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Its been three and a half weeks 02/24/14 since...

Its been three and a half weeks 02/24/14 since surgery and im still having some gealing problems aling with some yellow fluids does this look normal? My stitches are Disable but looks like thier still there.. I had to go see my surgeon a week after surgery because the pain got worse and I was really ichy so he gave me some cephalexin and told me if I come back hell have to remove the stitches and let me heal on my own which would taje longer :/


i had a lil discharge 2 weeks post, no bad odor and wasnt thick, so i didnt worry, but the discharge was coming from my vagina not where the stictches were. did u only get a reduction on one side, it looks like your surgeon took all the labia off.
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Yes sorry I forgot to include that detail on the left side yes, also in one of the pictures u can see the yellow discharge coming from my vagina area I wanna go back to my doctor because ive never had discharge that bright yellow ever and it doesnt smell ... idk my doctor asks as though im bugging him when really I see other other women healing better and faster ,just wanna make sure im following directions and thank you for responding!
looking at your photos, im a little confused, where is your other labia?
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heres a better photo maybe

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and another


I am confused as to what happened to your left labia minora. It is completely non-existent. Especially compared to your right. I hope everything turned out alright!
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Hey I've posted photos of my experience and like you at 3.5 weeks I was so worried then 4 days later I've changed so much. You should definitely see the doctor to be safe or to at least put your mind at ease. I actually don't think you have anything to worry about but that's just from my experience I am not a professional. I hope you have a speedy recovery
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I am pretty sure you should not have drainage at 3 weeks. See your doc preferably the doc who did your surgery.
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