Breast Reduction Surgery Journey

Hey, so Today, December 4, 2013 I received...

Hey, so Today, December 4, 2013 I received confirmation that on January 29th I will be going under to get my breast reduction. Fortunately insurance is paying for it!!! I will be informing y'all onto my Operation: New Boobies...

5'2 228lbs 40J(what my bra says, but they're bigger than that)...

I've had big boobs since I was 8. I skipped the whole training bra stage. I was a C/D by 9th grade & at a DDD by graduation of high school...I LOVE my girls, God knows I do! BUT it cost too much to house them & they're stressing my body out...

Right now I have a few concerns & worries. 1. My boyfriend will look at me differently. He says he's not but I donno. He's encouraging me to get it done, said "you keep saying ur in pain, why not get it done." 2. Im scared im not gonna have any nipples!! My current nipples point towards the floor and I was told that it's a great chance I will loose them... (Kevin hart voice keeps playing in my head: oooooo he said you ain't got no nipples!!!) 3. It's a big change!!

But, im ready for the journey!!!

Advice is appreciated!


I forgot i was posting my journey lol...anywho, last week i had my pre-op!!! Things just got real. Im a big ball of nerves...

During my pre-op my doctor just told me everything that will be done, what he'll be taking me down to...I have to get my surgery done in a hospital, i have to stay over night... He said he cant take me down lower than a D, so he said ill mostly be a D/DD... ALSO, he said hes gonna try his best for my nipples (my biggest fear is losing them)...

During the pre-op i also did a mammogram. Kudos to yall women that has to get them done. It hurts...

I was prescribed my meds and go to pick them up friday...did i mention that i had to be at the hospital at 5am on the 29th?

muscle spasms? & Sizing these girls up...

Okay so recently ive been geeting these real bad sharp pains in my shoulders & between my shoulder blades. I litterally be in tears. Ive never had a muscle spasm (@ leastidont think i have) so i donno if thats what ive been having...

So i tol yall my doc said D/DD...I told him ill be fine with a DD, he said thats still too big...heres why i say a DD... 1. To everyone with small boobs or no boobs thats big, but when ur coming from a J/K/L, thats a good size... 2. Im afraid if i go lower i would hit a depression... 3. My first post i was 228, i have lost 10lbs since then and still losing. so i figured theyd go down when i drop 30 more lbs

night b4/& 5hrs b4

So, im in my feelings i cant drink after 12midnight causr right now im THIRSTY!!!! Yesterday i was a bigball of nerves, my manager said just take deep breaths and ill be ok....yeeeeeaaaaaaah, well its noy really praying i wont regret my decision...

Also, i woke up at 130am and cant go back to sleep!!! Ive been hearing the wetness from cars and damnit if its not snowing...i know surgery better not be cancelled..treat it like rain cuz its nothing serious..damn polar vortex...any who, let me try and rest!! Pictures befor surgery will be posted!


its DONE!!

Im in the worst pain ive ever felt!! :-( my back hurts cuz i cant sleep good...i cried after surgery cause i thought i didnt have any far i still have my nipples & feeling in them...i cant really type right now so im gonna go ahead anf sleep...


MY LEFT breast and nipple has a burning docyor saidi
M a full D/DD...i weighed myself b4 going to the doctors and weighed myself today. I lost 5lbs from the reduction!!!

Question, when i shower tomorrow do i put a new set of dressings on???

I was still dopped up i dont remember what my doctor was really telling me about takinh care of the healing process. So now im scared

2nd day post

Im not hurting so much this morning, although i am very stiff so im trying to move around a lot so blood can circulate & i dont develope bed sores...i cant wait until i can lay on my stomach again... I cant eat. My best friend brought pizza yesterday,.i couldnt eat it =( so she brought me yogurt & progresso soup... I still couldnt eat. Like i have no apitite. My boyfriend made me drink some of the broth though...

I just want to say this journey is truly making appreciate and love my boyfriend even more...

sore throat

My throat has been sore since i woken up from surgery!!! Ugh...

bleeding and home alone

So, im home alone and my left breast just kept throbbing on the side. I get up to go to the bathroom & i see that blood is seeping through my surgical bra...not a whole lot but its lost on wgat to do!!!

Shower time!!!

After almost passing out, my shower was love. The love that we have for each other was just expressed in one out of one hundred was it could be expressed...he was so gentle and patient with me. I felt like a child as he bathe me... i love him so much more for being able to go through this experience with me...

A little pain & mother nature

So, im haven't thought about it but I missed my last week of birth control bcuz of this surgery & in return mother nature is starting to show up... I was wondering why I wanted all the fattening food but I have absolutely no appetite...

And im assuming that's why im getting pain in my breast. I want to believe that is why...aside from that, my butt is KILLING me and I have the worst cabin fever ever when im awake! Im ready to be able to leave whenever I want. Just want that freedom to go

Not feeling well...

Im not feeling well at all today...i just feel sick, hungry but i have no appetite, my stomach is hurting & im tired of lying around...i cant wait until this healing process is over...

tightness & bleeding

My left breast keeps getting tight but im still bleeding from my right breast...i took a pill so im bout to go back to miserable...

Morning Pain

Im in so much Pain this morning i just wanna cry! & i dont wanna keep taking these pills... Im just tired & ready for it to be over...


I have not contacted my doctor butI talked to my grammy...I have just been so overwhelmed. Im gonna TRY to relax...I don't think im healing bad, I just be in Soooo much pain from being sore. I don't do any type of pain & the fact that I be home by myself ALL DAY (boyfriend gets home around 9pm)it's like I have no choice but to get up. I have to eat (thank God Grammy brought me yogurt & fruittoday), let the dog out & use the bathroom. So sitting still is kinda impossible, but im gonna try ...

New outlook

So, im feeling much better today...Right now I am on the meds but the only downfall is my headaches (I suffer from migraines) I am taking it easy...I do apologize for my rant but I had a breakdown. I never thought id have one but I did, now im over it...I am okay though and about to go to sleep....

Oh, great news, I've lost 60lbs! Im extremely excited about that!!!

One Week Later...

What a rough week it has been!!! But its over! Im not in pain anymore. Im just a little sore...i can tell everything is starting to heal cause my incisions are starting to itch...

Im having a "New Me" Party on the 22nd so eveyone can have a chance to see me and my accomplishments (weight loss, i hit my goal) excited. Im trying to see what im going to wear. Do i wanna do a dress or jeans, a blazer & nice shirt...the dcisions, the decisions lol...

when can i?

When can i sleep on my side? When can i sleep on my stomach?


i know im posting bout my reduction journey but i did mention my weightloss so il going to post pics that im proud squats have been paying off and my back fat has disappeared...ill be starting my 1-2mile walks tomorrow...

just an before & after update

Hey ladies, I've been sooo sore, getting burst of pressure her and doctor said I could walk, he suggest that I go for walks but every time I stepped out the house to get a breath of fresh air it felt like my incisions were about to burst. im a little depressed I can't leave... I have a doctors appt on Thursday that I am looking forward to. I get to get out the boyfriend took me to the mall Sunday to get a sports bra (I've NEVER had one b4) I couldn't walk the mall to get to the store. I had gotten so stiff. So I've just been washing and reusing the surgical bras... Anyway, I may not be able to workout right now but I've been continuously eating healthy! Check out my pics I've attached...

Follow me on instagram: @anonymouslyurs

ScoobyDoo & lying around

So, as im lying here watching scooby doo i realized that it has officially been two weeks since my surgery...

Last night my dog jumped on me, she was so excited that she was going outside, cuz she'd been watching a squirrel on the balcony. It was so painful. I kno she didnt mean to; but she still got locked in tge room until her daddy got home...
We're expecting a winter storm tonight into tomorrow. I hope thst it doesnt cancel my appt. I also have a funeral to go to Friday. I know, i know im suppose to rest, but 2hrs wont kill me. Will it? I will take the pain meds with me just in case...

Is it weird that i dont have my full apitite back yet???

Post op

Sadly, my post op was canceled due to the foot of snow we received, as well as tge funeral...i cant wait until winter is over!! Theyre talking 60degrees next week. Cant wait..BUT i have to remenber that its still winter

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!! Ugh, so tonight is gonna suck unless I can find a way around it... So, im thinking make a nice dinner in front of our fire place...i want to wear a nice dress (he gonna already be dressed from work) trying to figure out what to cook...

new me party today

What you're about to witness is my year of transformation. I will let the video speak for itself...BUT I will talk about the song I picked for the video...When I first met Melvin (14yrs old) I was 140-150lbs. When we reconnected 4yrs ago I weighed about 230lbs. Through the 4yrs I gained that 'relationship' weight, 25-30lbs putting me at 255lbs...Not once had he made me feel like I was less of anything, like my weight was a problem or as if he was disgusted. I complained to him all the time how uncomfortable I was, how fat I was, how my back, knees and stuff hurt. He went out one day & got some running shoes, got a blender and veggies. He came home one evening and said let's go for a walk. We walked down Kipling pkwy starting a Ritchie rd, down Marlboro pike and came back down Ritchie rd, and that started the journey...he walked with me. He jumped & stretched with me. He stood by me through this whole journey. Although I was not happy with myself, whenever I was with/around him he made me feel so beautiful...With that said, I want to thank you for taking this journey with me!
Dr. Thomas R. Chang

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What a BEAUTIFUL post and share. I am also fortunate and have had a hubby for 20 yrs now who has also loved me EVERY size/shape I've been...never made me feel unsexy. Happy for you...continued wonderful journey to you and your Melvin ;-)
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I enjoyed your video so much, you have done really well and with a wonderful man to encourage and support you.
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had my surgery on Monday, and I feel everything you have said!!! I am stir crazy!! We have snow and cold too!! I am however going this morning at 8:15 to hopefully get my drains out!! I am hoping if they can come out, it will make a difference in the way I feel. I feel like my sports bra that doc put me in is just soooo tight!! I wake up feeling like I can't breath. I move from couch to couch, chair to chair. I am losing my mind!!! I don't think I realized that the recovery was this unpleasant. I believed that because I had a hip replacement I could do this no problem. And on top of being uncomfortable all the time, we got depressing news that we have to pay taxes this year, and not just pay, but a whopping $3,300. WTH do we get that, my husband is disabled, on a fixed income and I selfishly took 2 weeks off without pay to have this surgery for myself. I am soo depressed. I keep hoping that everything I am feeling physically and emotionally will be better the next day. But the next day hasn't come yet. I think the only day I felt great was Wednesday, 2 days after surgery, but no improvement since then. I did shower on Wednesday, my neighbor who is a nurse came and took off bandages said everything looks good and that i don't have any stitches. I am so scared today to have my drains taken out!! Happy Valentines to us!!!
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How did everything go with getting your drains removed?
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ohhh, it truly nothing. Having them was the worst, but I wanted them as the doctor explained the bigger the breasts the more likely he is to put them in to help prevent the risk of infection. I was so scared, but I am not going to lie, as not one single person told me anything about how uncomfortable the drains are, the drains ARE THE WORST PART, but it is only for 5 days. And I was out of it for the first 2 days, sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. I took a pain pill before I went to have them out because I was so scared, and it truly didn't hurt at all!!!
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We're having an at home Valentines too. Not really up to going out so it's ok by me. Hope you have a good one, no matter what you fix, he'll love it ;-)
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Have a lovely time. I am finishing off my chocolates!!!!
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At least it is nice to stay inside in the warm and take it easy. The UK has had mega storms with lots of flooding but luckily we are not in a badly affected area. How are you doing? I have updated my review for 3 weeks post op.
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Great, i slept on my right side last the middle of the night i got uncomfortable so i slept sitting up the remainder of tge night...i will go look at ur update
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I've just started breaking down and exercising as well I am pre op (hoping for sometime in march) and have noticed that my appetite has decreased. Guess it is just my mind and body telling my stomach that I don't need to eat like I used to to be healthy. As a matter of fact, in order to be healthy I need to eat less. Maybe since you have started losing weight your getting into the mind set that you don't need those calories. I've been tracking mine with my fitness pal and I love it. It is so easy to do. Just use the barcode scanner. When you make a full recipe you can add it to your recipe list and just scan the barcodes of everything you included and then break it down in serving sizes.
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i think pain meds suppress your appetite a lot plus you are using up less energy when you are taking it easy. Should be fine for your funeral, especially if you can sit most of the time.
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when i sit or lie down and then stand up, i can get a dragging feeling like everything is adjusting position, but it does not last long. you do need to try to walk a little each day. are you taking pain meds? If not, plan a walk and take something an hour before
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I stopped the pain meds. I justbreathe through the pain now...
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Ahenry617 is i didnt realize i opened another acct instead of signing in
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Hey girl, you have accomplished so much! Don't get discouraged! You are doing great. Just take a step at a time. For now don't push yourself, you've gone through major surgery and need time to heal. Take little walks inside the house to help your legs and prevent blood clots. But really early on you need to rest. One of the things I was told about the surgery was that you probably will tire easily afterward. Your body is using that energy for healing. So chin up and just think how wonderful you look now. Soon you will have more energy. Hugs to you! :)
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I have noticed i get tired VERY easy...ill get up and try to wash the dishes. By time i get the sink filled with water and put the ckean dishes up im tired! I just go sit down & tell my boyfriend to get them when he gets home...
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Ahenry617 is i didnt realize i opened another acct instead of signing in
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Listen to your body and just do a little more each day. It's not unusual to feel tired.
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I wondered about that! LOL In fact I worried that there might be a "Henry guy" stalking us out
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The shape and size look WONDERFUL! It is definitely hard to get moving after this kind of surgery. I think you're doing well, and you're only 13 days PO ! I didn't feel like going to the mall or anywhere really until about 4 weeks. I just felt tired. So listen to your body and take it easy. Hugs sweet lady, you're doing great ;-)
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Thank you!!!
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Congratulations you've made it and accomplished so much! I'm glad you are feeling better, it is a journey and you've gotten over the worse part. What a difference your weight loss and BR make. You look really nice.
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I actually didn't have too much trouble transitioning to sleeping on my side and stomach. By the end of the second week, as long as had a pillow beneath them and one to prop my top arm (so I didn't smash them together in my sleep) I could sleep on my side without to much difficulty. I'm a tummy sleeper normally and around the 5 week mark I would regularly wake up on my tummy. I'll be 7 weeks on Monday and they feel pretty soft. I think the tummy sleeping has helped, because I don't really massage them. I would say to push your luck as long as the stitches are out.
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OUTSTANDING! So squats help the back fat huh? I did not know that. Once I'm cleared to do strenuous exercise, I'm gonna do them. You look fabulous girl, keep up the awesome work. Hugs n healing
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Thanks!!!! No, the squats helped my butt...I did cardioid to Kill my back fat...
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