Tummy Tuck/uplift & Implants in One Hit! - Kent, UK

I had all the above done at the same time on 2nd...

I had all the above done at the same time on 2nd March 2010. It was a little under 5 hrs under the knife, the drains from my breasts were taken out the day after and the drains from my tum were taken out the next day..which was the day I was let home. Given 2 lots of pain killers & a note to return the following week.

Whilst in hosp I couldn't urinate, 3 catheters later and still not on my own. Also no bowel movement until this morn, 11 day on! I managed the shower, but it hurt, I still cannot stand straight and as a result my back is in agony, so after walking bent over for about 6 steps I feel the need to sit down urgently, as it feels like my back is going to snap!

I am having a real low day today and I was looking for some comfort on here when I decided to join and tell my story.

A week after I returned to my surgeon, who took off the tape and re taped my tummy and breasts. He took out 3 stitches from my belly button, told me he is pleased with it and to come back in a month. Breasts are in a huge bra and healing although tender to touch. The tummy is bleeding here and there, and I have some scabs around the scar which he told me to rub any sort of cream in! I am not touching them though, not yet.

I have my father here to look after me, and today I cannot get out of bed, I stopped all meds yesterday due to them stopping me going to the loo, I am now able to go properly.

I am feeling so down and lonely its unreal. I am so glad i have my lap top and these sites to make me feel at ease with what I am going through. Thank you

Updated on Mar 15, 2009:

2 weeks today I had a tummy tuck, uplift & implants.

I have since been prescribed so many different types of pain killers and antibiotics I am totally lost as to what I should now be taking.

The antibiotics are Trimethoprim 200mg (urine infection) and Flucloxaillin 500mg (inflammation & infection to my wounds) & paracetamol for the temperature.

I have been taking Tramadol 50mg & Dicloflex 50mg for 2 weeks now, 3 times a day. Due to the side effects of these I also have been prescribed movicol & senna.

I am in a lot of pain still, I can only sleep sitting up still & I long to curl up again! I have a nasty smell about me, even though I shower daily. And the meds are making me so sleepy, I have had bowl movement twice in two weeks.

Can someone tell me if this is 'the norm' please?
I feel so desperate to get dressed and be myself again, yet this seems such a long way off. I paid a lot of money for this, and I don't get to see my surgeon until a months time.

I would like to know whether I should be suffering like this, as I feel so alone in doing so.

Hi twiglet: It's dor , i am not hearing from you and wondering if you are ok. I am hoping that your situation has changed for the better. Please let me hear what's up with you i am concerned because a lot of us could have been in the same situation. All the best.
Hi twiglet its dor again i did not remember to ask you how is the progress with the breast aug so far if thats an issue too let me know as well.
Hi Twiglet how you doing. Yes your doc says not infection, did he tell you what and why. I have seen bloody fliud leaks out but not pus. Try keep the wound dry instead of soaking should think thats better. I do agree with akasha about your health before and if you do smoke those would surly be contributing factors for poor healing. Do post a question for the realself doctors they are willing to help with advise, they had helped me with concerns i had with an issue. Yes swettie... you need sympathy because most of us want to boost our self-esteem and match our dream of inner strength and beauty. Keep me posted on your progress soon. Try to relax a bit i know its hard. Best of luck, always in my prayers.

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Thanks for reading ALL my review!
It was an awful time and I am glad to be feeling much better thank you,
I have healed completely and did so about Sept time, I am now due to see my consultant in Dec!
I have put on weight suddenly and am finding it hard to get rid of! And all my girl friends say my boobs look fab because although I had the lift they are quite natural looking, I can still hold a pencil under them!
I am sure you will be just fine!! Just remember to take the rest and put plenty of bio oil on the scars asap! I am still doing so.
Cannot seem to update this site with pic,s so if you want to see me now then send me your email and I will gladly send you some pics
kind regards

I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. When I read stories like yours I start to doubt my decision to go through with this. I worry a out the weight part too... I go through phases where I just can't stop eating and the pounds just keep coming and then there are other times when it seems to be Ok. I lost about 40 lbs a few years ago and I struggle with weight all the time. I would hate to go through all this and then put the weight back on. I always think that if I pay the money to do this than I will be able to control myself. We shall see...

I would love to see updated pictures of you.

Thanks for the update and happy to hear that all is well.


Thanks girls... well 8 months later and here are...

Thanks girls... well 8 months later and here are the latest pics!!

It's been 11 months now since my op's and they are...

It's been 11 months now since my op's and they are finally healed! Although I still have numbness around my left breast and my tummy is numb, my breasts sometimes give me pain and I still cannot run on the treadmill, even with my £45 bra!
I still show my friends the wounds and they say that as for the scars they are healing fantastically.
I had the breasts done to look natural and not like a barbie doll, and they swing when I walk and they feel natural, I doubt I would have it done again though, I mean I look at pictures before and I do feel different, but I am putting on the weight around my tummy and I feel in a year or so I will look the same as before I had it done!

Ok it'll be 4 years in March14 that I had all this done, I will post some up to date pictures if anyone requires seeing them? I do think that my boobs have dropped as they are so heavy now, I can actually hold things underneath them! Yes I am disappointed with this, as also I sweat under them in the summer and it gets embarrassing when I am out, I tend to wear dark tops to hide this and use a lot of talc under them. I cannot go without a bra in most clothes as they really wobble, anyone else having this touble?
With the surgery you have had you must learn to contain your weight! A change in you eating habits and controll is what you need and things like weight watchers is brilliant! They can really help you controll it and you cans still eat what you want! Your beautiful and just need support

December 2013

latest pictures

This is me today.. Dec2013

finally all has settled, and I have feeling back in my body
London Plastic Surgeon

everything my surgeon has said has happened, I have 100% trust in him because of this and would recommend him to anyone requiring surgery.

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