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I wasn't sure how recovery would be but after...

I wasn't sure how recovery would be but after reading some blogs I got a little concerned but it was a breeze. I am 48 yrs old and I had surgery on a wed and was off meds by Saturday and out running errands but Monday...I am still sore and hoping to get my drain out tomorrow which is 8 days post op....I highly recommend this surgery...I have to say the belly button relocation was a bit gross but so far so good. Go for it. sorry I don't have any pics yet seeing that it is early still.


I'm scheduled for surgery June 6th in Louisville and am getting really nervous..mostly about the pain and ability to get back to work. I have taken two weeks off but my job has some pretty heavy physical demands... any advice?
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Dear San Francisco...I had a full TT and had breast reduction 7 years ago...when I had the breast done I kinda freaked when I saw it in the mirror but when i did TT i was surprised but not freaked. They do cut a lot so be prepared and see what they do before it doesn't weird you out. I don't have too much scar from breast but on sides. Make sure you talk to your doctor about where he cuts when you have TT. They can go high or low so take underwear or bikini bottoms in with you and talk to him about where you prefer the scar to be. I am in decent shape but not great because I had foot surgery last year and have had a difficult time getting back to working out. I have no idea how to download pics but know that they go side to side, move your belly button, which grossed me out, so there will be a T scar in middle.
My pain was minimal thank goodness for the little tube they put in that has the numbing medicine in it....that was a life saver. I am not sure about the pain doing both breast and TT but the TT was pretty easy...just takes some time to heal.

I hope this helps and feel free to keep asking Q's I am here to help.
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Glad you did so well. Did you have a full TT or mini? Would love to se pics. I am so nervous about the scar and pain. Where you in fairly good shape when you went to get the TT? I am doing both a breast lift and TT together so a bit scared. I feel when I'm scared I keep asking questions. I really hope I have you recovery.
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I am not going to note the doctor because I have been very secretive about receiving this procedure. Not even family knows just husband and children.

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