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PO 10 weeks plus - feeling fine

Hello everyone (and Kim!), I have been a member...

Hello everyone (and Kim!), I have been a member since about june 2012 and have read avidly lots of different peoples journeys to the "flat side". I am 49 years old, happily married with two grown up children. I am 5'5"tall and have got to goal weight with weight watchers and maintained it for 2 years. But.... having had lots of addominal operations over the years and losing weight, I have been left with a stomach that resembles a road map, with excess skin and lumps and bumps, not to mention muffin top and pouch (sounds hideous - it is hideous)... now is the time to get rid... I am so excited but scared stiff. I am booked in for a TT on the 11th December 2012. Looking for some more TT budders to share experience and offer two-way support. All you ladies are so wonderful - I love this website. Will post some pics soon.

Had my final appointment before my TT with CS last...

Had my final appointment before my TT with CS last night. Went armed with loads of questions that technically he had answered before but I just wanted the reassurance of hearing his answers all again (am I going loopy??) ... anyways.... I came out feeling on top of the world and so so ready for this. He was absolutely charming and put me at my ease like he always does. picture the scene... he is kneeling in front of me, me standing there with my big belly out and him "handling" the pouch and flap - arrghhhh I hated it, I was so embarassed. He just said my dear, we are going to sort this out for you and you are going to be delighted with your new flat tummy.... he then explained the procedure (again) ... answered all my questions - said he would take a digital camera in with him and take photos of the procedure (if I wanted them - yes I do ... I think...) .... he then drew on some photos I had taken in to show me exactly what he was taking away, where my new tummy button would be etc., etc. We spoke about pre-op supplements (no need if your diet is full and varied), post op pain relief, compression garments, dog ears (wot the heck??) !! etc., etc., etc., I had him to myself for 3/4 hour ! I wasn't rushed at all. Included in the price is two night stay in hospital, all meds, compresson garments, post op follow ups and after care for up to a year. He said that as I was a slim lady (never called myself that, ever) I didn't need lipo but wouldn't hesitate to do it if he thought it was necessary. He also said that he did "quilting" stitching which reduced the risk of too much swelling although there would be some and to expect it. The cold I have been battling for the last week is at last subsiding but I need to shield myself for another 4 weeks so that I do not get anymore..... Hope everyone who has recently had their surgery is healing well and wish those who have it coming up in December calm preparations and safe journeys up to and beyond their ops. Take care all.... Suzi

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to...

hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone that has responded to my initial review. This site is fabulous and the amount of help, support, advice and general friendship you get from all you lovely ladies is wonderful and just the thing we all need when we are feeling anxious and doubtful that we are doing the right thing... I've got 21 days and counting til my big day and quite honestly it really is like waiting for christmas when your a child... I'm from the UK and there doesn't seem to be many UK ladies in December having TT's :( or they are a little more reserved and are not posting ! ... but.... there are plenty of other ladies across the world who are in the same boat as me and we can all touch-base here - Fab..... thanks again to my new found friends.... Suzi

OK. I have been brave and posted one photo. Sorry...

OK. I have been brave and posted one photo. Sorry it is a bit blurred. It was also taken close to a mirror which has given it a bit of double image. I also have some real horribly clear close up photos too but I am just too plain embarrassed to post them atm. one step at a time... as you can see my tummy is shot to pieces due to previous surgery and weight loss. Cannot wait to get rid of the huge overhang pouch and scars. I'm sharing my pics as all you ladies have been brave and done it too. Happy healing to those already on the flat side and huge hugs of comfort to those waiting for the big day. Suzi

(giggle).. getting even braver now decided to add...

(giggle).. getting even braver now decided to add one more photo to show close-up ...

Ouch.... paid in full for my TT yesterday. Its...

ouch.... paid in full for my TT yesterday. Its really happening and soon. Had my preassessment with the nurse as well. Went well. Bloods, blood pressure, MRSA swaps etc., etc., She dwelled a little too long on how painful it will be afterwards (yes, thanks for that I thought, as if I hadn't realised - doh!!)... any hoo, she was very nice. 13 days til big day. Told my son last night. I thought he would think me a bit vain or superficial but he was totally supportive and said mum, if thats whats going to make you happy, go for it.... Not that I need his permission, I just wanted to be honest with him why I was going in hospital. My daughter has known for a while but somehow I found it easier to tell her. Maybe its a girlie thing, I dont know. I dont feel the need to enlighten anyone else as long as my very close family know. I shouldn't think anyone else would be interested any way. Or if they were, it would just be to try to get me to change my mind or to put in their negative opinion which I do not need. Quite honestly, although I am as scared as hell, I am really looking forward to it. The thought of pain scars me, the thought of having a problem with the scar opening or something REALLY scares me but I have got to be positive, take comfort from all the reviews I read on here and I know that all you lovely ladies will be there to offer support when I need it; I just wish someone else was having theirs on the same day and according to the schedule of surgeries I am the only one on the 11th Dec. continued happy healing to those already on the flat side and calm preps for those just beginning their journey. Take care all. Suzi

OM GOSH.... found out last night I am going to be...

OM GOSH.... found out last night I am going to be a Grandma (nan,nanny, nanna ?? not sure what I would like to be called - any suggestions??) in 2013. My Sons lovely other half is expecting a baby next July. We are all absolutely delighted. Dang..Wait a minute .... I feel too young to be a grandma (lol obviously I am not)... at least I will have a flat tummy hopefully !! I want to be a "rocking" grandma, and I dont mean in a rocking chair !! Happy days .... (it certainly made me forget about worrying about my TT for a while)..... I'm double excited now...

7 days to go ... If I'm not ready now, I never...

7 days to go ... If I'm not ready now, I never will be.... still trying to get as much information, reassurances and general bits of advice I can from all you wonderful ladies... You are a lifeline of sanity and I would like to thank you all for sharing your experiences. Whenever I get a moment of doubt, I log back onto realself for a while, it sure helps. Suzi

I have just had the biggest guilt trip ever.....

I have just had the biggest guilt trip ever.. which I gotta share. Went into town during my lunch. Had to take a short cut through a small park area. There was a little OLD man (homeless, I have said hello to him before - he always says hello to everyone - I think he is lonely) sitting on one of the benches, trying to keep warm in what little coat and that he did have, reading a book (so obviously an educated man). Not a drunk bloke; lets make that clear. He hasn't got a penny to his name but never begs for money- theres me spending thousands on a tummy tuck. WTF. It genuinely bought tears to my eyes - I am such a softy sometimes. I know some people will say hey, we all make our own luck in the world but I just felt so sorry for him. He is not allowed back into the hostel until after 6.30pm everyday. It is so cold here atm. I could have sobbed. What is wrong with me ??? I'm not normally like this.
PS. I did give him a fiver (unprompted) and when I came back he had got himself a coffee and a burger (I saw the wrappings).... ..

Just taken a call from my CS's Secretary to be...

Just taken a call from my CS's Secretary to be told that I am first on the list Tuesday and am due for surgery at 8.30am. I thought for one moment she was calling to postpone for some reason. She also confirmed that I will be sent home in a binder but also provided with a spare which is included in the price of the surgery. I have also been given my post-op appointment which is arranged for the 18th December. Cool. Its nice to think now "after" the surgery not just before.... just trying to keep myself 'together' atm lol

Ok, just calculated it is aprox, 60 hours until I...

Ok, just calculated it is aprox, 60 hours until I will be on my way to hospital, god willing, Like everyone on here just want to get it over and done with so that I can concentreate on the recovery. Everytime I think about it now my stomach does a little flip. Excitement and scared emotions revolve around. Continued good healing to all my friends who have already started their journey and to all those about to join the ride, lets hope it is a smooth one. Take care all. Suzi

Well, its less than 36 hours to go. Think I am...

Well, its less than 36 hours to go. Think I am almost there packing my bag and getting all my 'stuff' organised. Been cleaning like made today to take my mind off things. Ive done my christmas grocery shopping online today and managed to get a 24th December delivery slot (yippee), paid all my bills up, etc., etc., I'm really really excited but to be honest still scared. I'm trying not to whip myself up into a frenzy and stay calm. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to say good luck, it means such a lot. To all those who have had their ops, continued good healing is wished to you and to those still about to embark on their journeys good luck to each and very one of you. Take Care. Suzi X

Well my friends, its the eve of my big day and I...

Well my friends, its the eve of my big day and I am still as scared as hell... Its all so surreal, it just feels like it is happening to someone else. I am as ready as I will ever be. I wont be able to update my review for a couple of days but as soon as I am able I will post again with some photos. Two song lyrics spring to my mind and sum up how I feel :- "Sisters are doing it for themselves" and the other lyric is "... its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me...." Be strong ladies. Hugs Suzi

Hi everyone, I have just got back from the...

Hi everyone, I have just got back from the hospital. Spent two nights in. Thank god for that, there is no way I could have come home sooner. My CS has done a brilliant job and i am thrilled to bits. I cannot say it has been a pleasant experience because it hasn't, in fact I had unestimated quite how awful the pain meds would make me feel. The morphine I was put on made me feel awful. Lightheaded, sick. I have just had my first coughing fit - OMG, so painful. Got binder on which is pretty tight but ok. Will update further with pics and that in due course. All in all, I am very pleased so far with the rsult. V cute belly button which I didnt have before. Hope all my buddies are o.k. Suzi

Hi everyone, today I am post op three days. Tried...

hi everyone, today I am post op three days. Tried to rest for most of the day. I have just added a photo but for some reason I cannot see it, think it may have been too big. I've got quite a bit of bruising, not too much swelling yet. Still a bit muzie headed from the meds which hopefully shall be out of my system soon.

the binder is a real pain in the arse. Itchy scratchie velcro. Remembered a hint I got from this website to wear a long vest top underneath, much better. I feel trussed up like a turkey ready for the oven. ha ha....

Managing to walk around not too bad. A little stooped but not a lot. Actually managed a BM today - hoorah... poop party !! (TMI).. Eating well, trying to remember to eat healthy but really fancied a piece of cake earlier so I did indulge in one. lost three pound in weight (but that prob coz I didnt really eat in hospital although the menu sounded delicious I just could not face it - Full english breakfasts, salmon, steak, lamb shank, all imaginable salads, etc., etc., all the type of things you just dont fancy when you feel dizzy headed) - damn it.... all included in the price).

Really must concentrate now on getting my christmas cards written, hubby going to put the tree and decs up tomorrow. We need to look my festive indoors. It has rained so hard in the UK today (all over), very strong winds.... glad I havent had to go anyway but be home with my man looking after me. My kids have been real good as well (they are both adults really daughter 20 who lives at home and son of 25 who doesnt but has popped in a few times) but they have been helpful to dad which is nice to see. My son could not believe his eyes when he saw my abs... he said they were better than his. ha ha

All is good - and to top it all, my hubby has just said Honey... you look sexy!! I love that man .... (picture the scene, me in my binder, oldish (but clean!) underwear, scruffy hair, no makeup - ha.... I had to laugh (but it hurt so much!!) .... Had another cough today OMG... feels like your insides are being ripped apart.

BTW.. my surgeon got his assistant to take photos throughout my procedure so I have them saved on my digital camera. I havent been brave enough to look at them yet. I only wanted one of the actually pouch he removed but he quite proudly told me they had documented each bloody stage !!! I have a vision that when I do look at them, the surgical team are going to gooning around with gooffy faces at the camera... he is such a lovely guy.

I will try again with the photo..... Anyway, until next times my buddies, take care. lots of love across the ocean Suzi XXX

Hi everyone, firstly thank you to everyone who has...

Hi everyone, firstly thank you to everyone who has contacted me again with good wishes. I appreciate that a lot. Just a little update. Almost able to walk upright now which is nice. Slept ok last night. Woke up a couple of times a realised I had rolled onto my side (my favourite sleeping position). Quickly turned onto back as I dont think you should sleep on your side too soon (bad girl!!).. got up at 3am for a bathroom visit then decided I was hungry so made my way to the kitchen for tea and toast... then I thought my binder was too tight so had to wake hubby to get him to help me readjust it.. bless him... he didnt complain.

No pain meds atm. BM's again today ok. Taken a shower and washed my hair. lush... feels so good. changed the dressing myself on my belly button (very nice little BB which I am very pleased with). To see a belly button is quite something. Before it was tucked away within a mound of unsightly skin and scar tissue.

We have finally got around to putting up our christmas tree lights and decs so we are looking lovely and festive. Hubby wrapping presents as I sit and type (ok ok I am just going to help him for those feeling sorry for him!)....

I would like to make an observation. In my opinion, I really feel that if you have had a ceasarian before, the recovery from a TT is very similar, if not a little easier. I remembered from my CS's how to hold my tummy when I cough, how to get in and out of bed without putting strain on my tummy and getting up and down from the loo.... My binder is still the biggest issue. The compression garments that I had bought from the US although they are obviously brilliant for the job and very well made are not big enough... despite measuring myself carefully before I ordered. So.. thats £150 wasted. they will never be worn. I am a size 10/12 UK size, I bought extra large and they dont fit !! they are the size of a peanut - bit annoying but hey.. thats life, they will stay in their packets and probably be thrown out or given to charity (err.... can/should you give a compression garment to charity ??? probably not lol).
Any hoo... take care all you ladies who are healing and to those just about to go in, good luck, have a smooth journey. Suzi

Hi everyone, Its true what everyone says, the...

Hi everyone, Its true what everyone says, the first 2 to 4 days are the worst and then slowly but surely after that each day brings its new rewards ie. standing a little straighter, turning on your side in bed, picking things up from the floor when you have dropped something; your grunting cough becomes a little easier and you are able to clear your throat better without too much pain (little victories but soo so sweet).

Swelling currently not too bad. Got some horrendous coloured bruises on my (tight and very flat!!) abs (yellow and varying shades of purple (see new photo). BB still a bit "moist" - seeing Ps tomorrow to have dressings removed from main scar - the week has flown by. Take care buddies whether recovering or just going in.. good luck to all..... Suzi

Hi everyone. Went for my first follow up appoint...

Hi everyone. Went for my first follow up appoint with PS since being discharged from hospital. Had the last dressing removed and just a tape secured along the scar line. Scar very low and thin. I am absolutely amazed at the results so far. My belly button is doing ok. A little moist still but PS didnt seem in the slightest concerned about it. Said everything was 'A o.k.' and he was very pleased. AND...... I dont have to wear the binder anymore during the day - OMG bliss. Spanx during the day, binder at night. I can live with that. Pleased to say no puckering on scar line at all, I was a little worried that I would. When I got up to leave his office last night, I of course thanked him so much for his surgical skill and care he had taken with me... I said (jokingly of course), I think I love you, thank you - he roared with laughter. I suspect I am not the first to have said that ! (will try to post another photo later when hubs get back from work - difficult to take yourself).... Take care my friends wherever you are with your own journey. Suzi XX

Yay... each day brings small advancements; Drove...

yay... each day brings small advancements; Drove my little mini cooper today. Not too far but it was great to be out and about. No problem. Up to the bakers treated myself to a freshly baked cupcake (yep, I know I shouldn't have) but it was lovely... my reward to myself. lol.... Had my nails done today, Again, little luxury but made me feel a little step nearer to being "normal". PS Secretary called me this morning to confirm my 2nd post op appointment on Christmas Eve at 9.15am. nice and early. Starting to get a bit stir crazy staying indoors so I plan on having another drive out tomorrow. Weather here is atrocious, lots and lots of rain and plenty of flood warnings everywhere. would be nice to be somewhere warm in the world with my family - always fancied a "hot weather" Christmas. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care my friends. Suzi

Hi everyone, quick update. Had my second follow-up...

Hi everyone, quick update. Had my second follow-up apointment with PS early this morning. All went very well. He removed the strip of tape from along my very low scar. All very neat and completely healed, I am very pleased. He said I can start moisturising and gentle massaging of the scar now. Belly button doing ok. Will take a bit of time to heal as I have had quite a few surgeries via my belly button over the years and as a consequence the blood supply may have been compromised a little. I just need to be patient with it. Walking faster; driving further afield and now doing light housework. All in all, at 13 days PO things are jogging along nicely. Another appointment with PO in two weeks time.

Happy Christmas to all my friends, continued good healing to those already on the flatside and good luck to those about to embark on their journeys. Suzi X

Firstly, hope everyone had a super Christmas and a...

Firstly, hope everyone had a super Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all... thankfully I continue to make very good progress. Each day brings more normality. Belly button healing nicely now. It has taken a while. Scar looking fine - Scaraway silicon strips working wonders (love this product!!)....

Back to work tomorrow. Office desk job so I dont intend to over do it... Be interesting to see if I experience the swell hell that others speak of. I haven't been too bad so far. Hoping to dodge most of the questions that will no doubt come my way fro my co-workers...

thank you to everyone on this website who has contributed their own reviews which I found fasinating and informative, for the ladies who responded to mine - the advice, encouragement and general "sistership" has been quite simply staggering. It helped me so much and I want to thank you all. It stopped me worrying about a few things along the way I can tell you.

Hope to update with some photos in the next couple of days. Bye for now buddies. Suzie

Just to touch base with all my buddies. Returned...

Just to touch base with all my buddies. Returned to work in my office this week. Fended off a couple of awkward questions from co-workers but nothing too heavy. Was a bit economical with the truth of what I had done. I didnt lie, just forget to mention the tummy tuck and just said I had had a muscle and hernia repair op. It was just easier all round to do that. I can do without the funny looks and snide comments.

Word of advice to ladies returning to work in an office environment. Remember to sit up straight in your office chair (not slouch), because if you dont have good posture, and remain in that position for a while (whilst you are typing or whatever), when you do eventually get up you really do feel that your stomach muscles have stuck together and you need a good stretch out. It also makes you more hunched over when you walk. I found by taking in a small cushion for the curve of my back, it helped me with my posture and getting up and walking around the office was made much more easier. I know it is comon sense but how many of us forget ourselves and dont have good posture when sitting down. Anyway, I learnt my lesson early on.

My belly button continues to heal well, in fact probably a little too well coz it is beginning to close up completely... Im thinking of using a synthetic ear plug in it over night - I read on this site that it works - has anyone used this for keeping a belly button "open" ? would love some advice on this please. thats it for now. Take care buddies. Suzi

Hi everyone - appointment to see PS tomorrow...

Hi everyone - appointment to see PS tomorrow evening just for my 2nd checkup. Feeling fine. Work continues to be ok and so far no swell hell at the end of the day. I wear a compression garment throughout the day as it makes me feel my "secure". Will ask PS how long I should continue to wear them for. Very pleased with flat tummy and abs definition. Someone at work today said I was looking "trim" - had I been on a diet. ha ha... er no. In fact, my appetite has damn well increased since my TT. I did feel good though in my black fitted shift dress with waist belt. (defo would not have worn a belted dress before) - No tummy bulge !! yeay. I have added a couple of photos. Sorry about the quality of them. Hope everyone is getting on OK. Take care my friends. Suzi

Hi everyone, ok... post op 31 days today. All...

Hi everyone, ok... post op 31 days today. All still going great. Saw my CS (Mr P) on Tuesday evening. He was very pleased with my progression. Scar looking smooth and flat. Belly button drying up nicely. Asked him about using an ear plug in it at night to give it a more defined round shape and he advised against it. He said that by doing this it often made it obvious that you had had a TT when wearing a swimsuit (?) and for it to heal naturally and into a more natural shape. So, going to take his advice. I love it anyways. Quite a novelty for me to have one at all tbh. My before BB was non existent amongst old scar tissue.

We discussed scar therapy and he confirmed that using silicon strips and scar massage with serum was a good routine to get into and to definately continue it. He commented that my scar was already responding well to this treatment as it appeared flat and smooth. He also recommened bio oil as an alternative.

Ladies, if you are at work remember to take in your oil or whatever you are using so that in your lunch period you can give your tummys a quick splash of oil and a 2 minute massage. My CS recommened I did this 3 times a day; monring, noon and last at night after shower.

My CS asked me if there was anything that I wasn't doing now that I would like to be doing (wink wink)... I said no, I was doing everything .... he laughed and said ok, thats alright then - remember though - everything in moderation !! ha ha ..... He also said I was fine now to start gentle exercise at the gym... only light ab work and treadmill though.

Just to confirm then. I am 4 weeks 2 days and to sum up: Scar and belly button healed nicely; fully mobile and able to stand up straight, sleeping well on back and sides, back to office based job (still taking it easy) but everything working out ok; no swelling during the day or at night; driving, shopping (lots of mainly clothes shopping); intimate with hubby (!!) - and best of all, feeling fine.

Before this op I was so worried about the actual surgery, the pain afterwards, or perhaps my scar not healing or my belly button would be a problem etc., etc., but thank the lord I have been fine. I know that I have been so lucky when compared to what some other ladies go through and I am truely thankful I really am.

It still hurts like hell to cough (which I have been doing in abundance over the last week or so) - I was worried that I might pop an internal stitch or damage the MR but when I asked my PS to check me out my MR was fine - he said it would take something pretty traumatic to tear a muscle repair and that a general cough wouldn't do any damage providing the surgeon had done a good job.

I would like to thank all of my new friends that I have acquired via this website for your love, support, guidance, and truely inspirational stories. Without this support, in the days leading up to my op, I think I would have gone crazy... thank you so much.

I have to go back to the PS in a months time so between now and then I will moisturise, moisturise, moisturise my scar line and tummy.

Take care to all who are recovering and for those about to start their journeys - good luck !!

Hugs to you all. Suzi

Morning everyone. I'm trying not to panic. Just...

Morning everyone. I'm trying not to panic. Just worried that I may have damaged myself internally by keep on coughing. Has anyone else experienced a very sharp, stinging then burning feeling after and during coughing. Bottom left of my tummy. Not on scar line. no new bulges or swelling or anything. I'm just left with a nagging hot and burning pain in my tummy after the cough. Arrrghh.... i did mention to the CS when I last saw about a week ago that I was coughing and it hurt and he checked me over and said I had not damaged the MR but boy or boy, it hurts like hell. Even just trying to clear my throat not a full blown cough hurts. How long does this last ? Everything else is going well ie. scar line, belly b - just this cough, sting and burn ..... bracing my tummy when I feel a cough coming with my hands but that doesnt really help. If I knew it was normal and part of the healing process I could handle it... Any advice gratefully received.... Suzi

Just a quick line to say thank you to those who...

Just a quick line to say thank you to those who contacted me re coughing and how sore and wrotten it makes you feel. It would appear that I am not alone in feeling like this at the moment as there are so many flu and cold germs about it is hardly surprising that a lot of us have gone down with something. My persistent cough and subsequent soreness in my tummy was really getting me down yesterday. You lovely ladies picked me back up and together with a gentle soothing bio-oil tummy massage (from hubs - thank you darling) and a good nights sleep... feeling much much better today. In fact, I'm back to being Mrs Positive !!! Life is good..... If you have a cough, and you are feeling sore today - Keep calm and carry on taking the cough mixture (along with bracing the tummy with a pillow or hands each and every cough!! lol.... Take care peeps... Suzi

Hi to all my buddies. I am having real issues with...

Hi to all my buddies. I am having real issues with the website atm. I am sorry if I have not replied to any private emails or tags to my posts. For some reason I cannot get into my review direct when I log on.

Anyhow, on the assumption that this is going to work, I thankfuly continue to make good progress. In the week I did get a "spitting" stitch out of my belly button. It was no big deal and was soon resolved by a lovely nurse at my hospital just trimming it back. Apparently this can occur and providing you take the appropriate action ie. trimmed back or removed, it should cause no problems. In fact, it hadn't hurt me at all. I just thought it was where the BB was healing as was a bit of loose skin. I had been tugging on it gently to remove it for a couple of days until I had a light bulb moment and thought mm actually, you probably shouldnt be doing that, it might be a stitch - Bingo... it was a stitch. lol...

Apart from that, everything is cool. Work good, no swelling at the end of the day. Probably no need to wear CG's now but I will for a little while yet coz they make me feel "secure". Its lovely to wear jeans again and to not have a muffin top or pouch under the waistband....

Take are buddies... For anyone having surgery this week, I wish you the very best of luck, to my buddies alreay on the flatside, take care of yourself.


Hello everyone, Its been a while since I have...

Hello everyone, Its been a while since I have updated my review. Life is getting very much back to normal. Work, rest and play (!) all going good. Had a second post op review with CS and all in good order and he is very pleased. Pleased to say scar and belly button completely healed. Doing my scar therapy treatment every day without fail and the scar line is now soft and getting lighter which is great. Belly button hole a bit discoloured but I am hoping that this too will lighten over time. Enjoying ever single minute of being able to wear nice fitted clothes. Looking forward to the summer months now. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, just very very thankful that my procedure and recovery have gone so well, I feel very blessed as I know some ladies have a very rough time of it. Good luck to everyone who is about to start their "adventure" on this journey to the flat side and those who have already taken the plunge, hope your healing goes really smoothly. Take care all.Suzi x
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I wanted to check in with you! How are you doing? I'm still numb and swelling some, but good none the less. I hope you are doing well too!
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I hope my tt will be as good as you're one , I just need to be on the flat side now , but have six weeks to go yet sometimes I think yes bring it on and other times I feel no I can't do this , but I pray to god it will be ok . I love you're storie about the homeless man god bless him xxxx
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Hi, thank you for your comments, thats really kind of you thank you. Yes, you can do this ! I often felt like you do. Rest assured you will be so pleased with the results. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know). (PS the homeless guy is still in the park everyday - I have had a little chat with him from time to time, he never moans despite the fact he sleeps in a tent in the local park at night - and we have been having temperatures of minus degrees a lot lately and snow - he keeps himself warm with little tea-lights). It is so wrong that anyone should be left out on the streets - he is well passed pensionable age. Still get the odd guilt trip about spending so much money on myself. Hope your preps are going well. Take Care. Suzi
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I an so happy you are doing well! The healing process seems to be taking forever, but I know we are all so much happier on the flat side!! I too am looking forward to summer, and I'll be enjoying my spring/summer in England and Europe, so even better!!!!
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Hi, Dont be discouraged. You have come so far and are doing brilliantly. Hope you have a lovely time over here in the UK an Europe. Take care. Are you coming to Kent at all ? Suzi
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I know we will be going in that direction (Cliffs of Dover, and other places) but am not sure on Kent yet. If we do, I'll message you and we can have tea or coffee!
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Hi Suzi glad you are doing well. What scar treatment you using? I will be 5 weeks on Monday PS told me to use bio oil. I too have been blessed with recovery up to now, only had a very slight irritation on scar and boobies, it was a stitch trying to pop through, nurse snipped them and scars are fine now. I am up to walking 10 miles 2-3 times a week and 4-5 miles on a shorter walk. Tummy still gets very tight and swelling has not fully gone, so I do not see a shape as of yet. On the plus I can fit in a size 12 jeans and they are very loose on waist and 90% of my clothes are too big, but not buying any until swelling fully goes. I too can't wait for the summer. xx
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Hi - sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Im not on the siter too much lately so life must be getting back to normal. You look fab btw. I enjoyed looking atyour before and after photos. You have come so far. Well done. You must be thrilled with your results. I too have been using bio oil but I also use from time to time the silicon strips by scaraway. Got them on ebay from America. They are brilliant and really soften up your scar and lighten it. They are a bit expensive but I feel worthwhile coz you can wash them, dry them and reuse them for a period of weeks. Good news about the jeans. Have you had a eureeka moment yet in a store changing room !!! its fab to love the reflection you see staring back at you isn't it. Continue healing well. Take Care. Suzi
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I spend most of my lunch times in M and S trying trouser on lol, how sad is that, not buying any new ones until all the swelling has gone, I too am spending less time on here, like you say life goes on. I may buy some of the silicone strips see how I get on with them, nice to hear from you, take care xx
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I'm so glad everything is well :) you look so awesome!
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Aww. thanks. I am so dang pleased I took the decision to have this done. Some say brave, some say foolhardy but when I see my results I know it was one of the best decisions I have quite possibly ever taken and I do not regret it for one minute. Your looking sweet yourself. How you feeling ? Take care. Suzi
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Honestly Suzi I havent been feeling well. I have been so fatigued and cant figure out if its the TT or what. Also my muscle repair has been hurting a lot lately. Stabbing pains. IDK all part of it i guess. Results wise Im thrilled. And the weirdest thing has been happening. I dont know if its because Ive been sitting so much or because my weight cant go to my tum but I suddenly got an ass out of no where lol. No squats required. I want to get into shape and lose some weight but I hope it doesnt go anywhere lol. Im sure my muscle pain and fatigue will pass quickly. Everything else seems too. I just cant believe how fantastic your results look. You look 20 yrs old. Will you be rocking a bikini this year?
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How did your appointment go at the PS?
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Hellow you !! how you doing. Soz I havent replied sooner to your message. Appointment went really well thanks. In fact we spent most of the appointmenttalking about all manner of things apart from my tummy. lol.... He checked me completely over, admired his handywork, said I was doing great and that he wanted to see me in two to three months for a final check and the last lot of photos to be taken. He said I can do everything now that I did pre-op. No restrictions. Apart of course from lifting anythig too heavy like weights at the gym (as if!!).... he said just to be "careful" but to "get on with life and enjoy my new tummy" - I will - I do !! .... How you doing my friend anyway ? Suzi x
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Hey suzi!!! Glad you are doing great. I am 10 days po doing good just moving slow. I do love my results so far. Take care
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Great to hear from you and even better to hear you are doing so well. Everything has really improved for me. My spot is 98% healed thank goodness and i'm back at the gym just trying to increase the pace slowly slowly. It's been very difficult to exercise of late because it's been so hot over here but i'm not stressing, as soon as it starts to cool I will get back into it. I just cant wait to jump in my pool as soon as this little spot is 100%. Not long now. Tummy still has that tight feeling at the end of the day but I'm only 10 weeks Post Op so not expecting it to be any better than what it is. I will post new photos at 12 weeks for the newer ladies. Take Care xx
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Checking in with you. I hope you are still healing nicely!!!
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Hellooooooooo my fellow Brit! I have been lax in my updates too - shows we're getting back to our normal lives, right?! Am glad you're doing OK - hope you're not too surrounded by snow right now!!!
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hay ha... yes, me to I'm afraid. Ive tried to use the site a few times but it hasnt let me in, or I havent been able to see reviews. very frustrating so I gave up for a while. Glad to see you are still doing well. You look incredible. In the south east we havent got too much snow, it was a bit touch and go for a while earlier in the week but has cleared a lot from here now. Up north they have it particularly bad. you know what its like in the UK, a little bit of snow and we go to pot, transport grinds to a halt and we all start moaning (but secretly enjoying it) !! Oh its good to be british !! What you been up to my friend ?? Suzi xx
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So glad to hear you are doing well. I'm sure it will continue to do so xx
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Suzi your post are always so sweet and gentle. I bet your a sweet soul. Spitting stitches seem to be the word on the forums for this time in recovery. I'm sure mine are coming soon and I will be on the look out. Happy healing :)
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Thats so lovely of you to say that. Been trying to use the site for a few days but had real issues with it. Cannot log in, had to change my password. What a mare. How are you getting on ?? Suzi
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In doing good except a massive severe reaction to poison oak. My body is covered in itchy hives and my face swelled up like a troll but I'm on prednisone so the swelling is gone but still itchy. Tum wise doing great!
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wth is poison oak... ? like a troll - shouldn't laugh but you really do make my sides hurt with laughing.... I hope the swelling is going down now. Have you had a good day ? Suzi
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Poison ivy sumac? Poisonous plant. If you saw the pics you split a stitch! I'm at the gym now...on the ellipical very slow and nose down in my phone. Everyone must think I'm the biggest slacker! In just feeling it out.
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