1 Year Post Op.......... Chicago, Il

I have wanted a boob job since I was in my...

I have wanted a boob job since I was in my twenties, I have never had big breast outside of pregnancy! I have put it off for too long, im 42 and figured its now or never!! I have a couple of friends who have implants(u couldnt tell), and that was my epiphany, Im like "I want boobs too!!" So i had my consult Feb 4, and im set to go on Feb 28th, I cant believe it! I am an A cup and I want to be a full C or small D, so I picked a 350cc saline,which will be placed under the muscle(smooth texture)..after looking over other reviews I cant help to wonder if i should up it to 400cc's! What do u guys think? Im 5'7' 160 pounds 34-27-42 measurments....

Okay I found out Im getting Moderate Profile Plus...

Okay I found out Im getting Moderate Profile Plus saline 350 ccs, I told them i want him to fill them to capacity,Im getting super excited now!!!!

Oh boy...well in the past 3 days i have been given...

Oh boy...well in the past 3 days i have been given the runaround by the finance company that was to finance my surgery, they were haggling back and forth with my PS! So as of today I have changed finance companies(CareCredit) and PS! I am using Dr Michael Horn in Chicago Il, I went to my consult today, and my post op appt it wednesday, with my surgery still occuring Feb 28 at 8am! So i have to be there at 6am...I decided to go with 425cc high profile saline, i will post a pic of me with sizers! I would like to change the name of my PS.,,how can i do that?

I had my Pre Op today! Im more excited now than...

I had my Pre Op today! Im more excited now than nervous! I was informed that my implants ( naturelle, saline high profile, 425cc's) will be filled to capacity which is 430!! Omgosh, I hope im not over doing it!! I ordered my ArnicaMontana and post op vitamins, and sportbra's from underarmour, im counting down the days!!

Im getting cold feet. I have seen some not so...

Im getting cold feet. I have seen some not so flattering reviews and now I want to back out and maybe use someone else....

L got the call from the PS today to come pick up...

l got the call from the PS today to come pick up my new boobies at 1pm, darn, I wanted to go in early to get it over with! Now the anticipation and my stomach, since I cant eat after midnite, is going to be driving me nuts!!LOL, im drinking alot of water now...I will post B4 pics and my after pics depending on how im feeling, 2morrow...almost there ladies! Almost there!!! ( :

Today is B Day!! Boob day!!! Im am asking all my...

Today is B Day!! Boob day!!! Im am asking all my sisters to pray for me, and Im getting prepared to go to the PS, at this point im just ready to do this! Its been like 20 years for me wanting this....! I will update ASAP..tootles!

Hey ladies!! Im home, and despite a lil soreness,...

Hey ladies!! Im home, and despite a lil soreness, I FEEL ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! I am doing very well, the only complaint i have is the long wait i had b4 my surgery, I got there at noon, didnt get into surgery til after 3, so by then I was quite anxious and ready to get it done!!! They came in to put a medical martini in my IV, wheeled me into the operating room, I saw the lights above me, AND THATS THE LAST THING I REMEMBER!! LOLOL, next thing i know i woke up and those muggs were like, "your all done!" I was like wow!! No nausea, just soreness, i peed right away... and then the hubby, who is great by the way dressed me and we split! My post op is tomorrow, i I really hope it doesnt get any worse than this, Ive been taking my arnica montana, post op vitamins, vicodin and will start my antibiotics in the am...I have all my alarms set to go off when its time to take my meds.. Pic will be posted in a sec, thanks to all my sisters who asked about me! This turned out to be less traumatic than ithough it would be, Thank God!!

Its 1:45 am, and the hubby just gave me my pain...

Its 1:45 am, and the hubby just gave me my pain meds, my arnica montana pills and arnica gel...Pain,but minimal, but lots of pressure, so a bit uncomfotrable...but so far so good, to my ladies set to go tomorrow, follow Dr,s orders and take meds on schedule ( :

Post op went great, they put me in my sports...

Post op went great, they put me in my sports bra,it feels better having the wrap off, my incisions do not hurt and i have the feeling in my breast also, no numbness here!! I was intstructed to start massaging in 1 week and i can shower tomorrow!! Will post pics in a few ( :

Day 2 post op Ive been doing pretty well since...

Day 2 post op
Ive been doing pretty well since my surgery, went to post op yesterday and PS said I looked fine....but oh boy when I woke up this morn, I guess i woke up with what u ladies call "morning boob"? My left breast, only where the bruising is on the side was hurting, like painful, so i put some arnica montana gel on it, popped my arnica pills and 1 vicodin, and laid down...im gonna take it easy today, I just hate laying in the bed alllll daaaaay! but its really sore on the sides of my breast, im guessing this is normal right??

Im doing much better, My UnderArmour bra came in...

Im doing much better, My UnderArmour bra came in the mail today! Its so comfortable, I was wearing one by Hanes, but it had a seam in it that rubbed me the wrong way, this Underarmour is seamless, and fits perfect,not to tight not loose ( :

Well got in the shower for the first time, even...

Well got in the shower for the first time, even was able to wash my hair! I feel so good and refreshed, they said wait 48 hours to shower, i waited til this morning, i was paranoid about gettin the tape wet! My back is in knot from laying down so much! So im trying to walk around my condo to stretch out!! My breast pain in minimal next to none, just still have the full feeling, so im down to 1 percocet a day...i put on a t shirt and loved how i filled it out! Wow!

4 days post op Went shopping and bought 3 more...

4 days post op
Went shopping and bought 3 more sports bras...im still getting used to the weight these puppied added to my front,lol, not used to it ill be glad when they start to feel normal, but i dont know if im seeing things but these babies look like they are dropping already??

I will say that im loving the way they turned out,...

I will say that im loving the way they turned out, they are just right for my shape, not to big, not to small, just right, I do look at them and say "Hmmm, Maybe i should have went with 450CC or even 475cc"... funny how the boob greed happens with almost everybody once or twice,but nah, I really like my lower body and I didnt want to take away from that with big boobs! LOL Dr Horn did an amazing job!

1WEEK POST OP Im hanging in there..just the...

Im hanging in there..just the normal littles aches nothing serious, thank God Im done with my antibiotics...so now im just on post op vitaminss, and arnica montana..sooo, i got some antibiotics leftover from another procedure, im so nervous about CC, and i want to take these antiobiotics too! You guys think it would be okay??? Another question....anyone else experience feeling cold...not chills..just cold?

9 days post op Everyday its getting better, they...

9 days post op
Everyday its getting better, they look better, and im getting used to them 'being there',lol my PS said to wear a sport bra 24/7 for 6 weeks, i must say its a struggle because it starts to rub me the wrong way after awhile, and i have to cheat and take it off so the girls can breathe! Im massaging, and still using arnica gel for the tightness and bruises also massaging oil (palmers skin therapy oil) to help prevent stretch marks ( : Im having loads of fun trying on my existing shirts and actually filling them out!! It looks great!! ( :

Hey ladies, its 2 weeks post op today, im cool,...

Hey ladies, its 2 weeks post op today, im cool, but im still sore, I woke up with morining boob today, when does that subside!!??? They feel achy but hey,,its only 2 weeks right, still like them alot though and dont regret it at all. My left breast is softer than the right, but I assume thats because im right handed..My nipples are sore from the rub of the bras/shirts...still massaging and looking forward to the finished result~

Oh, I also got to take the tape off my incisions...

Oh, I also got to take the tape off my incisions thank God because it was starting to itch like crazy! Im going to attempt to go rollerskating 2nite, im so tired of being at home cooped up!

18 days post op Im soooo sore, my boobs are...

18 days post op
Im soooo sore, my boobs are getting on my nerves, i just wanna be over with the process already, my nipples are crying because they are so irritated from wearin a bra all the time! My side boob hurts, its like awful muscle pain, i havent popped a vicodin in days..but im biting the bullet and taking one...im still loving the girls, just sore as heck and im grumpy, Went to see my mom today for the first time since my surgery..it was funny to here her say " let me see the girls!" ( : she liked them but proceeded to tell my 12 year old that she should never do that to her self..i get it..she was just trying to let her know its okay to love how u were born..i get it....cuz my mom wished she could get a BA,lol anyhow im glad i have somewhere to vent!! Dang Im suppose to go back to work on the 25th, im a mail carrier and it invovles lifting heavy packages and heavy mail..i dunno if im gonna be able to go back to full duty..we shall see! Time for my happy pill!

My nipples soreness is getting a bit better, i...

My nipples soreness is getting a bit better, i cheat and sleep without a bra, and sometimes i walk around the house topless to give them air..lol, noone is home while i do this,lol..Ive also decided to stick with cotton bras until this recovery process is over! They have definatly gotten softer, when I go to massage them, im like wow, theyre so soft now! Funny when I look down at them, they seem small..but when I look in the mirror they look big.. I also got bored as heck..and went to VS to get measured they put me at a 34DD...so I Know Im at least a
34Dwhich is exactly what size I wanted to be! I was so nervous about not being a D cup....anyhow I didnt buy any bras yet..I will wait til my 6 week mark ( :

Its 4 weeks post op, my nipples arent sensitive...


5 weeks Post op 2morrow will write my review today...

5 weeks Post op 2morrow will write my review today in case I dont have time 2morrow, well, my boob greed has subsided, my boobs are beautiful, and they feel like they are mine now, I love how i fill out my summer dresses now..i fill the cups out so I look super sexy!! LOL, what a difference boobs make! Dr Horns work is fab, I just shouldve went a tad bigger, but my husband says they are perfect and had I gone bigger, theyd be too big.... anyhow, I am glad I got the BA and in one more week I get to wear regular bras!!! Yes!!!

6 weeks post op my boobs look nice and softter, i...

6 weeks post op my boobs look nice and softter, i was cleared to wear regular bras so promptly went to VS and bought 6 new bras!! I was going to buy just 2...but u know how quickly things change when a girl is shopping,lol, I got fitted and im a 34DD!! Im happy with that, the ladies loved my boob job!!! will post pics later 2day~

7 weeks post op today, all is well, nothing to...

7 weeks post op today, all is well, nothing to complain about, I still have yet to take pics of my new bras..just 2 busy,lol I will say the regular bras make them look so much nicer under clothing than the sports bras, Im truly enjoying the girls...they are soft and im able to push them together if i want too

How was I to know how a bigger implant would...

How was I to know how a bigger implant would look,it really is a crap shoot when u try on sizers, like a rough estimate.....I really wished I wasnt so chicken and had of picked at least a 480cc...(I got 430), I want a revision, I want bigger boobs, my husband is going to have a fit, but oh well, Im going to do it next year, maybe even on my original BA date (feb 27th)...ladies...have no fear...if ur pre op...GO BIGGER!!! I loved them when they were swollen, they were perfect , I still like them..just wished they were a tad bigger!! ) :

Sorry girls for being scatterbrained! LOL!! 15 weeks Post~OP

Okay ladies...i know i have been going back and forth with wishing Id gone bigger, but after some reading and soul searching and just paying attention to my body..I feel that I got the just the right size for my frame...any bigger would have been too big..from my ribcage size(im very narrow, would have had way too much side boob) and my boobs were..flat..so I didnt have a lot of skin to begin with, how would i accomodate a large implant without stretching my skin wayyy too much)...and finally, as my boobs D&F...these babys have some weight to them! I actually like sleeping with a bra on to keep them from flopping around...lol, imagine me having a bigger implant...with more weight on my small frame? Not to mention id have that baseball look, so to make them look slightly bigger, I wear The Angel Bra by Victoria Secret..its just lightly padded and gives me that extra oomph, So Im okat with my 430cc's..( : I swear i wont have another "I should have gone bigger" rant! LOL

6 months Post op...Still glad I did it:-)

Been s long time since I've checked in still happy with results. . Still get boob greed.. but overall pleased with my new look. . No more boy chest!


Well, I have developed a mild CC in my right breast like a grade II....Dont get me wrong, they look nice, even when I went to Dr. Horn today, he said they look nice,, but its mild CC, he gave me Accolate and a strap to wear...I hope it works!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! I will know in a month if their is any improvement.....
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How are you doing? Your cc? Is everything ok?
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I agree with ur husband! They are a great size and go perfectly with your nice round hips!!
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I'm thinking about going to dr horn, he's the best surgeon I've seen/met, but the price quote I was given was very high (actually thats the only reason I start looking for a different docs) anyway, do you know if they were running a special for prices when you booked your surgery, or was it just the implants you choose that determined the price?
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Well I don't know if they were running a special at the time. . But I got saline.. and its cheaper than silicone. . How much did they tell you it will cost! ?
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You're looking great! I'm happy with my size as well but I have to go back on Oct 2 for a revision but just my Rt boob as it is definitely and obviously smaller from the the Lt. I guess the computer calculation was not enough. Also, he needed to do a capsulotomy as despite the medication it is still riding high so we decided to do them altogether. Hate going back under the knife but overall I'm still glad I went through it. No boob greed here either, just wanted them to look as same as possible :-)
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Yours are perfect size for your body! You look like you were born with them, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm planning on getting mine done soon I'm a 34a and I have a bigger bottom half so they look even worse being so out of proportion. I just want to be proportionate. How do they feel now that it has been 6 months? Are they pretty soft? I'm going with saline under the muscle as well but I'm concerned about the softness that's my number one priority over size. Just curious!
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Same here!!! Will they be too hard?? Will they ripple??? These are my concerns not too much the size! Grrrr
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They feel nice and soft! My left one is softer, i know its because im right handed and use that arm more..so my pec chest is tighter..but overall they feel nice, i can squish them together and everything,lol!
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No they are not hard..at first they are when u first get them..it takes time for them to settle...and i dont have any rippling..i have 425cc that my PS filled to 430cc to prevent the ripple effect
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So cute! Perfect size!
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You look awesome!!
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Thank u!!! I gotta look at myv b4 pics to remember what I looked like before. .FLAT!!! LOL
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How do they feel? Semi natural? Do you see any rippling?
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Hey girl, looking lovely!! How are you doing now?
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Thank you, I'm doing just fine 6 Months post op.. still get boob greed. . But oh well..I def don't have another 5k to do it again..:-D
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I'm at 7 wks and I'm having a bit of boob greed as well and girl I'm with you on that cus I'm definitely not spending anymore thousands on another boob job. Lol you're right oh well.
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Oh boy! ! I guess everytime I get boob greed..I need to go back and look at my B4 pics! UGH I WAS SOOO FLAT!:-D
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That's what my surgeon told me to do, she even gave me a printout of before and after pics. At least we're bigger than what we started with so that's a very good thing.
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Aww those are just gorgeous!!! I to use to be a mail lady and I tell you this YOU ARE SO BRAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK EVEN AFTER THAT TIME! I would have been afraid, lol. Those bags and bundles are so heavy. I would have had to park and loop twice in one block. Anyways my surgery date has moved up a week. So I go in this coming Monday and I'm so nervous! The day after Father's Day and I'm sad because I want to have a drink at dinner with my friend. I know I'll be super excited afterwards tho. I'm only 5'1 and I'm 140lbs currently wearing a 32-34 C, but a 32 D in Victoria Secrets bra. I'm not a D VS is definelty telling a lie! That's their secret I suppose and that's what have me dead set on a full D cup. They lied to me so long I need it now, lol. I'm going with hp silicon and the doctor is thinking around 400 cc's but I'm telling her nothing less than 425 please!!!!!
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Thank U, well my PS said I would be fine, and yep my route is heavy like that also, where I have to split the block in the middle, almost everyday,lol, I was worried but i was fine~ Good luck on your BA!
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You look awesome! Perfect size for you I think!
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Thank u, I think so too I guess I was going thru that phase of boob greed, everyone cant carry a large implant and im one of them..im not built that way...these suit me ( :
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Hi. It's been forever!! They look great. But I get it!! Well my 3 month is coming up and I'm going to talk to him about a different profile. Love the roundness but I'm still empty on top. And I'm sooo frustrated!
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Just push them up! Get a good push up bra ( :
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That's my prob.... I shouldn't have to after a ba and only 3 months I go see him Tuesday
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