Is my Skin Healing Normal After 30% TCA Peel? - Killeen, TX

I received a 30% TCA peel six days ago by a...

I received a 30% TCA peel six days ago by a licensed dermatologist. I'm just trying to figure out if my skin is suppose to be looking like this? I am on day 6. I'm starting to panic and think my peel went wrong. I have been using sun screen, Aquaphor and bleaching cream. Ive already peeled most of it off. If anyone could please help me out and let me know if this or normal. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid but I feel like my doctor isn't telling me that the peel went wrong. Also does anyone know how long it'll take for the pinkness to go away or fade? And when I can get another chemical peel? Thanks so much.

When I said "I peeled most if it off already" I...

When I said "I peeled most if it off already" I meant most of the skin has already peeled off naturally. I didn't pick at it.
My face has healed well although I still have some slight brown marks near my eye brows and a minor chunk ok skin missing on my left cheak. But it has gotten soo much better, I think what had happened was the dermatologist used a too high percentage TCA peel that wound up burning my skin. But it's all good.
Did it heal up well after all this time?
How long till it healed? I'm really really worried about mine. I got a 30% Glycolic peel and I'm so worried my skins going to stay this way.

My skin now, 9 months later.

My skin is a lot better. Healed pretty well :) I first used retina micro .04% for a couple months, then stopped and used olay regenerist microdermabrasion once a week, olay regenerist spf 15 moisturizer during the day, and last olay regenerist elexir (sp?) almost every night.
I'm in Cove! Where did you go to get the peel done?
Would you test the lactic acid peel on your skin first 25%
I think, judging by the pictures, that the peel was performed properly and with the proper percentage. I know you said you didn't "pick it," but you said you picked the skin that was already peeling off...that dead skin was probably still attached in some spots and even a slight pulling can open up the raw skin and then bacteria can be introduced. That's what it looks like to me...that you got an infection in those spots. I did the exact same thing with my 25% peel years ago. Glad your face healed up so nicely!
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