Tummy Tuck/uplift & Implants in One Hit! - Kent, UK

I had all the above done at the same time on 2nd...

I had all the above done at the same time on 2nd March 2010. It was a little under 5 hrs under the knife, the drains from my breasts were taken out the day after and the drains from my tum were taken out the next day..which was the day I was let home. Given 2 lots of pain killers & a note to return the following week.

Whilst in hosp I couldn't urinate, 3 catheters later and still not on my own. Also no bowel movement until this morn, 11 day on! I managed the shower, but it hurt, I still cannot stand straight and as a result my back is in agony, so after walking bent over for about 6 steps I feel the need to sit down urgently, as it feels like my back is going to snap!

I am having a real low day today and I was looking for some comfort on here when I decided to join and tell my story.

A week after I returned to my surgeon, who took off the tape and re taped my tummy and breasts. He took out 3 stitches from my belly button, told me he is pleased with it and to come back in a month. Breasts are in a huge bra and healing although tender to touch. The tummy is bleeding here and there, and I have some scabs around the scar which he told me to rub any sort of cream in! I am not touching them though, not yet.

I have my father here to look after me, and today I cannot get out of bed, I stopped all meds yesterday due to them stopping me going to the loo, I am now able to go properly.

I am feeling so down and lonely its unreal. I am so glad i have my lap top and these sites to make me feel at ease with what I am going through. Thank you

Updated on Mar 15, 2009:

2 weeks today I had a tummy tuck, uplift & implants.

I have since been prescribed so many different types of pain killers and antibiotics I am totally lost as to what I should now be taking.

The antibiotics are Trimethoprim 200mg (urine infection) and Flucloxaillin 500mg (inflammation & infection to my wounds) & paracetamol for the temperature.

I have been taking Tramadol 50mg & Dicloflex 50mg for 2 weeks now, 3 times a day. Due to the side effects of these I also have been prescribed movicol & senna.

I am in a lot of pain still, I can only sleep sitting up still & I long to curl up again! I have a nasty smell about me, even though I shower daily. And the meds are making me so sleepy, I have had bowl movement twice in two weeks.

Can someone tell me if this is 'the norm' please?
I feel so desperate to get dressed and be myself again, yet this seems such a long way off. I paid a lot of money for this, and I don't get to see my surgeon until a months time.

I would like to know whether I should be suffering like this, as I feel so alone in doing so.

Photo Update

Thanks girls... well 8 months later and here are...

Thanks girls... well 8 months later and here are the latest pics!!

It's been 11 months now since my op's and they are...

It's been 11 months now since my op's and they are finally healed! Although I still have numbness around my left breast and my tummy is numb, my breasts sometimes give me pain and I still cannot run on the treadmill, even with my £45 bra!
I still show my friends the wounds and they say that as for the scars they are healing fantastically.
I had the breasts done to look natural and not like a barbie doll, and they swing when I walk and they feel natural, I doubt I would have it done again though, I mean I look at pictures before and I do feel different, but I am putting on the weight around my tummy and I feel in a year or so I will look the same as before I had it done!

December 2013

latest pictures

This is me today.. Dec2013

finally all has settled, and I have feeling back in my body
London Plastic Surgeon

everything my surgeon has said has happened, I have 100% trust in him because of this and would recommend him to anyone requiring surgery.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Ok it'll be 4 years in March14 that I had all this done, I will post some up to date pictures if anyone requires seeing them? I do think that my boobs have dropped as they are so heavy now, I can actually hold things underneath them! Yes I am disappointed with this, as also I sweat under them in the summer and it gets embarrassing when I am out, I tend to wear dark tops to hide this and use a lot of talc under them. I cannot go without a bra in most clothes as they really wobble, anyone else having this touble?
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With the surgery you have had you must learn to contain your weight! A change in you eating habits and controll is what you need and things like weight watchers is brilliant! They can really help you controll it and you cans still eat what you want! Your beautiful and just need support
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Hi twiglet -- You can add photos by clicking the "Edit" link above your review. They'll take about 12-24 hours to appear online.

If you're still having trouble, you can also email us your pics (contactus [at] realself.com) and we'll post them for you.

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Thanks for reading ALL my review!
It was an awful time and I am glad to be feeling much better thank you,
I have healed completely and did so about Sept time, I am now due to see my consultant in Dec!
I have put on weight suddenly and am finding it hard to get rid of! And all my girl friends say my boobs look fab because although I had the lift they are quite natural looking, I can still hold a pencil under them!
I am sure you will be just fine!! Just remember to take the rest and put plenty of bio oil on the scars asap! I am still doing so.
Cannot seem to update this site with pic,s so if you want to see me now then send me your email and I will gladly send you some pics
kind regards
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I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. When I read stories like yours I start to doubt my decision to go through with this. I worry a out the weight part too... I go through phases where I just can't stop eating and the pounds just keep coming and then there are other times when it seems to be Ok. I lost about 40 lbs a few years ago and I struggle with weight all the time. I would hate to go through all this and then put the weight back on. I always think that if I pay the money to do this than I will be able to control myself. We shall see...

I would love to see updated pictures of you.

Thanks for the update and happy to hear that all is well.

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I just read your entire review and although I am new to the site and have not left you messages prior, I am thinking about you and wondering how you are doing these days? Did you have all your issues solved? I am schedule for a TT and BL on Dec 28th and I am petrified! Please give an update when you can... THANKS
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Hi twiglet, how r u, i hope things has gotton better with u. keep me posted as u r always in my thoughts.
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Hello Dor thank you for your oncern, it means the world, I am still in pain in my left boob, and my tummy has holes still that are weeping!! nothing is changing really, how are you? x
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Hi Twiglet how is going we havn't hear from u recently, i hope things are looking up. Keep us posted on your progress
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Bless your heart. Did your doctor tell you what went wrong? This doesn't seem like a typical recovery. Hang in there!
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Its now 3 months.. and I am still suffering. I would like to post pictures, but I can't seem to find out how to??? My bikini line is still leaking and I have two holes, one of which has a stitch poking out of now! I am dressing these myself as the nurses are busy, I have a bag full of different dressings and iodine, scissors and solutions to wash with. The saga with the navel is the same, I have had the results back from the swab, and another course of antibiotics prescribed, that is 6 lots in 6 weeks! My navel smells so bad it's making me feels sick, I am also reacting to the dressings as I am itching around them, and its red. I see my consultant tomorrow afternoon, its been 4 weeks now since seeing him, and I have a list of questions. Will update tomorrow x
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I cannot find how to add the pictures???
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Well girls its been 11 weeks this Tues coming since being under the dreaded knife! I am still leaking out of my bikini line holes! and it still stinks, along with my belly button, that has a yellow blister on it and 'apparently' a blood clot STILL present behind it, so it is still oozing too. I have been to my hosp daily to get these dressed along with a leaky boob,, but that has now healed!!! Yaaaayyy ONE less thing to worry about! Ok, back to the oozing. I am posting some pic's of me today as I now look. The oozing has become part of my life now, I am seeing my surgeon less and less and it's now monthly, so I am due on the 25th May. The nurse at my surgery and my local hosp say I am not to have it dressed any more as I should go earlier to my surgeon and kick up! (truly not my style but I am very angry now) I am going to send some pic's of myself, and I am afraid without a bra I feel as bad as I did before the Op's. I am sagging and I am very wobbly, I cannot go braless as they bounce and they are sagging!! This is the precise reason I paid a lot of money to stop this, my surgeon said 3 weeks ago, that my breasts are better then they were before, and showed me the pic's of b4. Yes they are, but Shouldnt I be able to go without a bra and feel GOOD!!!??? Please help me out here girls, so I can go armed with amo. Photos nex
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Hi Twiglet. I am 11 days post op from tummy tuck, breast aug with periareolar lift, and lipo of abd, flanks, and inner thighs. I do have some discomfort from being sore on my inner thighs that sometimes swell that it feels like I have a ball in between my legs and the rashes I got from reaction to the meds I took and probably the betadine and dressings, but it's getting better. My abdomen and flanks are still swollen but has gone down. My heart goes out to you really. You have to just forget about your style and be the bitch you should be to your surgeon. I've been told by my husband that you have to be nice to get what you want and get people to work with you, but sometimes when you get ignored because you are too nice, you have to just stash that being nice to the side and get what you need taken care of. Of course, your boob will look better with the implant than when it didn't. That's how it is with everybody. That's the whole point of getting the implant, but it should be the good that you can work with. I don't know the rules are in where you are from, but seek the help that you need, medical & LEGAL. I think the feature to put pics are not back up yet. I too would like to put some pics but can't seem to be able to do on the site for now. I think about you and hope that things will get better.
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Hi twiglet how is it going keep us posted on your recovery we want to hear from you.
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Hi Twiglet. I'm sorry to hear and see the results of your procedure. It's great that you have been able to vent to this site and gotten responses. Looking at the pictures you posted, I have to be honest: the operative sites don't look good. It might be true that your PS didn't leave the drains long enough, but pus and fever are classic signs for infection. After this long, you should expect the swelling to go down to some extent. I think that this is too long for it to be looking like that if it was really heading to normal healing process. It is true that certain lifestyle practices might prolong the healing, but if you are healing in any way, you should be able to see things getting at least a little better. By the way, that thing he told you to wipe off the drainage with paper towel is very wrong. It is an open wound that is red, swelling, and with pus. The last thing you'd want to put on that is something that is not sterile. Any microorganism that is on things that may be clean could end up infecting an open wound. On top of that you're already stressed out about all these and not sleeping right, which can weaken your immune system as well. It's good to know that your blood work from the hospital you were taken after passing out was good and in some way can tell that there's not any major infection going on, but it doesn't take long for something to spread. I think you should be followed closely, especially if they are looking like that. It's important to splint your incision when coughing and sneezing. Put a pillow over it and press on it when coughing and sneezing. That helps prevent the incision from separating even more and with less pulling to it would be less painful. I think it's important for you to take a pain med because you will not be able to do anything if your pain is not controlled. Don't do too much physically because you don't want to challenge your body especially with the kind of condition you're in. Of course, you shouldn't be bedridden, and it's great that you are moving around. I don't think you should be bending, pulling, or pushing. It's important to keep the incision sites clean, but I don't think you should soak at all. Whatever the water washes off of you will be floating around there while you are soaking, which could easily get in to your open skin. I think washing will be good enough. You have to be very deligent with keeping things and your hands clean. A clean prepacked gauze may be enough to wipe the area clean, but I think that any dressing that is suppose to stay on for a while should be sterile. I really feel for you. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo of my front abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs, and breast augmentation with periareolar lift on 5/4. I am very nervous too, but I'm hoping for good results. Positive attitude counts and I know that's hard for you to even have right now, but mind affects the body too. You have to be assertive and be very upfront to your PS. Don't take "you'll be okay" for a response when it's been like 8 wks and nothing seem to have improved in any way. I am not a surgeon or doctor of any kind, but certain things are obvious even if that's not a big deal yet because if left untreated or if mistreated can lead to something else worse. I am a Registered Nurse, so I know that you should be cared for and dealt with when something doesn't not look good and that's what I can see. I hope that you will get better soon. There's so much things to recover from for you, so I hope that you are heading that way if not now, soon. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Increase your fluid intake. Stay away from salty foods because that makes your body retain fluid and will make you more swollen. Have some citrus juice for Vitamin C. It helps fight off those cold virus, which I know are very easy to get especially if you're already not feeling well. If your pain med doesn't work for you, ask your PS to change it. Not all pain meds work on everybody. Keep us posted.
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I am so sorry you had a bad experience with your TT, I wish you all the best of health with your recovery.Please keep us updated with your healing.
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An update: I am not doing well and I have been keeping a low profile everywhere. I am back to the consultant this afternoon. My left boob has not healed at all and my tummy tuck healed lovely, but then a hole appeared again just after a week of nothing! So that is weeping like mad and I am sick and tired, so fed up of the oozing of this liquid now in my bed and on my clothes. Last Wednesday I went to a walk in centre because I felt I couldn't breathe, I collapsed and was taken to hosp in an ambulance, it was awful, all blood counts and ECG's showed nothing, I got to see my own GP who was disgusted with the fact I have been just left each time with a "you will be ok" attitude. He also made me an appointment with the nurse to have these wounds dressed each week.. which is what I have never been offered at the private hosp where I paid nearly £10,000 for this mistake! So I am very down, fed up with wearing leggings and t-shirts as my other clothes are getting ruined. I am seeing my consultant this afternoon and I will update again and post some pictures, thanks everyone for listening Twig x
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Hi twiglet nice hearing from you and was hoping for a bit of better news. Twiglet, cant you see a diff BCPSurgeon even though i know how it is in England i live there for a while. Something got to be going on...after 7 wks no improvment UH! As i said i had a little pus from my bb about 3wks after and my PS saw me the day after and took the sutures out and a few after i was fine. Did you post the ? on this forum for the docs they are great, also your pics will be a big help to them too. Girl i feel you pain and suffering...but please get another ps opinion its needed at this point. Dont lie in bed too much it wont help and try not to be so depressed it will make matters worst. Good luck and keep me posted.
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Wow I thought my recovery was crappy. It is 8 days from my surgery...and have a ton of swelling and hardness, but I am not infected. You really need to see someone other then the doctors you have seen. I really don't think they are helping you. Looking at your pictures it looks painful. I got my tummy tuck & Liposuction done in INDIA. It was cheaper and it seems he did a really good job, but the swelling is terrible. I hate the garment because it is so tight, but it does help support my belly. I hope you don't have to suffer any longer...take care.
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thank you so much for writing, I am still in bed and still leaking. I have been here 7 days today, only getting up for the bathroom and hosp. Sorry I have not updated, but I lost the site, and I have just recieved 3 emails, so luckily I feel I am not alone again.. Thank you x The day after my last post, I went to see the resident doctor at the hospital where it all began. The pain was awful and I just cried the whole time. He said it was a Haematona and that is why I was suffering, he said it should go, and thats why I am leaking this pus.. the blood clot is trying to fight it's way out of my body. He told me to go back on the pain killers and to see my surgeon at my next appointment. Over the next few days I developed sinus pain and then a full blown cold erupted, so I sneezed and coughed the entire time! That just put me in more pain.. but after a couple of days of laying in bed refusing to see anyone or do anything, the pain in the side went!! The tummy feels so tender due to the coughing etc.. but the worrying thing now is I cannot see most of my scar due to swelling, I have to use a small mirror in front of me, I am very tender and red between my belly button and scar, and it is rock hard (to be expected I have read) I have just got up to have a bath (recommended by my surgeon to soak the healing wound!) and the pus squirted everywhere! I realise I would be better if I moved about more.. releasing more fluid quicker so it heals quicker, but the main problem is, after being up running a bath and coming out, drying.. I am ready for my bed again, my back hurts so much as I cannot stand straight still after 5 weeks this Tuesday! I feel my back is going to snap and believe me, I am trying so hard to stand straight. I lay in my bed and try and lay flat, but it pulls as its tight, but the worse thing is.. the pain from the 'wound that isn't healing' is unbearable. Any suggestions please I am up for anything! I can manage to walk bent over for about 10-15 steps, then I need to sit urgently. I am going to take some pictures and update you wonderful people for your support again, my heart truly skipped a beat when I saw the emails!! Thank you so very much x
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Hi twiglet: It's dor , i am not hearing from you and wondering if you are ok. I am hoping that your situation has changed for the better. Please let me hear what's up with you i am concerned because a lot of us could have been in the same situation. All the best.
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Hi twiglet its dor again i did not remember to ask you how is the progress with the breast aug so far if thats an issue too let me know as well.
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Hi Twiglet how you doing. Yes your doc says not infection, did he tell you what and why. I have seen bloody fliud leaks out but not pus. Try keep the wound dry instead of soaking should think thats better. I do agree with akasha about your health before and if you do smoke those would surly be contributing factors for poor healing. Do post a question for the realself doctors they are willing to help with advise, they had helped me with concerns i had with an issue. Yes swettie... you need sympathy because most of us want to boost our self-esteem and match our dream of inner strength and beauty. Keep me posted on your progress soon. Try to relax a bit i know its hard. Best of luck, always in my prayers.
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Well people, it's the next morning after my last post, I didn't sleep good again, I am crying at the slightest thing, I am so miserable with the pain in my right side, and the oozing of pus that seems to be flooding out, that I cannot enjoy my life now. How the hell are you expected to go out or do anything when you just have this wet patch appearing at no warning on your tummy!!?? Also with the pain from the damaged nerve! Every time I breathe I get a horrible sharp pain, I am going mad with all this, and what I hate the most is that, I paid for this, I asked for this to happen!! So no sympathy for me!
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