Day three and I'm feeling well. The swelling is...

Day three and I'm feeling well. The swelling is uncomfortable at times but it's less today than yesterday. My first post op was yesterday and dr day says I'm doing excellent. No drains just a binder this time. He took just over a liter of fat from my tummy and says it's basically gone. My breasts sagged significantly and hindered me during exercise as well as in the ability to wear smaller tops.

Day 4

Day four and I really feel no pain. I'm a little tired and tender directly underneath my breasts where there is bruising. I have some tenderness on my flanks due to the liposuction but overall I feel good. I am beginning to feel a slight itching but it's nothing that I find to bothersome. I already feel very happy with how my breasts are much perkier and my nipples point straightahead. I look forward to wearing small tops or little sundresses and not having huge sagging boobs or having to wear heavy duty strapless bras.
Welcome to the community.   What amazing results.  The bruising will be very colorful for a while.  You will take on every color of the rainbow.  
Congrats and happy healing !!!
Thank you!! :)

Day 5

I basically feel fine- I have tenderness on my sides but no pain. I'm only taking Motrin - I went out today to the grocery and visited friends at the gym. I wish I
Could workout now but I don't want to hurt myself. I am happy with my breasts now - I know they're going to settle down and not be as firm eventually. My swelling is less today and my brushing is fading. I credit my recovery to fitness. If you take care of your body - it takes care of you :) happy healing!

Day 6- Christmas Eve

Feeling good- follow up today. Ps removed steristrips from under breasts- that sorta hurt! Got a look at my cuts and I'm totally pleased with the look. I had an awesome surgeon! Not released to work out yet- 1 more week.
Thank you! Merry Christmas!

1 week later

So last week at this time I'd been out of surgery for about 6 hours- today my steri aria are off and I'm feeling well. Today is the first day I saw my nipples- they're a little weird looking but I still have feeling and I know they'll heal. My swelling decreases each day and overall I feel great. Updating pix today.
So glad to hear you are doing well! Dr Day did my BBL last December and is doing my TT on the 15th. He is the most amazing surgeon I know!

Two weeks and one day out

Overall I am so very pleased with my left – I've been traveling a lot over the holidays and sitting in the car was uncomfortable at times. My binder is irritating because it rubs my skin and sometimes I just want to lay out flat and relax. My breasts are dropping a little bit and looking a little more normal. One of my nipples looks a tiny bit red and I called my doctor who prescribed another round of antibiotics just to be safe – especially since I am out of town. I've worked out if you times and I feel pretty good. It's not that fun to have my breast bounce though and it causes a little bit of pain in my upper chest pectoral area. I'll be going to the doctor again on Monday and will update. One of the things that I find most troublesome to deal with is the fact that my nipples are hard a lot and it's uncomfortable because I'm not supposed be wearing a bra now. I went to a local store and bought silicone nipple covers. They are at he said but is very gentle and the center around the nipple is not adhesive at all. They fit close to the skin and they're comfortable and keep my nipples from rubbing all the time which is very uncomfortable to me. When I have them on I feel a lot better and I take them off at night to ensure that my skin can breathe.
Your incisions look great !! Your scars are going to be barely noticeable... Happy healing!
He did my Tt too - did you see the review? Make sure you get up at the hospital :)
I am 1 year out from the breast lift and love, love, love them! He is amazing! I did see your TT review, and your results are wonderful.

Before and after added

Sorry about all the typos - talking into your phone doesn't always work ;)
Do you mind telling me what size bra you were before and after your lift? I'm getting a lift also and you look perfect! We look like similar size.
I wore a 42D but I always had to wear a strong underwire bra. My breast tissue was very saggy but it did look okay in a good bra :-) now my same bras seem to fit but they are not the main support – rather my breasts stand up on their own. :) Best wishes with your lift
Did you just have a lift or did you get implants as well?

Check up at day 20

At my checkup today my Dr. said that I am healing wonderfully. He popped some of my stitches near my cleavage to release some of the puckering in the skin... I found this painful and I did not like it. The stitches will eventually dissolved
but he wanted to rush things along a little bit. I was released to work out and resume activities. He stated that nothing I can do will undo the work has been done. I would put back in one month for pictures.
Yea you look awesome no implants needed!!
Thank you so much for your well wishes :-)

3 weeks 5 days

Almost one month out and I'm feeling fine --scars are fading and swelling lessens all the time. Updating to post picture.

Update for pictures

You look great!
Thanks :) I'm happy with my decision.
Thank you :) I'm so glad I did it

On month and six days post-op

So I'm nearly 5 weeks out and I'm feeling basically normal. I've resumed working out although I'm not quite at the intensity that I was before. Basically I have no pain although it is uncomfortable sometimes during stretching type exercises that pull at the incisions. My breasts have dropped and are much softer then they were and I think they are looking normal yet perky :-) my nipples are still rather sensitive and seems like they are hard more often than they used to be. I am still wearing the same size bra that I wore before surgery but now my breast stand up rather than being fully supported by the strong underwire. I'm extremely happy with my decision to have it left. My surgeon is an expert in my opinion – my scars are fading to the point where I feel confident that they will barely be noticeable and a month or so. One note jumping type exercises still are a little uncomfortable as the breast tissue moves up and down. I do feel a little soreness in my pectoral area after I do a lot of jumping because there is some swelling immediately following workouts. I know this will subside in the long run and things will be back to normal :-)
I just read your review, looked and your pictures, absolutely wonderful. I am a 61 now......just beginning to read reviews on Breast-Lift Breast-reduction I am schedule for surgery 2/12/2014 I am currently a 34G..... Underwire Bras Suck!!!!!!!! Can only dream of a Normal sized Breast LOL Last Sept 2013 at age 60 I had a Full Tummy Tuck I healed very quickly with no problems, my journey and story are posted here on RealSelf . I can only hope and pray this upcoming surgery will have a similar outcome. THANKS for sharing you experience.... any words of wisdom....advice welcomed (((Hugs waiting for smaller Jugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
The scars are barely visible, very nice

Six weeks today

I am six weeks postop today. I am feeling basically normal. When I jump a lot during workouts I do feel a tenderness in my upper chest but I talked to my doctor and he said that's normal as scar tissue is forming. I had a small black spot on one of my scars – see picture – and I went to the doctor to have it checked. It was a stitch that didn't dissolve as well and he removed it with tweezers. My scars are fading quickly and the ropey-ness of my underneath scars is flattening out quite a bit. Really I feel fine and I am very pleased with my decision. I have less nipple sensitivity as time goes on. I am wearing the same bra size I wore before surgery and they fit well with no muffin top to the top of my bra of saggy breast tissue.
Thank you so much for your comments. I pray that your surgery goes well and that you are very pleased with your decision as well.
Word of advice would be to buy the silicone nipple shields to wear for comfort as you heal but before you are wearing a bra. Also those cheap spandex type sports across from Walmart were a lifesaver to me :)
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