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Ok I am 29, 170lbs, a 38H cup and Miserable and...

Ok I am 29, 170lbs, a 38H cup and Miserable and have been since I got boobs when I was 14! I hate the unwanted attention and the way people look at me! It drives me insane! I was approved for a breast reduction when I was 18 but still couldn't afford my part I think $900 :( so anyway 2 kids, boys, 11 and 1 both breastfed and now instead of just huge I'm saggy and droopy and even more miserable :O!! So anyway went to the plastic surgeon on Thursday 27 (I was more nervous about taking my shirt off in front of a strange man and taking pictures more than anything else) but he was super awesome and nice and long story short I got a call the following Monday (4 days later) saying I was approved and my surgery is scheduled for April 11!! I am overjoyed and I'm not afraid one bit! I feel like the consultation and my self consciousness of not wanting anyone to see me is my biggest fear by far!! I would hop on the operating table tomorrow if they'd let me!!! Any advice appreciated!! I'm just worried about holding my baby after and getting all my business done!! Hopefully I can try to lay low for a week or so but that's hopefully!! Any get well quick tips or general TiPs!!! I'm the happiest I've ever been knowing I'm getting this surgery! It's better than Christmas and I cannot WaIT!!!
Hi and welcome! Im new too and understand how you feel. It took me a long time to share. I have no children but have always been big chested my girls drooped due to massive weight loss and other than on realself no one else but my ps has ever seen them. We're in good hands and Kimmers25 is amazingly supportive. Take your time. :-D
Welcome to the community.  You will love the results and feel so amazing once this is done.

My advice for recovery is to take your time and be good to yourself.  The first 6 weeks post op are the most critical so go slow.   Even though you may feel totally wonderful after two weeks; you are still healing on the inside.

Can't wait to hear back from you with more details as you go.
I can't even look at myself in the mirror much less take a picture for the world too see. But thank you for your response. The recovery part is what worries me the most because I will not be able to rest for 2 weeks much less 6. I have planned for a babysitter for 2 nights and hopefully ill b ok after that, I was with my csection. I know that's totally different but I'm just hoping for a speedy recovery. I'm not nervous about the surgery tho, I wish I could have had it done yesterday :)

Patiently waiting

Just patiently waiting for the big day! Well maybe not patiently but I can't wait! I bought a button up shirt can u guys think of anything else I need to buy ahead of time?

12 more days

And OMG I can't wait! I am so miserable. I'm ready to get this over with

Wow almost here

I cannot wait to be done with this surgery and start the healing process. I hope I have all I need I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I have to be there at 6 and they said I would be out by 1!!! Hoping and praying all goes well!!
By now you've had your surgery and I'm hoping it went well!! Good thoughts and a speedy recovery!!
Hello, Fishy. Wishing you all the best with your surgery. I am a bit sad looking at your profile pic and I hope you will be happy with your results. Don't hate your body! A healthy body is a great thing to have.
GOOD LUCK on your Surgery on Friday ! I'm sure you'll do GREAT ! Just take the TIME to Heal !


well i had the surgery friday and the drains removed today! I was absolutley shocked that this didnt hurt a bit! It felt a little funny but no pain at all and i feel so much better! I still have tape around the incision but i cannot believe that he turned what i HAD into what i have now. I feel like a new woman. I feel like maybe i can actually walk around naked without constantly covering myself up. Even when im alone! No more horrible comments from strangers about my "huge tits" I feel confident and happy and i have never felt like this in my life. Its an indescribable feeling and i hope everyones experience is as awesome as mine has been so far!! Im still black and blue and horribly swollen but i feel like a million bucks!!
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