge hard spot in my mid section that has been massage and helping out a lot. Wearing a Garment is a must it helps shape you and I ignored that so I purchased a new and tighter garment. I went from a 2xl to a xl. So I am happy thus far the back side of me is still up in the air.
Would u think he priced well for his work compared to other doctors in Philly?
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I searched the internet and didn't see any bad reviews, also they gave me a great price.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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