had a lift and implants and more lipo :)

Hello everyone im new to this but my TT is only...

hello everyone im new to this but my TT is only one day away! im so excited but so nervous as well....im only 22 years old but i had my daughter when i was 19 (c-section) and i just cannot lose the babyweight....ive always been a bigger girl (im 5'8) but was very healthy and never had a gut or love handles until after my pregnancy. ive been wanting this TT ever since i figured out i couldnt lose the excess skin and fat by myself......i do have one little problem tho i have a eating disorder...ive been bulimic for many years and im scard shitless that i wont be able to control it and totally binge and gain all the fat back after my surgery. anyone else struggling with a eating disorder? advice please!!!! i just want to be able to feel comfortable in my clothes again and not wear girdles, they freakin suck! haha. please keep me in your prayers :)

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Im getting closer and closer and soooo dang...

im getting closer and closer and soooo dang nervous! at midnight tonight im cut off from eating or drinking anything which is goin to suck because i know ill be up all night. its finally becoming real and im emotional, im very positive that everything will be okay im just worried because i have a young daughter. im sad i wont be able to hold her or play with her like i normally do. shes been so sweet tho and has been kissing my belly and sayin "momma the doctor is going to cut your fat belly off"...haha kids say the cutest things. im just being a wimp blah! plus my boyfriend is in the army and currently based 8 hours away in drill seregant school so im basically alone going thru this thank God my family is going to take care of me while im recovering. sorry im just nervous and venting....ill update more tomorrow right before surgery....which is 7am...yay plus ill add some pics soon. pray for me


Lilcourt good luck tomorrow. You will be just fine. Nothing to be nervous about at all. We are all here for you. Keep us updated and post pictures. I am so excited for you and so glad that your family will look after you. Dont worry about your lil babe. My 2 yr old is very understanding of what i am going through. Kids just sense these things.
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Hi hun, I am 23 as and I had my son at 20. How are you paying for your surgery? I want to get this surgery done too but I cant afford it. One way to stay healthy is by eating six times a day; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack, but everything has to be in small portions. Don't drink any coke, only water. Drink ice cold water when you wake up, it helps burn calories. There is this phone applications called my fitness pal, ithelps you count how many calories you eat a day. When I realized that i was eating almost 3000 calories a day, i controlled my eating habits.
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Lord Jesus I pray for Lilcourt2204. I pray that You would keep her safe through her surgery. I pray that You would guide her surgeons and anethiologists hands with wisdom. I pray that she would feel Your presence and have Your peace, and that her faith in You would increase through this time. In Jesus' name Amen!
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Well here's a quick updates...the TT turned out...

Well here's a quick updates...the TT turned out amazing. No more gut!!! Where my doc lipoed Around my love handles and back hurts alittle but hey beauty is pain,,.m
Currently in my recliner and
I'm sure I'll be sleepin on this for awhile...well
My pain meds are
Kickin in def bedtime for me...1st post-op checkup tomorrow

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Recovery isnt that bad alittle uncomfortable if I...

Recovery isnt that bad alittle uncomfortable if I try to change positions but I ate alittle bit of toast and I feel fine. Hopefully tomorrow runs smoothly as well. I'll post pics tomorrow. Thank you all so much for the love and support


Congrats on your results!!
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Glad you are happy w/ the results now rest up lady ;)
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Good luck!
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Quick question....whats a good diet to start on?...

Quick question....whats a good diet to start on? Ive only tried toast and water last night.i need to still lose alittle bit more weight to Get the final results I want. Help lol


you are doing great..i am 7 days po and eating low sodium diet but high protein. so lots of eggs and chicken. unsalted saltines were awesome. you probably wont be hungry for 3 days. i ate granola and milk...not bad. low sodium keeps you on a pretty clean diet. i also got alot of friends who were suprised i would do this but i honestly saw mine as a correction to being disfigured...i really dont care bc im so happy I dont look prego anymore:) . drink 2-3 liters of water, walk often, mimimize pain pills if you can . motrin is amazing even though my doc said not until 2 weeks...it has helped waaaay more than the others. every day gets better.
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sorry for all the errors..its late and im typing on phone.
You look great!! I'm 7 days po and im still having trouble actually eating. I'm not sure if it's the mess or what but I only snack really, after a few bits I seem to be full. I dunno but I've heard after a tt with the new tight muscles that u will feel satisfied sooner, so hopefully this in itself will help you loose a few extra pounds!! Just remember to take it slow, everyday gets better!!
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Quick question....does/did anyone elses drains...

quick question....does/did anyone elses drains hurt like horribly bad? mine are in my hoohaw area haha and when i get up to use the bathroom they hurt so bad and alittle blood will drip from them. is this normal? also my "love handles" look like their coming back is that just from swelling and bruising?

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My left thigh is extremely numb is this normal?

my left thigh is extremely numb is this normal?


thanks...yeah i seem to get full faster now. i can take a few bites of something and feel like im going to explode.
your def right every day gets better :)
Yes it is hard. Be thankful your man is at drill school instead of war!! Sounds like a wonderful man you have. Your drains still hurting? My surgery is on October 25th. Got 6 weeks to go. I'm having a mommy makeover. Hello hooters and goodbye squishy tummy! Hope you get to feeling better once those drains are out!

My doctor dosent want me to wear my binder until...

my doctor dosent want me to wear my binder until the drains are out? is this normal? i feel like i need something to keep my stomach tight but i dont want to go against my doctor....advice???

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Hey yall....im being such a downer today...my love...

hey yall....im being such a downer today...my love handles and belly are swelling really bad....uhhh i know i havent gained weight because i barely eat anything. before surgery i was 186 and this morning i was 175 but why am i feeling so bad? i wish i could just go running and exercise....anyone else going thru a depression? i just want to binge eat (i hate being bulimic but im not going to) i went to the grocery today which was funny cause i used a scooter haha ill post a pic later but i only got organic and low calorie stuff. i need happy pills forget these pain pills lol. sumone cheer me up please


I agree with the emotions, I'm 12 days PO and I tried on a pair of jeans that I wore prior to surgery thinking they would feel looser and they don't:( I knowim swollen and plus I have bandages and two garments on. Hoping that the lower abdomen swelling will go down soon so I can see my final results!! Hope all is well with you, and remember we are here for any support you need:)
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seriously your result all ready look wonderful. Stay strong and just try to talk your self out of bing eating. Don't weight yourself either. The scale is going to very and its only going to effect your day in a negative way. The scale for me said 7lbs difference one day. I'm 1 month po and still swollen food will effect your swelling more so the scale will show more cause your holding on to more water weight. Just now you look great and don't let yourself get you down. You need to be your number one fan and stay positive.
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Lilcourt, You look fabulous girl! I tried the 17 day diet and lost 11lbs the first time I did it. It is a super easy diet. I tend to still follow it, and haven't gained any of the weight back. I am getting ready to have a full mommy makeover so trying to lose another 10. Good luck to you!
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I know I've bitched About swelling but I think I...

I know I've bitched About swelling but I think I def need more lipo. I go to my one week
Post op on Tuesday and I'm
Goin to talk to my doctor about it. Am
I being crazy? Plus I haven't been able
To wear my binder yet (dr won't let me
Until drains are out)....should I reconsider the extra lipo until after I wear my binder for awhile?


From what i can see you dont need lipo! You look great!
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Be easy on yourself :) It takes time.. Im nine weeks and just now seeing results. "They" say the swelling takes almost three months to lessen. As far as a "diet goes" it really is.. calories in vs calories burned. The best method of fat loss is also the easiest.. watch what you eat log every single calorie, every single day and for starters just walk. Consistancey is the KEY :) Most importantly take time to be thankful for your life you have a healthy body.. no disease, no illness, it works, it supports you..give it some credit and some love :) take some time to heal
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your absolutely right i have to be thankful for my life, healthy beautiful child, surgery went well i def am better than where i started a week ago. thank u for the reality check I NEEDED IT! XOXOXOXO

Havent went to the doc yet but i will this morning...

havent went to the doc yet but i will this morning just was excited because i weighed this morning and im 172 now and a week ago today i was 187 before surgery yay me :)

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So i had my one week post op checkup today.....

so i had my one week post op checkup today...staples got taken out and steri-strips put on also i got to put my binder on today...and wow i cannot breathe this thing is so tight...is it supposed to be this tight? other than that ive had a great day and im feeling better about everything :)


U look great, I don't think the binder should be hurting, mine is snug but actually comforting to me. Give it a couple of days it shod get better. U look great, happy healing:)
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thank u....yeah i think the nurse just put it on too tight. i couldnt breathe haha. happy healing to you too :))))
your pictures are amazing, you have a lovely new tummy, hope the rest of your recovery goes well. xx
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So all of my lipo holes have healed up except one...

so all of my lipo holes have healed up except one and it looks pretty red and keeps leaking this yellow stuff...when i went to my 1 week check up the nurse who put my steristrips on acted like it wasnt a big deal but it leaks thru onto my compression binder and on my clothes. i finally taped some gauze over it but it soaks thru after a few hours...plus how low am i supposed to wear my compression garment? all the way over my incision???? i hate having it down too low because then i have fat coming out the top looking like a muffin top uhhh. lol help

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Also forgot to say....the lipo hole isnt red...

also forgot to say....the lipo hole isnt red around it just inside the hole, plus no fever . is it just normal drainage?


Not sure what to tell you abt the yellow drainage. I would call the PS office and speak to his nurse, she/he will be able to help you. If i were you i would wear my binder in the middle of the stomach and try to cover where most of the work was done. i made the mistake of trying to cover the incision and i ended up with swelling at the top of the stomach and not at the bottom. That swelling took a long time to go away. My PS said it was from wearing my binder too low and it caused localized swelling at the top. Good luck! You look great!
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thank you sooo much you look amazing as well....i was worried i was swelling on top too so im def wear it somewhere in the middle too....i see your in BG, i live in owensboro...small world...happy healing :)
Thank you! Yes, it is a small world! Happy healing to you as well!

Havent updated this in a few days....well ive been...

havent updated this in a few days....well ive been so great on my dieting but this weekend was really hard on me...my bulimia got the best of me and i binged and purged all weekend.....i feel like a lost cause. im looking into therapy 2moro morning. this disease is not goin to beat me....i think once im able to workout i wont feel so horrible about eating. its just the simple fact i eat and i sit here...i try to walk around and be as active as possible but i get dizzy after awhile and have to sit down. also....last week my doc took all my staples out and put on steri strips which of course they all fell off that night lol so i had to go to walgreens and buy something similar but on both sides of my incision its open...like every other spot its closed and healing but on both of my hips its still open like an inch and i clean it when i clean my belly button cause i dont want it getting infected but dang its starting to sting....maybe my doc needs to stitch that back up lol. anyone else experience that???


Just wanted to heck in, see how you are doing. Did you see a Dr yet to get checked out? Hope you are looking after yourself.
And at the risk of being annoying, I hope you will take some time and spend some money getting help with the bulimia, it's time. Take care x
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sorry havent been on here in a few days...yes i went to the doc...he just put me on sum more antibiotics and told me to keep it bandaged. its healing up now...thank goodness....and with the bulimia im going to my first support group this thursday which is my birthday also...im really excited to get some help. this disease will not beat me i got this. thanks for checkin on me xoxoxoxo
that is really good for you, im going for my two week pre op next monday, im so nervous but really want this done. im dieting too but my nerves sometime wont let me lol. ive lost 16 kilos but still not at my right weight but im going ahead with my tummy tuck and lipo. cant wait for it im not even sleeping

Hey yall...hope everyone has had happy and healthy...

hey yall...hope everyone has had happy and healthy healing...ive been up and down...my birthday was last week so i celebrated and feel like i gained 10 pounds lol...but my doc gave me the okay to start exercising again so i joined my gym back. 2night was my first time and wow im so worn out but i keep imagining myself in a bikini lol....the eating disorder is still a struggle. rome wasnt built in a day so i know this disease isnt just magically dissapear its going to be a battle everyday but i have to be stronger than it....thanks for all the love and support. love u all :)


You look amazing x x
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Yours looks good! Keep up the good work
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WOW you look so good....congrats on your new body!!
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boobies got lifted and silicone implants now!!!

today I had a breast life and had silicone implants....also more liposuction around my love handles. I am still bandaged up so I cant really see anything yet. I have two drains in. I will update more and take pics tomorrow at my post opt appointment


Thanks for sharing :-)
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